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Do you own a small bathroom and are looking for stylish & practical small bathroom ideas? You are in the right place. We know that big, lavish bathrooms are a luxury that many of us can’t have right now.
However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t turn your compact, small bathroom into a gorgeous one. With the help of a few smart tricks of the trade, your small bathroom doesn’t have to feel cramped or look cluttered.
Even if all you have got is a shower room, you can experiment with and make your small bathroom ooze sophistication and style. A dash of alluring accessories and a couple of clever space-saving tips will turn your modest bathroom into a nice, enviable space.
Ready to embrace and accept your small bathroom? We are here to help! With our small bedroom ideas, you will learn how to design and decorate your small bathroom exquisitely. Let’s see how you can convert your small bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams!

Play Around with Mirror Walls

Want to double the feel and look of your bathroom? Simply add a mirror across one wall and your bathroom will get the illusion of being a big space instantly. This is especially effective along one side of the wall or above the vanity.
Mirrors reflect natural light as well so you will get better lighting from your windows and the light fixtures as well. Make sure your small bathroom gets as much natural lighting as possible. Moreover, by incorporating mirrors in your room you can add dimension to your space.
Since mirrors reflect light, therefore, you should place them in such a position where they will maximize the natural light in the room. You can backlight the mirrors as well. It is a modern and chic way to amplify light in your bathroom.
This works really well if there is no room for sconces or if you want to go with a minimalist look.

Get Wall-Mounted Toilets & Sinks

Why not save floor space as well as legroom by getting a wall-mounted toilet? If there is space on your small bathroom’s wall, you should get a wall-mounted toilet. If you can’t do that, then you should add shelves above the tank to get more storage space.
Similar to wall-mounted toilets, you should go for wall-mounted sinks as well. This will save floor space and your bathroom will look bigger. Go for thin-edge sinks and narrow washbasin designs.

Lose the Bathtub

Moreover, you could lose the bathtub and go for a shower instead. Bathtubs take twice the space a shower would. Doing this will open up your bathroom space significantly. If you don’t want to get a shower instead of a tub, then at least consider getting a low-profile tub.
The lower height will make your bathroom feel open and you will get in & out of the tub easily as well! If your bathroom is crowded with a lot of useless stuff, the square footage will not matter at all. Keeping your bathroom clean is a trick that will not cost you anything.


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Increase the Storage Space

No matter how small your room is, you can easily squeeze storage space out of the bathroom. A practical way is to add floating shelves on your walls instead of free-standing cabinets. If you are going for cabinets, go for ones that have glass fronts. It is better to keep your shelves as narrow as possible to keep the overall aesthetic of the bathroom light. Moreover, we suggest that you get a pocket door instead of an in-swinging door. It will open up almost 9 square ft. of space that wasn’t there before.

Get Rid of Shower Curtains

Do you have shower curtains? It’s time that you get rid of them. Not only are they a pain to clean, but they also stick while you are showering as well. Moreover, they close off your bathroom space visually.
Instead of shower curtains, you need to get frameless glass panels. These panels will allow more light into the shower and will open up the bathroom as a result. Frameless glass panels are pretty easy to install and are great for small bathrooms.
When you are not in the shower, you can fold the panels inwards. Don’t get sliding glass panels with top & bottom tracks as they are hard to clean. You can get rid of the shower doors entirely as well – just make sure that your shower has a good drain so that your bathroom won’t have water all over the place.

Choose Your Curtains/Blinds Carefully

One of our favourite small bathroom ideas is creating an illusion of a large space. If you hang the drapes as close to the ceiling as you can, it will bring the eye up and add dimension to your room.
There is a large variety of curtains and drapes at ASDA. From airy, cotton curtains to plush, velvety drapes, ASDA has everything that you need. Shop your heart out without breaking your bank!

Accent Wall for Your Bathroom

Want to add a bit of colour to your small bathroom? Why not do so with the help of an accent wall. By placing the accent wall on the back wall of your small bathroom, you will add colour and depth to the bathroom.
You can simply add a band of coloured tiles, paint, etc. This will give the bathroom a look of interest and depth without overwhelming the space. You can add patterns to the tiles or paint as well.
Keep the remaining bathroom walls light in colour and simple so that the effect would be more pronounced.

Curbless Showers

When it comes to saving space in your bathroom, even the minutest things matter a lot. One of the small bathroom ideas that we absolutely love is curbless showers. If you eliminate the curb around the shower, you will be able to lay continuous flooring.
Whether you have tile floors or concrete ones, this will give a perfect, seamless look. Moreover, it is very easy to clean curbless showers.

Have Fun with the Paint

You might have heard that white or neutral colours brighten up space and give it an illusion of being big. Don’t buy into this – your small bathroom is not limited to neutral colours or whites. Embrace the size of your small bathroom and paint your walls any way you want.
Paint the walls navy blue, charcoal grey, olive green, or any other colour to bring life and colour to your bathroom! We all know that minimalism is all the rage nowadays but cooler colours like blues & greys are good for small bathrooms as opposed to warm tones.
Bright shades do go a long way in making a small space feel big, but you can play around with dark colours as well. If you want to go for white, add in a little black since black and white always work great together. We suggest that you combine light walls with dark floors.
Once you decide on the paint colour, you have to choose the colour accents to complement it with. Love having eclectic decorations? In a small bathroom, you should keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with accessories and keep the wall pieces simple. You can add a few picture frames, wall decorations, etc. but don’t make the space feel cluttered!


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Small Bathroom Ideas – Final Word

It is always fun to decorate a large space since you have more room to get creative. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with the design and décor of a small bathroom. Decorate your small bathroom the right way, and it will turn into a small, cosy piece of heaven!
Happy Decorating, Folks!

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