Feng Shui Bedroom UK

What is the purpose behind a Feng shui bedroom?

A Feng shui bedroom is meant to promote peace and balance for a calming sanctuary to retreat to. It’s meant to align your heart with your intentions to help create an emotional connection so that you may feel the energy throughout your bedroom.

So, how do you create a Feng shui bedroom? The first thing that I suggest that you do is to take everything out of your bedroom. Next read the ideas in this guide and then start over redecorating your bedroom.

Here are some helpful tips to transform your bedroom into the serene, peaceful, balance that you’re looking for in a Feng shui room.


These are some of the most important things that you will need to do to achieve the desired atmosphere that you’re wanting for your bedroom.


Remove all electronics from your bedroom. Leave all cell phones, tablets, and computers charging in another room of your home. If you like, put a charming little table in the hallway by your bedroom door and leave your cell phone charging there at night. A cell phone’s very presence will make you subconsciously prepared to take a phone call.

Bed Against The Wall

Make sure that your bed is against the farthest wall from your bedroom door with the headrest against wall. When you put your bed against the same wall that your door is on, it leaves you with a feeling that there may be an unseen threat to you. Put the bed against the farthest wall, facing the door but not directly aligned with the door in that way you can see any threat before it can approach. If you have your bed aligned with your door it will create an unsettling feeling because you will have to handle threats immediately and this will certainly cause a disturbed and restless sleep. Beds must also be off the floor with an empty space beneath the bed with no clutter. This allows your chi to circulate all around you as you sleep. having clutter under your bed will distract you in your sleep.

Positive Vibes Through Décor

When decorating your bedroom, you will need to choose things that you honestly love. Throw blankets, accent pillow cushions, and comforters or bedspreads with subtle and calm designs, patterns, and colors. This will enhance the energy in your room. Any items that you feel an emotional connection to will do. Pictures of loved ones or paintings of gentle nature scenes are a good choice too. Avoid mirrors and any paintings of water scenes or water features.

Placing a warm barrier between the floor and bed can add to the positive vibe. This is achieved by having a large rug going from one side of the bed to the other side, so that it covers not only the side areas around the bed but underneath the bed too.

feng shui bedroom

Add In Pairs

When adding furniture back to your bedroom (other than your bed), do it in pairs for harmonization. Add two bedside tables. The second reason for having two bedside tables is to anchor your bed in space. This creates balance in your room. Make sure that you have two pillows and a bedside lamp for both of your bedside tables. Adding things in pairs keeps your room completely in balance. The pair do not have to be exactly the same but could reflect the balance between you and your other half. If you don’t have another half then the item chosen should be an item that would reflect your ideal other half that you would want to attract. There must be space on both sides of the bed so that you and your partner can enter and leave the bed freely without disturbing the other.

feng shui bedroom

Choose Wood

For your bed frame and headboard, choose real wood. Wood is naturally symbolic to the support of your energy and body when you are asleep. Wood gives you a warm and secure protection and support. Metal can disrupt the earth’s magnetic field whereas wood is not conductive. Metal is cold and hard, even prison like and promotes the wrong emotions for restful sleep.

Essential Oils

Avoid artificial fragrances. Do not use fragrances to disguise smells, but rather use them to enhance your life force or emotional balance. Using a diffuser in your room is okay. Add just a couple of drops of oil mixed in the water and don’t leave it on for more than two hours. Lavender essential oil and jasmine essential oil are both wonderful before bedtime since they encourage a calming effect. But other essential oils such as patchouli can be used if you want to recreate a more romantic and loving feeling in your bedroom.

Color Scheme

Each part (zone) of your home has a different energy need. As part of keeping an accurate balance to your home, those energy needs have to be fulfilled. Skin tones and earth tones are always a safe choice. Colors such as peach, chocolate, ivory, and coral are calming and so are light, pale green and pastel blues.

