Are you looking for small kitchen ideas to make your kitchen work perfectly? You have come to the right place. At the first glance, it might seem as if a small kitchen doesn’t give you a lot of options and your choices are limited when you are designing a small kitchen.
However, that is not the case. In this article, we will give you various handy, space-saving tips and suggestions to make the most out of your small kitchen.

Open plan kitchen
Without wasting any time let’s get right to it!

Cabinet Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

If you are going for kitchen cabinets, you can save space by selecting sleek, streamlined cabinet designs.
Instead of using heavy handles and cabinet knobs, you should use magnetic cabinet closures. These door to cabinet fasteners will give the cabinets a modern and minimalistic look that will make the small kitchen appear larger.
Don’t waste the precious space above the cabinets. Extend the cupboards all the way to the ceiling or add more cabinets to store additional items there. What’s more, cupboards all the way up to the ceiling will draw your eyes upwards, creating an illusion of more space and height in your small kitchen.
Want a pro-tip? Add mirrors on your cabinet doors to make the kitchen space feel larger!

Replace Cupboards with Drawers

Cupboards and cabinets don’t store a lot of things, certainly not as many as pull-outs or drawers. In fact, plenty of useful space gets wasted when you store items in a cabinet. In a drawer, you can easily arrange the content in an accessible way.
Three to four drawers can fit in the space of a single cupboard! To save space, you should incorporate pull-outs or racks in your cabinets, if you can’t replace the cabinets completely.

Open Shelving Instead of Cupboards

Open shelves are great for small kitchens as they open up the walls, give an illusion of space, and make your kitchen look airier. We recommend that instead of having defined storage spaces in your small kitchen, you should have open shelves. Keep the mess out of your shelves though.
The more clutter-free your open shelves are, the better and spacious your kitchen will look. Cabinets make a tiny kitchen seem lacking in space and engulfed. You can use various kinds of wall accessories in order to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.
You can display your pictures, photographs, and various paintings in the kitchen as well. To hang various photographs and paintings, you can use removable mounts to save space.

Add Reflective and Shiny Materials

The trick in decorating your small kitchen is creating an illusion of space. By using reflective and shiny materials and surfaces, you can do so. What works better than mirrors and glass, right? Large glass door windows make your kitchen look bigger than it is.
You can add glass to your cabinets and shelves as well. Going for metallic finishes is another great idea. Moreover, you can also install a backsplash with the help of a glass of reflective tiles.

Go All Out with a White Kitchen

White colour not only makes a space look calm, peaceful, and serene, but it also adds to the illusion of space. White reflects light, which makes your small kitchen look more open. Use varying shades and textures of white when designing your kitchen.
Go for woody, glossy, and matte textures along with shades such as grey, eggshell, cream, ivory, off-white, etc. The safest bet is to choose shades of one colour to attain an expansive, seamless look in your kitchen.
However, if you want to experiment, we suggest that you stick to just two to three colour variations.

Open plan kitchen diner
The best choice is to have a neutral backdrop with brighter colours in between – brightly coloured appliances, cabinet handles, etc. Don’t want to go all-white? Navy, rich greens and black colours are making their way back into small kitchen décor.
You can paint the kitchen walls according to your taste. If you are an artist, then your wall is like a big canvas on which you will get a chance to spread colours.

Open Layout for Your Small Kitchen

For a small kitchen, an open kitchen design is ideal as it will make your kitchen look less cramped. Instead of creating a separate dining space with walls, you should incorporate it within the kitchen to open up the living space.
You can add a bench or table at the end of the kitchen. Moreover, you can add a couple of stools and chairs to have a separate dining area within the kitchen itself.

Organize Your Kitchen

You would be surprised how much space you can create by organizing the things and appliances in your kitchen. Don’t let the appliances sit on the countertop. Rather, tuck them away in a cabinet.
Moreover, have as few appliances as possible for you to create more space. Buy double-duty appliances such as an oven-cum-microwave. If you can, make the appliance built-in to save more space.

Let in Natural Light

If you can add a window to the kitchen, it would be a great thing to do. A window that lets natural light stream in and takes your eye outdoors, is a great way to make your kitchen seem less claustrophobic and more open.
When it comes to looks, you should go with stone & concrete looks and minimalist aesthetics. Durable yet affordable laminate surfaces provide marble-look, wood grain, and stone inspired options that add visual interest to a small kitchen space.
If you can’t add a window, you can add mirrors to create an illusion of larger space as well, as have discussed above.

Find Creative Storage Solutions

It is a great idea to use the empty wall space to store cutlery, pans, and pots. This will maximize the storage space in your small kitchen. You should go for magnetic knife strips, cutlery hooks, pot racks, etc.
In a small kitchen, you have to maximize the space by optimal usage. If there is some space above your kitchen sink, add open shelves there as well. Keep it functional by making sure that you buy the right appliances for your space.
In a small kitchen, you should not go overboard with big dishwashers and ovens. Similarly, you should get a convection oven instead of buying a microwave and oven separately. Combine stone benchtops and open kitchen design to make your kitchen different and stand out from others.
A well-designed kitchen will not only benefit you but will make your home more appealing to future buyers as well.

Bring in the Outdoors

For a bright & lively kitchen corner, you should add some plants and greenery. This is an idea that you can work on instantly. Simply decorate your kitchen with potted herbs and houseplants. Even the smallest, dullest of kitchens can come to life with a little dose of freshness and greenery!
By using your creative skills, you can also add some kind of showpieces, for example, antiques to prevent your kitchen from having a boring look. Add some greenery to your kitchen because green plants have a very refreshing effect on your mind naturally. You can get coloured pots and then plant different kinds of small plants.
You can also use a glass bottle, fill it with water, and can grow plants like money plants.

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Small Kitchen Ideas – Final Word

We all know how high property prices are these days. Not everyone can afford expansive, big houses. To have a bright, lovely kitchen you don’t need lots of space. Getting the layout right is the key when it comes to designing adorable, small kitchens.
With the right technique, tips, and ideas, you can turn your small kitchen into one that is functional as well as charming. We hope that the ideas that we have mentioned above will help you strike inspiration for your alluring, beautiful kitchen.
Use the ideas and things we have mentioned above to make your home look great.
Happy Designing, Folks!