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Ambience is the mood or atmosphere of a certain place. There are several ways to create ambience. One of the easiest ways is by use of lighting. Lighting can enhance or change the mood of a room. A big mistake is to not consider other methods of creating ambience such as colour, material and fragrance.

If you are decorating for yourself then you can add several of your own personal touches to create that ambience that you love. However, if the room is being decorated for someone else, then more care, thought and extra effort is needed to discover how to create the ambience needed.
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When decorating or furnishing a room for someone else, the aim is to make the ambience in that room as if it was the perfect room for them. It must be furnished and decorated in a way that is feels complete and that the new owner of the room feels as if they would not change a thing once you have finished with it. There are also techniques that can trick the mind into believing that the room has been decorated to personalised perfection.

The way to do this is to affect the new owners senses and make them feel more comfortable about the room. Just think about how you could affect the five senses of vision, sound, hearing, fragrance and feeling. The room must be furnished and looking tidy but also looking as if it was lived in. Remove any objects or furniture that crowd the room. The lights need to be arranged so that they focus on the most attractive features of the room. Dining room or coffee tables can be laid out ready for meals or drinks. Soft music in the background, aromatics can be used. Flowers and plants can be arranged around the room to give the room some life.

One of the most effective ways to enhance the aroma of the room is by the addition of pleasant smells. Use either incense burners, essential oil diffusers or scented candles. But the aromas need to be pleasant, subtle and neutral. The aromas must not be overpowering.
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1.Open a window to release musky or other unpleasant smells before apply aromatics. Don’t try to disguise bad smells.
2.Vanilla or cinnamon scented candles are pleasant to most peoples tastes.
3.Pot-pourri in a room or a bowl of lemons will counter any odours.
4.The smell of baking bread for decorating a kitchen or freshly brewed coffee for a living room can enhance the ambience
5.Soft neutral music in the background.
6.Healthy, green large leaved houseplants give a fresh and lively look to a room.
7.A vase of freshly cut flowers can bring colour and a pleasant aroma to a room.
8.Remove clutter. You want the room to look lived in without being cluttered.

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