Certain colors encourage sensuality and serene energy and vibes which can provide a restful sleep. Basically, calm tones and shades that you would find in nature are a great choice. Off – white, cream colors, and browns are also a good choice for colors.

You don’t want to overdo the peach color. This will get the attention of the opposite sex. Instead, think about using a peach color for the trim in your accent pillow cushions or in part of the design on your throw blankets.

Although off – white is acceptable, a pure white wall is not. This is considered a color in the metal element and will be too active at night for a peaceful rest.

feng shui bedroom


There are some things that you should not add to your room because it will not create the effect that you are wanting. These things aid in disrupting the atmosphere and your sleep.

No Clutter

Throw out or give away any and all unwanted items. Anything that does not encourage positive feelings or wonderful emotional memories needs to go to keep your energy field from being influenced in a negative way. This can promote bad emotions and bad dreams.

Avoid Placing Your Bed Under Sharp or Heavy Things

Skylights, ceiling fans, ceiling beams and things of that sort can affect your sleep in a negative way. If you have any of these things on your ceiling either don’t sleep underneath them or remove them altogether. If you can’t remove the item or move your bed away from being underneath them beam (or other item) then try to cover the item so it cannot be seen.

No Water

Do not put fish tanks or a flowing water fountain into your bedroom. Also, no pictures or artwork that have water in them. It may be conducive to finances, but it has an active, powerful energy which will interfere with the atmosphere you are creating. Water features or pictures are best placed in the kitchen or living room where their active influence will be put to better use.

Also, since water is used to put our fires, it is believed that water, in any form, in the bedroom will extinguish passion and love.


Do not add any paintings on the wall above your bed. This gives off a kind of threatening energy that disrupts your sleep. It’s along the same lines as having a ceiling fan over you.


Do not add plants to your bedroom. They have an active energy due to the fact that they are growth oriented. This can disrupt the peaceful, serene vibe that you are trying to create for your bedroom.

No Sharp Edges

Try to find dressers and bedside tables that have rounded edges. Anything with sharp corners or jagged edges does not create an inviting feeling at all. If you can’t find tables and dressers with rounded edges then make sure to add other décor that softens the look of your room. And it goes without saying that your bed needs to have rounded corners and rounded legs. Avoid a stark rectangular headboard too. A wooden headboard could be enhanced with some soft upholstery on the front to add to the comfort.

No Work In The Bedroom

People who have large bedrooms usually end up creating a workspace in their room. Do not do this. You cannot relax with your work in the same room you sleep in. Don’t even bring in work out equipment. Any of these things will keep you feeling anxious and uneasy. This is why many Feng Shui masters recommend a smaller bedroom with a low ceiling to enhance your feeling of safety, security and warmth. Your chi or life force can then be kept close to you rather than dissipating out into a large space.

Hopefully, this helps you to understand more about creating a Feng Shui bedroom and what you should and shouldn’t include to be able to have the relaxing and balanced atmosphere you’re needing.

Years ago, my grandmother had hired someone to come in and redecorate her bedroom. She wanted a Feng Shui bedroom. Being that she had a Japanese friend, I wanted to know she would choose that style. She explained to me that your bedroom should be like a safe haven escape for you. It should promote tranquility and feel nurturing and comfortable because your surroundings have a huge effect on your attitude and well being as well as your overall health.

If you create a serene balance in your bedroom then it tends to flow over to the rest of your life. I have always remembered those words from her and now that I am at a point in my life that I need that kind of peace and balance, and I am redecorating my own bedroom, I have decided that a Feng Shui style bedroom is what I need.

Last month I started the process by completely clearing everything out of my room. My walls are a cream color and that works with what I have in mind, so I didn’t need to repaint them. As of yesterday, my room has been completely transformed. I’d like to share with you exactly the how it’s decorated.

Only you know what colors and what décor will elicit a calmness and safeness in your life, so only you can decide how to achieve that.

