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Tired of the grey skies? Want to bring a little colour into your life? Why not consider these colourful bedroom ideas? Whether it is floral repeats, tribal motifs, or bold stripes, you can easily create a happy, colourful, mood-boosting environment in your bedroom!
From vibrant patterns to serene shades, you can turn your bedroom into a colourful, lively place that fills you with positive energy every time you step into the room. You can spray your bed frame, paint the headboard, or get new wallpaper.
Don’t forget to accessorize – lamps, vases, alarm clocks, potted plants, etc. all play a key role in bringing colour to your room!

From geometric prints to splashes of yellow, the world is yours to play with! Let’s take a look at a few inspiring colourful bedroom ideas that will reflect your personality and turn your bedroom into a colourful sanctuary.

Play with a Blue-Green Colour Palette

If you are naturally drawn towards a neutral palette, why not shake up things with shots of glorious blue-green? You can invigorate the space by using teal or a rich, elegant shade of forest green on your bedroom walls.
The colour is uplifting yet not too bright – it can warm up your bedroom space and will create a cocoon-like, cosy feel!
If you have any wooden furniture in your room, you can paint it to create a natural look with a calming feel. You can break up the colour with soft furnishings and white accessories, such as crisp white linen sheets. If you want to accent the blue-green scheme with a dusty pink colour, it will add a nice edge to the whole colour scheme.
Add a comfy blanket to your sofa and it will go from cold and dark to inviting and warm! ASDA has a large variety of pillows, cushions, and blankets that you choose from and brighten up your bedroom space with!
In these chaotic and busy times, we are feeling stressed and there is a great need of reducing the visual noise. Go for tranquil colours that melt the walls of your bedroom away and reconnect you with nature! Choose teal paint as the base colour for the walls and paint the headboard or your cupboards in a contrasting colour to make an elegant style statement.
warm colourful bedroom idea

Go for a Sunny Colour Scheme

Want to wake and liven up your senses? Why not paint your room a mellow yellow to fill your bedroom with positive, sunny vibes? With mood-boosting, uplifting primrose colour, give your bedroom a bright and welcoming feel.
Grey and yellow are a good combination as they perfectly complement each other. Yellow not only brings colour to your room but also inspires clear thinking. So if you have a nice study table in your bedroom where you work or study, you paint the wall behind it a subtle yellow to brighten the space.
Improve the definition of the room by using touches of crisp white. You can use geometric patterns as well for a contemporary, sharp finish. Use the muted grey to accent the joyous tones of beautiful yellow! Moreover, mix plain and patterned bed linen to give your bed a fashionable, nice layered look.
floral colourful bedroom ideas

Brighten up the White with Colourful Accessories

White is a calming, classic colour that doesn’t have to be boring at all. Even if you don’t want to change the white walls of your bedroom, you can mix things up in your room with different bed linen, table lamps, and other room accessories that you can buy from ASDA!
Moreover, an all-white base gives you the freedom to change the scheme of your room as your taste changes! Simply select a nice, bright accent colour such as plum or gold and create a regal look in your bedroom!
Left up the colour scheme with pops of regal plum or metallic gold. Contemporary mirrors paired with beautiful bookshelves can add that splash of colour you think your white walls need! A calm, cool, and collected white and blue palette gives a room a timeless, fresh vibe.
White and nautical shades of blue compliment each other perfectly and it feels as if the ocean has come right to your bedroom! You don’t have to paint your walls – white pillows overlaid with blue cushions can complete the coastal bedroom theme!

In the Bedroom – Orange is the New Black!

Why not create an earthy scheme and mix it with a rusty, orange colour? Keep the curtains dark while you paint the walls orange and add leather furniture to complete the vintage vibe. It is not about adding a lot of colour to your bedroom – it is about adding it in the right way!
Play with orange, black, and brown to create a striking and intense scheme that will add life to your bedroom. You can mix orange with white and your bedroom will look anything but dull! Delicate, nude pink is a great hue that adds a romantic feel while keeping the room from being overly girly.
You can add a clear chandelier and a few couples of mirrors on the wall to mix things up a bit! You can add floral prints both with the help of bedsheets and linen as well as wallpaper! You don’t have to paint all of your walls. Create an ‘undone’ look by painting half your walls and then accessorizing the remaining half! You can mix two colours and create a smudgy effect between the two!

It’s Spring Time!

Why not create a fresh and new look in the bedroom that matches springtime? Say it all with flowers! Whether it is a yellow floral wallpaper or actual bright flowers in pots that you keep in your room, it is time to bring the spring inside your bedroom!
If you want to make your bedroom a warm and relaxing space, soothing shades such as lilac, beige, and grey are great for walls, accessories, and floorings. Choose bright, floral bed sheets and curtains that will add the splash of colour you are looking for!
With the large variety of beautiful curtains at ASDA, you will find everything and anything you need for your bedroom! Whether it is airy, cotton curtains that you are looking for or soft, plush, velvety drapes that you want for your bedroom, ASDA is there for you to shop from!


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Colourful Bedroom Ideas – Final Word

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. After a long, tiring day at work, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. It is very important that the aesthetic of your bedroom is just right. Choose a colour scheme for your bedroom that speaks to you and create a calming, dreamy space that you deserve!
Happy Decorating, Folks!
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