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If you are feeling life is overwhelming you with clutter, then maybe a minimalist bedroom could be the answer to your anxiety. A minimalist bedroom promises you a simple, unfussy bedroom that is conducive to a restful sleep. Without all the clutter to distract and confuse you then your sleep should also be trouble free.

We all live busy, active lives and when life gets really busy, it is very easy to let the décor of your bedroom fall awry. Things get piled up in corners which creates unnecessary clutter. The bedding ages & fades away.
The furniture pieces get scratched and old. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get your bedroom back to the way it looked in its prime. Especially when you are creating a minimalist bedroom, all you need is a style inspiration and a little bit of work!
With a few thoughtful accessories, a bedding refresh, a light coat of paint, it is very easy to give your bedroom’s look and update so that you would relax after a long day at work.

How to Create a Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist bedrooms are indeed about having only essentials in your room. However, it doesn’t mean that they are not functional. Their functionality depends on how far you go with minimalism.
If by having only the essentials in your room, you mean having a completely empty room with only a yoga mat, then yes, the room will not be functional. However, for most of us, having a beautiful, minimalist bedroom means that you have the right amount of furniture and things that you need in the room.
Thus, there is no “correct” way of creating the perfect minimalist interior. It depends on what feels right for you and what your requirements are. Let’s take a look at some of the best minimalist bedroom ideas that you can easily apply to your own bedroom.


In a minimalist bedroom, the walls are usually kept unadorned to create a clean, fuss-free, streamlined look. However, this doesn’t mean that all the walls need to be bare. A minimalist space isn’t just empty space, per se.
Rather, it is a balanced space that doesn’t have excess stuff. Therefore, you need to decorate your walls simply & elegantly. Instead of getting lots of small paintings, it is better to get a single décor element.
You can hang a couple of framed photos or artwork that you fancy without disturbing the minimalist vibe. Select artwork and patterns with restrained lines and a limited colour palette. You should avoid small busy prints, large floral prints, and other complicated designs that will bring too much attention.

The essence of minimalism for the artwork at least, is to have a single, small but striking, powerful item on a plain background.

Colour Palette

Remember that a minimalist bedroom relies on a solid block of plain, neutral colours to create a tranquil, calm environment. Thinking that you can’t go beyond the classic black-white, & grey palette? You definitely can.
The key is to stay away from bright colours, pastels, or some other complex combination of colours. In a minimalist bedroom, you will not see any vivid colours like orange or red. For a minimalist look, neutrals are great along with moody dark, mid-tone shades.
However, you don’t have to limit the room’s colour palette to these colours only. You can mix aesthetic, timeless shades like aqua green and grey. You can also play around with gold and white. But on saying that it is best to keep to a two colour theme to maintain the minimalist feel.


What is minimalism all about? Harmony and Peace. To create a harmonious atmosphere. You have to pay attention to the size of your room and the bedroom furniture. If you get large furniture for a small room, it will make the room feel tight & tiny.
On the other hand, small furniture in a large room looks disproportionate and fails to have any impact. Make sure that you arrange the furniture in your room as symmetrically as possible and create a well-balanced bedroom.
When the bedroom’s layout is balanced, the overall effect is controlled and calm – that is what minimalism is all about.

Fewer Pieces of Furniture

The main idea in a minimalist bedroom is ‘quality, not quantity. There is no need to get a headboard, an elaborate footboard, an ottoman, and a large dresser. You have to find the right balance and get only the furniture pieces that will actually be useful for you.

Minimalist Bed

For a minimalist bedroom, you should get furniture that has clean, sleek lines and doesn’t have trim, ornate carvings, or other complex designs. When you are getting a bed for a minimalist bedroom, it is better to choose a sleek platform bed instead of getting four-poster beds or elaborate canopies.

minimalist bedroom with carpetThe hallmark of a minimalist bedroom is a simple, platform bed frame that is topped with neutral, solid coloured bedding. Platform beds sometimes have headboards while at other times, they don’t have one.
Along with a few bed pillows, you can get a couple of textured throw pillows to keep everything balanced. You can buy chic, affordable minimalist furniture from ASDA. From minimalist chests to platform beds and neutral bedding, the bedroom range available at ASDA is comparable to none. With clean, straight lines, your bedroom will give a relaxed, peaceful vibe.


To bring out the best of your minimalist décor, you need lots of light, whether it is natural or artificial. If your room has a large window and gets plenty of sunlight, use it to your advantage. Get transparent daytime curtains from ASDA to light your room up.
In case your room doesn’t get natural light, you can use artificial lighting and mirrors for this. don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom and want to add lamps? Why not hang a single light bulb from the ceiling and give a modern, contemporary look to your room!
What’s better than the feeling and smell of lighting a new candle? Bringing a new, minty scent into your bedroom can give your bedroom a new life and you don’t even have to break the bank.


As you have noticed, a minimalist bedroom doesn’t have a lot of furniture. Therefore, the small details in your minimalist bedroom matter a lot as compared to other types of bedrooms. Blankets, sheets, cushions, covers, bedding, etc. become important décor elements that bring life, cosiness, and warmth to the room.
Go for bedding that is made from natural fabrics, like cotton and linen. Again, you should avoid bright, vivid colours and pick ones that will match the room’s interior. In the case of patterns, go with plain designs or geometric patterns.

Rug or Carpet

Thinking that a minimalist bedroom should not have a rug or carpet? Just hear us out. You don’t have to get a large, massive carpet that covers the whole area. However, a simple, subtle rug will add warmth and cosiness to any space.

A little bit of greenery

It is always nice to have a plant or two in your room. Add some greenery to your minimalist bedroom. We are not asking you to turn your room into a greenhouse of course, but a couple of plants will not only clean the air but also serve as minimalist decoration.


Minimalist Bedroom Ideas – Final Word

We have been locked up on the inside for months with a global pandemic raging on. Want to change the way your space looks and feels? You don’t have to be super-expensive to spruce your bedroom up!
An excellent way to declutter your house, and create a sense of peace, calm, and tranquillity is to go with minimalism. Organize the stuff in your room, change your bedding, get a cosy lamp, add a couple of plants, and you will be on your way towards creating a minimalistic bedroom without spending a fortune.
Use the tips that we have mentioned above to create an aesthetic, minimalistic bedroom for yourself and have a relaxing, tranquil space that you can call your own.
Happy decorating, folks!

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Minimalist bedroom in white

minimalist bedroom in white

Minimalism is not exclusive to modern designs that it is usually associated with. You can also go with minimalist rustic themes.

Small minimalist bedroom wooden window frames

Small minimalist bedroom wooden window frames

Minimalism can often work very well in a small space. A small space could very quickly become cluttered with even only a few unnecessary items.

Minimalist cream bedroom striped bed

Minimalist cream bedroom striped bed

The minimalist approach with its bare walls tends to bring more focus on the few items in the bedroom. So, it is best to make them something special.

Blue wallpaper bedroom wall lamps

Blue wallpaper bedroom wall lamps

Having a minimalist bedroom does not rule out the use of a patterned wallpapered wall. But the texture should be kept subtle.