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black friday shoppers

black friday shoppersBlack Friday Comes to the UK for Asda

Black Friday comes from the US. It marks the start of Christmas shopping season there. The actual date is the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year was 29th November.

It is called Black Friday because the shopping frenzy for deeply discounted goods boosts sales so much that retailers who may be in ‘red’ (making a loss) move into the ‘black’ (start making a profit). Thus the name Black Friday.

Black Friday is coming to the UK. Asda, John Lewis and Amazon are the trailblazers making Black Friday a fixture on their shopping calendar.

As one of the first big retailers to imitate the American tradition, Asda seems to have been particularly affected by the frenzy, with multiple reports of hospitalizations and injuries from Asda stores across the UK.

In an Asda store in west Belfast there were claims that heavily pregnant woman had been pushed and shoved and pensioners had been knocked to the ground. A spokesman from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service had confirmed that they were called to the store to attend to a woman with a suspected broken arm.

The woman claimed her friend was kicked in the stomach by a shopper trying to take a TV from her. “The other one, who is disabled, was actually kicked to the ground and trampled on and now has a broken arm and is waiting to hear if she is going to need surgery next week,” she said.

Similar reports have emerged from stores in Liverpool and Bristol, with eyewitnesses reporting in the latter store that a man had to be restrained by security guards after becoming aggressive because he could only buy one TV.

Electronic goods were the main draw for shoppers. They quickly sold out and Asda staff were verbally abused by customers upset by the lack of stock.

A spokeswoman for Asda said:”This is the first time Black Friday has been done on this scale in stores across the UK and our customers were eager to take advantage of the great offers available to them. We planned for high demand and the half a million Black Friday products on offer to our customers have been selling quickly since 8am.

“Throughout the event, the safety of our customers is of vital importance and to ensure our stores can cope with the extra footfall we have full security teams in our stores and extra colleagues to help assist customers in the aisles.”

With the success of Black Friday for Asda it looks set to become a fixture in the UK