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Going to renovate your kitchen and searching for attractive, eye-catching kitchen ideas? Want to bring a little color into your life? Why not do so by injecting a little bit of color in your kitchen?
We are here to help you create your signature kitchen. There are plenty of creative ways using which you can bring life into your kitchen. Kitchens are not only functional but they are a real treat to decorate as well.
It is very easy to create a personal yet chic vibe in your kitchen without breaking your bank. There are so many kitchen designs and ideas out there, and it gets difficult to wade through all of them.
Let’s take a look at a few alluring kitchen ideas using which your kitchen will look amazing while remaining highly practical.

Utilize the Wall Space

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It is very essential that you consider the layout of your kitchen and utilize every inch of available space. If you create a bank of cabinets along the kitchen wall, it will streamline and open up space.
Instead of getting larder-style dressers, we recommend that you get tall wall units that will not only save space but will also look good while doing so. Moreover, you can get wire panel shelves instead of ordinary wooden shelves to save space. Make sure that every inch of your kitchen space is utilized perfectly!
In these chaotic and busy times, we are feeling stressed and there is a great need for reducing the visual noise. Go for tranquil colors that melt the walls of your kitchen away and reconnect you with nature!
Choose teal paint as the base color for the walls and paint the cupboards in a contrasting color to make an elegant style statement.

Get Creative with Paints

Don’t have enough budget to replace the kitchen accessories and cabinets? Don’t worry – you can paint the kitchen cabinets and revamp your existing kitchen. What better make of making your kitchen space look new than adding a splash of color and reviving the surfaces.
A new color scheme will do wonders for your space. With the help of a neutral color on the walls, you can create a refreshing, airy feel in the kitchen. However, by neutral we don’t mean only cream or beige.
You can pair white marble worktops & white pattern tiles with light blue kitchen cabinets for an alluring color scheme that will allow light to bounce around. If you go with a slightly darker color palette, it will create a distinction between the walls and the cabinets and will also give an illusion of a larger space.
Want to create the illusion of more space? Why not paint the kitchen walls and the cupboards of the same color? If you go with a white or grey color scheme, it will result in an airy and light space.
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Kitchen Flooring

Why not distract the eye with beautiful, bold flooring? A strong pattern will make the room feel big and will create an illusion of a big space. You can add variety to the kitchen by mixing up your kitchen tiles.
You can mix and match different tiles to create a colorful collage as well. Moreover, you mix different tile sizes of the same design to add contrast to space. Place the largest-sized tiles on the floor while using the smaller ones on the walls.
You can keep plants in your kitchen to bring color & life into space! Kitchens can be a bit drab and lifeless at times so you should simply throw a bit of green and make things appealing, vibrant, and lively!

Kitchen Accessories

From hanging pots to slim kitchen appliances, you can make the most of the kitchen space by choosing accessories carefully. Add a copper planter or two to add life & color in the kitchen without cluttering the workspace.
You can also add framed portraits as well as other pieces of art to your kitchen wall. It will add a bit of your personality to the kitchen. Moreover, you will get a simple makeover without undergoing a major renovation.
If you are going to buy new appliances, you should not get stainless steel ones. Rather, you should get appliances in different colors according to the vibe in your kitchen. Get a white refrigerator that blends in with the wall paint and cabinets to create an illusion of larger space.
If you are into vintage styles, you can get modern kitchen appliances that look retro. It will add a bit of personality to the kitchen as well as the luxury of smart appliances.

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Storage Spaces & Cabinets

Want a clutter-free look in your kitchen? By tucking the toaster, coffee machine, kettle, etc. inside a separate cupboard. Open the breakfast cupboard and use the gadget that you want! It is a very nifty trick that not only keeps the kitchen gadgets safe but your kitchen clutter-free as well.
Open shelving is a nice idea as well. Not only will you get rid of unnecessary clutter, but you will also have easier access to the kitchen items. Moreover, open shelves are not only functional, but they are beautiful as well.
If you are going with eye-catching, bold paint in your kitchen, why not up the renovation game and make changes in the hardware as well? Get unique knobs that will look good on your cabinets.
Moreover, if you are thinking of changing the cabinets, then you should go with brown, wooden cabinets. Embrace the natural look and see how your kitchen comes to life! If you don’t want to go with an entirely brown look, then you can get a natural wood island, or you can go with a two-toned look and focus on the lower cabinets only.

dark kitchen with dining area

Try Going Dark

Why not go with natural, dark, wood cabinets as well as dark granite instead of white countertops? From beautiful black marble to midnight greens and earthy walnut, you have plenty of options available!
Tired of the subtle shades that have been ruling the home décor front for a while? Well, it is time for you to make a bold statement with the help of bold colors on your walls. Complement the wall color with the kitchen cabinets in a way that keeps the transition smooth.
It doesn’t take much to brighten up a living space – you can use natural light to strike the right balance between color and style and create a kitchen look that will take your breath away. To create a warm, lovely seating space, you have to ensure that all the elements combine flawlessly and work together in harmony.
Dark-toned cabinets with unusual wall backdrops will definitely create a unique, trendy living space.

Kitchen Ideas – Final Word

Want to transform your kitchen instantly and on a budget? Get a new wallpaper! If you don’t have painting skills and want to get rid of the old paint job, the wallpaper will come to your rescue.
From bright & bold wallpapers to cool & calm ones, you have all the choices in the world available at ASDA! These are a few kitchen renovation ideas that we like and we think you would do as well!
Try them out the next time you want to spruce up your old kitchen and see how stylish and chic the space looks!
Happy decorating, folks!

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light blue kitchen black tops and glass units

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small kitchen with small dining area