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Vegetables for vegan diet

Two weeks since the launch of Asda’s Vegan only aisle, shoppers have only just started noticing that there is a vegan only aisle.

Asda being the first supermarket to experiment with vegan only aisles.

And they are launching over 100 new vegan lines too.

This follows the increasing trend of the UK population increasing their veggy intake with 17% now vegan/vegetarian or on reduced meat diets.

Vegan Asda shoppers have noticed that their items have moved so are only finding out about the dedicated vegan aisle when they go shopping.
Asda continues to be mixed up and only slowly drifting out news about the Vegan aisle.

Asda’s mixed up policy continues because they confuse vegan with free from products.

Vegan’s eat only plant based products while vegetarian’s may also eat eggs, dairy and sometimes fish.

While gluten free or nut free products are for those with allergies.
Anyway vegans can still enjoy a Magnum Vegan Classic ice cream though it might not be the healthiest dessert.

The same goes for the Vegan Galaxy chocolate which comes in five flavours – caramel & sea salt, caramelised hazelnut, smooth orange, Galaxy mint(new) and Galaxy cookie crumble(new).

More healthy is the Asda pasta lentil bowl, Asda rice bowl, Bosh falafel mix(new) as well as Asda’s own range of vegan products. Although not every Asda store has a vegan aisle, more than half(359) of Asda’s 600 stores now have a vegan aisle.

An estimated 85% of people will be able to go to their closest or second closest Asda to do their vegan shopping.

List of Asda stores with vegan aisle