Thinking about changing the look of your living room? Want to mix things up and go with something new? Grey living rooms are very popular these days, and it is pretty easy to see why. After white, grey has secured the position of being the modern neutral.
Grey colour does get a bad rap for being non-interesting and boring. It is very easy to write grey off as something you wouldn’t want in something as public as your living room. However, you can’t be more wrong.
Grey has the potential to be pretty exciting when it comes to designing your living room – all you need is to learn how to harness its power. To get you started, we are sharing some interesting living room ideas that will inspire you when you are sprucing up your living room.

grey living room with dark leather sofa and prints arranged along the wall
grey living room with dark leather sofa and prints arranged along the wall

Let’s take a look at our favourite grey living room ideas so that you can take inspiration from them while designing your new, modern, and elegant living room.

1. Use Grey Colours in Different Tones to Create Depth

Why not play around with different tones and shades of grey to add depth to the living room? You could choose a charcoal grey plump sofa for longing. It will add interest and elegance to a minimal living room.
Layer different tones of the grey colour palette to create a scheme for your living room that looks cohesive. Paint the room a slightly lighter shade of grey and add dark grey picture frames to the wall.
Similarly, get a glass coffee table with a grey undertone to add a distinctive, glamorous note. You can also combine grey with black & white for a smart, minimalist finish. Paint your walls a soft grey and artfully balance them with black & white upholstered furniture.
Add blocks of pattern using cushions & artwork to add a bit of personality to the modern look you have just created.

2. Accessorize with Grey

If you want to add a grey colour to your living room in a less obvious and unusual way, you can add a tarnished grey mirror to the space. The mirror will reflect natural as well as artificial light to make your room appear brighter & larger.
Moreover, you can layer white & grey linen panels when you are selecting curtains for your living room. From grey sculptural artwork to knit throw pillows and woven baskets, you can add a dash of grey to your living room and strike a perfect balance between subtle and statement.
Furthermore, you can go with grey bookshelves as well if you have white walls and want to introduce grey colour to your living room.

3. Grey Paint – Shades & Combinations

If you see grey paint charts together, you will see that the tones vary widely. While the cool end of the spectrum includes blue undertones, the warm shades have red bases that give them purple, pink, or brown tints.
Thus, there are a myriad of possibilities when it comes to decorating and painting your living room grey. Grey living rooms look great with a dash of white colour. For instance, grey upholstery in a white living room will add a hint of warmth and comfort to space.
Grey is a versatile shade that works with all kinds of colours, and if you mix grey with blue you will be creating a smooth, calming vibe for your living room. Similarly, you can lift up grey walls by choosing white accents such as shelving, cornicing, woodwork, etc.
What’s more, you can contrast grey colour with buff, plum, or blush pink tones. Pink and grey is a winning combination that is well-suited for contemporary, modern schemes. Pair an emerald green couch with grey walls for an unapologetic pop of colour.
When paired together, grey & green complement each other perfectly. Usually, people use grey as the subtle, soft alternative to cream or white colours. However, you can pair these hues together as well.
A living room with grey walls, crisp white ceiling, and cream furniture is a sight to behold. Grey walls are the perfect canvas for standout artwork in bold, bright colours. If you have any children, dark grey paint will be a lifesaver and will hide all those unsightly, greasy finger marks on the walls.

dark grey living room blue abstract painting on wall
dark grey living room blue abstract painting on wall

4. Add Grey to the Furnishings

If you add soft, woollen furnishings to a grey living room, it will instantly transform the space from cold to calming. If you want to have a window seat in the living room or create a cohesive reading corner, you can add cushions in varying patterns and shades of grey.
You can select a soft, grey fabric for the seat itself as well. When you are decorating a small space, you should create a focal point that will draw the eye and there will be less emphasis on the room’s layout. If you are decorating a small living room, then you can get a statement sofa, upholstered in a blue-grey colour that will be the star of the space.
Similarly, if the rest of the living room is a bit on the pale side, then you can use a darker tone of grey to highlight the focal point of the room.

5. Keep an Eye on the Amount of Daylight You will Get

When you are selecting the shade of grey paint, you have to consider how the light in your room changes throughout the day. A good way of doing this is to get large pieces of cardboard, paint them in various shades of grey and keep them in your room to understand how the paints react to changes in daylight.
If your living room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you have two choices – you can either embrace the darkness and create a cosy, dark cocoon of a space or use a pale tone to lift up the colour scheme.
We suggest that if there isn’t a lot of daylight in the living room, go for grey walls with a touch of brown to add warmth to space.

6. Mix Grey with Earthy Tones

Grey looks amazingly fierce when paired with earthy tones. Combine a charcoal sofa with an olive green wall covering in a room with a brown ceiling and you will have a living room that is bursting with character.
Want to decorate your room with orange but are afraid that it won’t look good? Throw in some grey to the mix and it will tone down the orange and bring out its elegance.

modern light grey open plan living room
modern light grey open plan living room

7. Grey Accent Walls

An accent wall is a great way to make a statement with a grey colour. Combine white walls with a moody charcoal wall and you will have a living room that is far from boring. If you want to add a splash of personality, you can get light blue & grey sofas as well as a striped area rug.
If you want to start with something small and don’t want to go with a grey accent wall, you can paint the fireplace in your living room grey. Whether you go for grey paint or use grey stones, the hearth will look very stylish when the fire rages inside it.

Grey Living Room Ideas – Final Word

You can ante up your living room by incorporating various shades of grey in it. From a patterned area rug to a grey cloth couch, the choices are endless. Grey walls allow you to express your inner creativity in ways that you haven’t even imagined.
Glass chandeliers go pretty well with grey living room arrangements and you can use them to bring your living room to life. We have discussed various ideas regarding decorating your grey living room above.
Hopefully, you will find something that will ignite the fire of inspiration and creativity in your mind.
Happy Decorating, Folks!