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Do you fancy a classic, traditional living room décor or an industrial, modern one? In this article, we will explore a few colourful living room ideas that you can take inspiration from while decorating your living room!
Your living room is the showcase of your home – it gives the guests an insight into your aesthetics and taste. A trendy and classy living room has the right mix of light, furnishings, and colours to create a soothing yet luxurious ambience.
Nice and trendy pieces of furniture, wall art, decorative pieces, television, etc. can enhance the look and appeal of your living room. In this modern world, change is the only constant. Take a look at a few trendy ideas that will help you spice up your living room look a lot!

1. Go for Bright, Bold Hues

Tired of the subtle shades that have been ruling the home décor front for a while? Well, it is time for you to make a bold statement with the help of bold colours on your walls. Complement the wall colour with the living room furniture in a way that keeps the transition smooth.
Simple coffee table with a simple sofa with a few cushions thrown on it, go well with brightly coloured walls. Minimalist paintings, printed curtains, modern lamps, etc. keep the transition smooth and fine from subtle hues to bright shades.
From ceiling lights to beautiful wall hangings, ASDA George Home is there to help you decorate your living room on a budget!

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2. Bring the Calm of Village Life into Your Living Room

City life definitely has its appeals but at times, you need to get away from all the hustle and bustle. Want to escape to the village life and explore its rustic charm? Well, you can’t go for a vacation but you can definitely bring in the calm and peace of the village to your city home.
With earthy shades on the wall, rustic furniture, innovative wall decorations such as old window frames and potted plants, will definitely create a sense of rusticity and peace in your living room! Soft, pastel rugs, throw pillows, and blankets will help in making your living room warm and cozy!
Complement the room’s look with antique chandeliers and rustic yet cozy chairs to complete the look.

3. Create a Comfortable, Family Environment

Our living rooms are where the whole family comes together to hang out and spend quality time together. Why not make it a comfortable and homey place? Warm wooden floors, with comfortable furniture, bookshelves with books and small decoration pieces, with a nice fireplace will make your living room the ultimate family room that will lead to loads of beautiful memories!
You can mix light-coloured sofas with light-toned floors to highlight the beauty of the space. Even things as simple as curtains can change the way your entire living room looks. At ASDA, you can choose from a large variety of curtains – from bright and airy cotton curtains to luxurious, velvety drapes, you will find anything you need!

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4. Bring Out the Floral Designs

Flowers not only brighten up the living space but also make the place smell better. Apart from keeping fresh flowers in the vase, you should add floral prints to your sofas and cushions. You can also add pictures of beautiful, lush flower fields on the wall to flow with the floral theme.
With a huge variety of plush, soft cushions at ASDA, you will definitely be able to find something that will add colour and life to your living room. A floral wallpaper would be too much though, so just keep it to a splash of flowers and greens in your living room!
From abstract art to wooden coffee tables, you can use a multitude of things that tickle your fancy to create a living room that appeals to your soul and looks awesome as well! You can use unique art pieces to create a focal point or pair them with other decorative pieces in your living room.

5. Play with Natural Lighting

It doesn’t take much to brighten up a living space – you can use natural light to strike the right balance between colour and style and create a living room look that will take your breath away. If your living room is dominated by subtle shades, just a hint of colourful shades or curtains that let natural light in would be enough to make the place pop.
You can also add special lighting arrangements to the wall or the ceiling to make your room shine. Keep the furniture simple and let a colourful rug on the floor brighten up the place for you! Even if your living space is small, with the help of natural lighting you can create the illusion of a larger space.

6. Create a Vertical Garden in Your Living Room

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The rate at which cities are growing, is robbing the world of its green cover. Even if you can’t have a lawn in your apartment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a bit of green to your living room.
With the help of indoor plants, you can not only enhance the overall appearance of your living room, but you can create a stress-free, relaxing environment that will boost your mood and increase your creativity.
You can create a green wall with the help of potted plants and create a vertical garden in your living room. Not only will you play your role in keeping the world green, but you will also bring freshness and colour to your homes without spending a lot of money!
You can decorate the wall of your living room with cute, small planters that will spread fragrance in your living space. A natural air-freshener, folks! Just make sure that you choose your plants wisely and get indoor plants that can grow well in low-light conditions.

7. Stylish & Eclectic Living Room Look

Create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere in your light & stylish living room by combining layered lighting and comfortable furniture. With dark-toned backgrounds, light-coloured sofas blend in perfectly while a beautiful chandelier makes the whole seating space glow attractively.
You can create an eclectic and stylish living room with the help of a few signature pieces such as a stylish coffee table, trendy sofas, and a comfortable rug to pull the whole design together. To create a warm, lovely seating space, you have to ensure that all the elements combine flawlessly and work together in harmony.
Dark-toned furniture with unusual wall backdrops will definitely create a unique, trendy living space.

8. Get Your Hands on Stylish Wallpaper

Want to change the look of your entire living room with minimal cost? Just change the wallpaper and see how your living space comes to life in a totally new way! You can use them to create stylish backgrounds, accent walls, and a lot more in bold patterns or subtle hues to either liven up the look or sober the place down.
Want to add a touch of luxury to your living space? Use a silk-textured wallpaper to work its magic.

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Living Room Ideas – Final Word

You can create an elegant living space by decorating the room with luxurious, stylish decorative pieces and plush furniture. Use a combination of beautiful lighting arrangements and elegant wall cabinets to give the living room an air of style and elegance.
What you can’t ignore is the importance of neutral colours which will accent beautifully with brightly coloured cushions, blankets, or sofas. You can add patterned texture and a splash of green to make your living room come to life.

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