19 authentic Moroccan bedrooms to help you create your ideal Moroccan themed bedroom

moroccan bedroom idea yellow
This is the first of 19 moroccan bedroom ideas. This room has a warm yellow glow to it with the color of the walls and the soft light from the lamps that enhance the colors in the bedroom. The reds, oranges, and yellows in the pillows give a vibrant look to the room in typical Moroccan style. It has very little decor on the walls and the bed and tables are made of wood. All of these things add to the Moroccan style.

moroccan bedroom idea red and yellow
This is a beautiful and extremely colorful room with wood furniture and vibrant reds. The wall decor is kept to a minimum which lets you focus on the bedroom itself. Beautiful golds, reds, and grays are warm, bold colors. Add to that the Moroccan style rug and you have a beautiful, bedroom that really pops.

moroccan bedroom idea red yellow white
A very simple yet bold bedroom is a typical Moroccan feature. From the beautiful earth tone picture hanging above the bed to the soft yellow lighting to the vibrant red, yellow, and orange colors of the bedding and curtains. Add in the elegant touch of the towel designs at the end of the bed and you have a beautiful Moroccan style bedroom.

moroccan bedroom idea white red
This bedroom speaks of Moroccan elegance. An open walk-through space with lots of wood features from the bed to the tables and entertainment center. The bed is centered against the wall but not in direct line with the door The beautiful golds and reds mixed with the subtle lighting and the one lone picture on the wall are all features of a Moroccan bedroom.

moroccan bedroom idea pink
Although the bright, warm red in this room is a typical color for the style, what really catches your attention is the wall decor above the bed and the beautiful Moroccan style blankets hanging at the end of the bed. The light fixtures are unique yet subtle and the bay window adds just the right amount of natural sunshine into the room.

moroccan bedroom idea brown and white
This bedroom forgoes the usual bright colors and is instead done in earth tones and wood which is also Moroccan style. The limited, soft lighting only enhances the earth tones. The wall decor is in browns with a touch of greens that sets the mood for the bedroom.

moroccan bedroom idea purple white
What a beautiful contrast of maroons and whites to this Moroccan-themed bedroom. The soft sunlight coming in from a window that isn’t located right beside the bed adds a natural touch to the style. With a soft glow from the lamps and the beautiful comforter with very little wall decor, this theme makes for a perfect Moroccan style.

moroccan bedroom idea green white
Natural sunlight, green and brown earth tones with a splash of black through the room creates a gorgeous Moroccan theme! With matching tables beside, the unique sitting bench at the end of the bed, and the beautiful bay window, this is a bedroom that most would love to have.

moroccan bedroom idea pink white
The sturdy four-poster bed is the center of attention in this bedroom. Warm reds mixed with earth-tone browns and soft whites make for a simple yet comfortable style. Add in the Moroccan style rug and you have the exact theme you were going for

moroccan bedroom idea white purple
This bedroom features an arched doorway with a Moroccan-style design around it. A very original way of making a bedroom Moroccan themed. The blues and grays add a beautiful soft touch with the matching simple bedside tables. A splash of red in the lamps with a splash of yellow and green in the design above the doorway and on the floor make this an extremely unique Moroccan bedroom.

moroccan bedroom idea beige white
This bedroom is in a class all by itself. The bed is out of the way from the main bedroom area, like it’s hidden for privacy. The colors of blue, white, brown, and gray match beautifully together and give the look of softness. Wooden doors that lead to outside, allowing the natural sunlight in, is a perfect touch. Add to it the gorgeous rug and pillows that seem to match it and the creator of this bedroom had perfectly depicted a Moroccan style bedroom.

moroccan bedroom idea honey with headboard
Earth tones always make for a beautiful theme in a Moroccan bedroom. The bed is the center of attention in this room as the design of the headboard grabs everyone’s attention. A touch of warm, bold red in the pillows with a splash of the tan that matches with the bedspread and the tan on the walls. Add in the Moroccan rugs on the floor and you have a simple yet elegant bedroom.

moroccan bedroom idea blue with 4 poster bed
This is a “busy” bedroom. With lots of different colors, quite a bit of wall decor and furniture. But if you notice, there are no electronics in the bedroom. That is one of the main ideas of a Moroccan bedroom. Leave all distractions outside of the room. From the hardwood floors to the Moroccan rugs, the four-poster bed that has the means for a canopy to the gold curtains, all of the colors, through an extreme contrast, actually go together beautifully. It has a big window to let in plenty of natural light and a fireplace for those cool nights to add warmth to the room.

moroccan bedroom idea yellow with 4 poster bed
Yellows and reds give any bedroom that “warm” comfortable feel to it. A four-poster bed at the center of the room with a built-in bookshelf and all wooden furniture make for a quaint yet stylish bedroom. With an arch-shaped window and Moroccan blanket on the bed, this bedroom speaks of peace and serenity.

moroccan bedroom idea yellow with bedside lamps
A plain, simple bedroom that has warm red and orange colors mixed with earth tone colors of brown and beige. A soft glow from the lamps with Moroccan-style pillows on the bed. Although a very simple style, it has that feeling of “home”.

moroccan bedroom idea yellow white grey
The flooring, headboard, and unique style lamps make this bedroom. From the Moroccan style rug on the floor to the absolutely gorgeous headboard which captures your attention the minute you walk into the room, to the beautiful hanging lamps on the wall, all together it adds a comfortable, lived-in look to the room.

moroccan bedroom idea white cream with curtains
What captures attention in this bedroom is the Moroccan-style tapestry hanging over the bed. Lovely shades of brown and a tan comforter go together perfectly. Add in the pillow colors that have the same tan as the comforter but with a splash of pink and blue thrown in. This room is basic but with class.

moroccan bedroom idea cream african styling
I love how all the furniture in this bedroom matches together. The bright yellow in the design stands out in everything. A bedroom completely in earth tones with splashes of red and yellow in the design in the dark wood. It all comes together and matches with the tapestry hanging on the wall. Plenty of space to walk through with natural light coming in from an unseen (in the photo) window. You can catch just a glimpse of the Moroccan rug on the floor. This is a room that is beautifully put together.

moroccan bedroom idea white with striped 4 poster bed
I love the four-poster canopy bed at the center of this bedroom. The all-white room with the contrast of reds and oranges of the bedspread, pillows, sitting area, and the splash on the curtains with the touch of red on the seat in front of the window makes for a basic but extremely elegant Moroccan bedroom.

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Modern white moroccan bedroom with 4 poster bed

This is a modern twist on the Moroccan them with its white walls and dark four poster bed and other dark furnishings. The hint of purple and a purple armchair remind us of the traditional Morocco as well as the arched inlay panels on the walls. The intricate chandelier is unmistakably Moroccan. Through the open door is the intricate carved wooden panelling that is more traditional Moroccan decor.