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Going to renovate your kitchen? Looking for top kitchen design ideas that will make your space look aesthetic and alluring? We are to help you! Years ago, kitchens were hidden in the back of the homes.
They were simply used as a place to cook your meals and wash your dishes. Fast forward to today, and you will see that kitchens are no longer relegated to the back of the house, but rather play an important and focal role.
The kitchen is the place that brings everyone in the family together – whether it is an early morning breakfast before heading out to school and work or whether it is a family dinner after a long, tiring day.

Let’s take a look at the top kitchen designs and trends in 2021 which will help your kitchen radiate warmth and beauty while remaining practical and functional.

1. Cabinet Colours – Go Dark!

Most of us have grown up around white cabinets and can’t deny that white cabinets go with any kind of kitchen style. However, in 2021 the popularity of white is starting to decline and people are trending towards super sleek, stylish kitchens with dark coloured cabinets.
You can break up the all-white kitchen by getting cabinets in shades of green and blue. These neutral nature shades work like magic in any space. Moreover, you can also experiment with dark jewel tones such as emerald green, plum, navy, and even black.
You will be surprised at how well dark cabinets enhance the look of a kitchen and give it a luxurious and dramatic feel. However, be careful not to go over the top and give your kitchen a perpetually dark feel.

2. Kitchen Countertops – Go with Quartz

For high-end, quality kitchen tops, quartz is still the supreme option. Not only is quartz hard and long-lasting, but it is also very easy to maintain and clean. Granite countertops are also an option, but they need slightly more maintenance.
In the beginning, when quartz countertops were first introduced, the main concern that people had was a lack of choice in terms of finishes and colours. However, thanks to technological advancement, there are several colours that you can choose from as well as various realistic stone patterns.
In 2021, there are notable trends towards neutral and softer colours. Most of the homeowners are choosing colours such as taupe, grey, creamy, or white for the countertops.

3. Kitchen Storage Options

One of the things that annoy most homeowners is that the cabinets, shelves, and drawers in the kitchen waste a lot of space. This is even worse if the kitchen is already small and the cabinets end up taking up a lot of space.
Moreover, oftentimes, the cabinets are too small to store larger things or are too wide to keep everything properly organized. One of the basic things that are the foundation of a functional kitchen is practical kitchen storage.
To counter the storage issues, you need to look for better storage options within your cabinets. It is good to get drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, pull-outs for spices, roll-out trays, tray dividers, caddies for pans & pots, etc.

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4. Kitchen Flooring – Hardwood or Ceramic?

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood floors are still very popular. However, ceramic flooring is also getting a lot of attention these days. Thanks to the advances in technology, ceramic flooring now comes in various styles, designs sizes, and colours.
For example, if you love the look of hardwood floors but find them difficult to maintain, you can get ceramic tiles that look like hardwood floors. Apart from the colour, the texture of the ceramic tiles can be changed to mimic the material you want.
When it comes to size, you don’t have to settle for the traditional sizing. You can choose any style and size you want – from single plank tiles to custom cut tiles, the sky’s the limit!
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5. Kitchen Walls – Experiment with Paint

Do you think that white and neutral colours brighten up the kitchen space? While this might be true to some extent, this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to limit your kitchen space to these colours only.
You can go with any colour you want – whether it is charcoal grey that you fancy or olive green that has caught your eye, the choice is all yours. We know that everyone is into minimalistic spaces these days, but you can go with cooler colours such as greys & blues instead of warm colour tones.
After deciding the paint colour, you have to select the colour accents to complement it with. Whether you go for pale shades or moody hues, add plenty of light to keep your kitchen from feeling claustrophobic and dark.
You can use decorative overhead lights such as chandeliers to add to the overall ambience. You can also get pendant lights. Low lights & trick mirrors will brighten up your kitchen!

6. Clean up the Clutter

If your kitchen is crowded with a lot of useless stuff, the square footage will not matter at all. Keep your countertops and kitchen floors as clean and clutter-free as possible. Keeping your kitchen clean is a trick that will not cost you anything.
No matter how small your kitchen is, you can easily squeeze storage space out of the kitchen. A practical way is to add floating shelves on your walls instead of free-standing cabinets, especially in your pantries.

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7. Go Green – Connect with the Great Outdoors

Do you have an existing window by the sink overlooking the garden? Why not replace it and install glass doors instead? Apart from adding a splash of green in your kitchen with the help of few carefully placed potted plants, you can connect your kitchen to the patio or outdoor space.
Simply install a glass door in the kitchen and connect your kitchen with multiple spaces in your home. This is something that is very popular amongst homeowners in 2021 as this not only brightens up the kitchen but also adds to the illusion of a larger space.

8. Mix and Match the Metals

You don’t have to keep all the things in your kitchen ‘matchy-matchy’. Rather, the trend is to contrast things and colours to bring out the best in them. If you like gold faucets, but don’t want to overdo them, you can go with a soft gold faucet with nickel or black hardware.
While choosing the light fixtures, you can get different metals instead of going with one colour only. Things like the light fixtures add the finishing touch to any space and you have to ensure that they stand out.
white kitchen gold detail

Top Kitchen Design Ideas – Final Word

Love having eclectic decorations? In your kitchen, you should keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with accessories and keep the gadgets and appliances simple. You can add a few picture frames, wall decorations, magnets on the fridge, etc. but don’t make the space feel cluttered.
Go through the design ideas mentioned above and turn your kitchen into a beautiful, functional space!

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