Here are 9 example boys bedrooms to inspire you. But some sons might need asking what type of bedroom they want. He will add his own toys and items to the room so take that into consideration when decorating.

Boys bedrooms are so much easier to decorate and furnish than bedrooms for girls are. They don’t require all the little frilly things that a girl’s bedroom needs. Most little boys don’t like plants or any kind of ornaments in their room.

So, what kind of decorations and furniture do you put in a boy’s bedroom? Let’s take a look at some of the suggestions below.

Bedroom for boys of any age

boys bedroom with ceiling fan

Blues, whites, and browns always go great together in a boy’s bedroom. White walls allow him to add whatever wall decor he wants in his room. White curtains on a large window keep it neutral. Throw some brown into the bedroom like a brown, wooden, ceiling fan above the bed. Maybe add a rug on the floor with browns and blues in it.

For the bed, I would choose a white comforter with a blue blanket folded at the end of it. Add in some blue and white throw pillows. It makes for a simple yet classy look.

Put a wooden bedside table near the bed with a lamp on it for nights when he was to stay up and read or look at his comic books.

Don’t forget the clothes hamper. Getting little boys to put dirty clothes in a hamper is almost impossible. Put one in his room to make it easier, brown wicker is a great choice.

Bedroom for boys of school age

boys bedroom with computer desk and chair

School-aged boys need a desk in their room to do their schoolwork comfortably. Build a series of shelves on the wall, paint them white, for his hot wheels’ cars or model cars and whatever books and things he wants to showcase. Build a shelf or two to put over his headboard for his books.

Blues, greens, and gray colours go great together. Alternate the wall colour between blue and gray, with gray carpet on the floor. Add in some green by building him a toy box and painting it a slightly dark shade of green. Paint the tabletop of his desk the same colour green.

For his bedding, find a comforter that has different shades of green in it with one of the shades matching the toy box and desktop. Get him a blue desk chair to bring out the blue in the wall.

Throw some stuffed dinosaurs on his bed for added comfort and you have the perfect room for a school-aged boy.

Bedroom for 2 boys in a shared bedroom

boys bedroom for two brothers

Blues and beige are perfect boy colours when two boys are sharing a room. Blue is the natural colour for boys and a beige or brown colour goes great with it.

For the wall decor, for the most part, let them choose what they would like to hang on their walls.

Place a brown, wooden bedside table by each of their twin beds. Add a bedside lamp on each table with a blue lamp shade.

For the bedding make blue the dominant colour but with a splash of other colours like red, black, white, gray, and maybe other shades of blue. Pick pillowcases with some of the same colours in them.

Beige walls and beige carpet make the blues in the bedding stand out. Add some matching blue curtains to the window and a toy box for all of their toys.

This is an amazingly simple bedroom, but you can definitely tell it is a boy’s room.

Boys bunk beds for younger and older brother

boys bedroom bunk beds

Most boys who share a room would love bunk beds! Buy a wooden or metal set of bunk beds. If your boys are of different ages, get a bunk bed set where the bottom bed is more like a futon (that can be pulled out and turned into a full-sized bed) and the top is a twin bed. Older boys will usually prefer a futon bed over a twin bed.

Decorate the corner of the bedroom for the younger child with shelves on the wall but not too high so he can reach. Add some of his favorite books on the shelves. Buy a small desk and chair for him to sit and read.

For the older boy, maybe build a floor standing bookshelf for his books or whatever toys he wants to showcase.

Instead of curtains on the window, having blinds would be a better choice.

Boys bedroom for sports fan of school age

boys bedroom sports fan

Blues and whites are perfect for a sports bedroom. White goes with any other colour and depending on your son’s choice of sports teams and the variety of colours each team has, white for the walls is the only way to go.

You need to hang sports artwork on the walls. No matter who his team of choice is and no matter what sport it is you can always order wall art for that team and usually always find some with blue in the picture or outlining the picture.

Put a small computer desk in his room for schoolwork. Paint it blue and white, with a white desk chair.

For the bedding, a simple, blue bedspread will do. Add a wooden bedside table with a unique type of table lamp. Something that stands out.

On his window, instead of curtains, buy a set of blue blinds.

For the other wall decor, well what else does your son like? Fishing? Maybe he likes space and Nasa. Decorate according to his tastes.

Older boys bedroom for active teenager

boys bedroom active teenager

Again, blues, whites, and beige are perfect colours for a boy’s bedroom. Paint the walls blue and add a stripe of beige and one of white about mid-way down the wall to break up the blue colour.

A wooden bedside nightstand painted a darker blue and a small clothing dresser in the same colour blue. Put matching lamps on each one.

For this bedroom, I would go with white sheer curtains. If your teenager is active, he will more than likely love sunshine since active kids love the outdoors. With the sheer curtains, the sunshine isn’t blocked out.

For the bedding, a thin, white blanket accented by a blue blanket folded at the end of the bed. Have an assortment of pillows in blue, white, and beige on the bed.

For the wall decor, what activities is he into? For instance, does he enjoy kayaking? Hang his kayak on his wall. Fishing? Then have one of the fish he catches, stuffed, and mounted to hang on his wall.

Younger academic boys bedroom

boys bedroom academic child

This bedroom is so simple to decorate. White and blue!

Start off with painting his wall a darker blue. In white add things about space. A rocket ship, stars, the moon, planets, shooting stars, just anything you might find in space.

Add a white desk for schoolwork, a workbench in the same blue as his wall that slides easily under his desk.

For his bedding and curtains, white. A simple, white framed. Get him a bed that has drawers in the base, so he doesn’t need a dresser taking up space in his room.

Add a white shelf on his wall for anything he wants to showcase.

Football fan’s boys bedroom

boys bedroom football/soccer fan

So many boys are football fans (soccer in the US). If your son loves football then his room will be so easy to decorate!

Browns, blues, and white is the way to go for this bedroom. Some kids grow out of loving sports and these colours make it easy to change the decor of the room.

For his wall art, I would hang one big picture over the headboard with a football (soccer ball) on it. Maybe add a few little shelves on a different wall with a ball on each shelf. By his window, by some big letters that spell out the word SCORE and hang them down the wall.

Center the bed under the picture of the ball. Across from the bed, a large wooden dresser with a mirror on it. Add a lamp to one of the corners of the dresser.

Have beige carpet on the floor and make the curtains a darker shade of beige. Maybe have a brown, comfortable chair over by the window.

For the bedding and throw pillows on the bed, I would go with an assortment of blues, browns, white, maybe with a splash of green added in.


Decorating a boy’s room really isn’t that hard. Simply find out what they like. Sports? Space? Fishing? Books? Then just go with what you know.

If you aren’t sure then let them pick out what they want in their room. It’s honestly that simple!

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