I stated with the Bazile Four Piece Bedroom Set. This lovely set comes with the bed. two bedside tables and a dresser all in artisan oak. The wood is sturdy and strong promoting strength and safety.

I placed my bed across the room, directly in the center of the wall and diagonal from my door. I left a two-inch space between the wall and the bed; it gives the appearance of having more space in the room.

On each side of the bed are the matching bedside tables. Across the room, centered, is the dresser. I made sure that it was placed where it wouldn’t interfere with a natural walk through the room.

At the end of my bed, I centered a cream – colored Carrol Chaise Lounge. To me, this adds a comfort effect to the room.

Carrol Chaise Lounge by zipcode design

waters edge by carol robinsonFeng Shui is also about less clutter, simple and clean. I chose only one piece of wall décor which I hung high on the wall behind my bed. My choice was the Water’s Edge I By Carol Robinson. It’s a wrapped canvas graphic art print. The mix of blues, browns, and creams in this picture has a wonderful calming effect.

For the bedding I chose colors that I thought would relax me, we all sleep better if we can relax more. For that relaxation I was looking for I went with the George Home 100% Cotton Grey Pintuck Double Duvet Set. Light greys, whites, and creams are my go-to serenity colors. The raised grey stripe at the top of this duvet gives it a little character without throwing off the balance of the room.

ASDA Cotton Pintuck Duvet Set

Having the exact color fitted and flat sheet honestly disturbs my peace, I have no idea why except that I like to separate same colors with a different color in between. So, for the flat sheet I went with the George Home Cream Flat Sheet Double and for the fitted sheet I chose the George Home Grey Fitted Sheet Double. It gives my bed that layered look.

I genuinely believe that cushions on the bed will add a comfortable beauty and create an inviting atmosphere to the room. The George Home White Mongolian Faux Fur Large Cushion and the George Home Grey Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion alternated at the head of the bed gave it that exact look I was wanting. It made me want to curl up on my bed, snuggle under the duvet with my arms wrapped around one of these soft pillows and sleep for hours.

ASDA Blackout Curtains - Light GreyWhen choosing my curtains, I knew I wanted blackout curtains, it encourages a feeling of privacy which is what your personal bedroom is supposed to be, private. I thought about going with a cream color, but it just didn’t fit the look I wanted so I decided on the George Home Light Grey Blackout Curtains. I think it adds more charm to the room. It’s just a personal preference, I have never liked white- or cream-colored curtains.

I enjoy having a throw blanket on the bed for those times during the day that I want to relax for a while without messing up my bed, it gives me something to cover with. I found a throw that matched one of the style cushions that I had chosen.

ASDA White Plain Faux Fur Throw It’s the George Home White Plain Faux Fur Throw. To me, white instills a purity as well as serenity, bringing more balance to the room. The faux fur from this throw as well as the cushions adds a warmth to the room. Curl up with one of these throws and you’ll understand what I mean.

ASDA Small Ceramic Pebble LampHaving plenty of lighting is one key point to a Feng Shui style bedroom, but you need to choose lighting that doesn’t stand out really bad to the point of disrupting the atmosphere. For this I went with the George Home Small Ceramic Pebble Lamp. It adds just that little something extra I was looking for. I bought one for each bedside table. They put off an incredibly soft light grey shade of light.

The last thing that I chose for my bedroom were candles. Remember, lighting is a main key and having the right fragrance will help too. Aerosols are too strong, and they leave a sticky film from the mist. Candles are more natural. The fragrance that helps me the most is lavender and also chamomile. I was lucky enough to find both aromas in one candle. I bought four Lavender and Chamomile Scented Jar Candles to place around my room. These candles come in the cutest little jars and are the perfect last touch.

Lavender & Chamomile Scented Jar Candle by lili manor

Now that my bedroom is complete, I fully understand the balance and serenity that my grandmother was talking about all those years ago. I walk in my room and all of my worries and cares remain outside my bedroom door.