Can good bedroom design make you more productive, healthy, and happy? Can it induce a good night’s sleep. A cosy, warm bedroom is what we all need after a long, tiring day at work. Even if you have a small bedroom, there are plenty of ways to maximize the space and make the room feel and look luxurious, relaxing, and the perfect place to dream the sweet dream!
Let’s take a look at the best bedroom design ideas that you can use as your idea board when you are revamping your bedroom!

Grey bedroom with blue bed

1. Keep Your Bedroom Design Simple

When deciding the layout of your small bedroom, there is no magic trick. There is usually a clear main wall against which you place the bed. We suggest that you don’t try to complicate the placement like keeping the bed at an angle or floating it in the middle, etc.
Place your bed in the centre of the room’s main wall. This is better than simply pushing it up alongside the wall. Having space on either side of the bed is not only good for room flow but also keeps your space to make your bed easily!
Headboards are important when it comes to designing bedrooms as they enhance your space with their stylishness. Chic and eye-catching headboards will brighten up your entire living space.
Wooden headboards, as well as upholstered ones, are popular amongst people these days. You can choose a headboard that complements your accent wall. Don’t be scared to experiment with designs, textures, colours, and sizes when choosing the right headboard for your room.

2. Get Innovative with the Paint

Colour scheme is vital when you are decorating any room in your home. It can be a bit intimidating and cumbersome to select the right colour, but it is a difficult task. Let your inner artist out and choose the colour which calls to your souls and canvases your personality.
Whether it is pastels that you fancy or shades from a neutral palette that you like, there is no wrong choice here. We all know that neutral colours brighten up any space as well as creating an illusion of the space being larger than it is.
Even though this is true, you shouldn’t let this hinder your creative process as you choose the paint for your bedroom. You can paint the walls any colour you deem fit – from olive green to navy blue and charcoal grey, the choice is all yours!
If you want to go for a minimalistic and modernist look, then you should stick to a neutral colour palette. Even if your bedroom is small, bright shades will make it feel and look good. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t play around with dark colours. A white and black colour scheme is a classic look for your bedroom that you can’t go wrong with.

3. Accessorize Your Room

Once you decide on the paint colour, you have to choose the colour accents to complement it with. You can play around with accessories such as cushions, throw blankets with bright colours if you have neutral walls.
Adding plush bedding, a comfortable mattress, and soft lighting can make your room more cosy, snug, and welcoming – all features that you definitely want in your bedroom. Choose bedding that contrasts with the wall paint and see your small bedroom come to life!
A patterned rug, some mirrors on the wall, a sleek and modern bookshelf – there are so many choices! Simply add comfy, plush bedding and spruce up the look of your room instantly! You are going to love decorating your small bedroom on a budget with the amazing collection of bed sheets, mattress covers, duvets, etc. from ASDA!
Love having eclectic decorations? In a small bedroom, you should keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with accessories and keep the furniture pieces simple. You can add a few picture frames, wall decorations, etc. but don’t make the space feel cluttered! You can also buy wall decor from ASDA as well as cushions and throws.

beige bedroom with many accessories

4. Create Illusions of Space

Make sure your small bedroom gets as much natural lighting as possible. Moreover, by incorporating mirrors in your room you can add dimension to your space. Since mirrors reflect light, you should place them in such a position where they will maximize the natural light in the room.
This is a simple and effective way to make your bedroom appear bigger! If you don’t want to have multiple mirrors in your room, you can get a full-length standing mirror and place it against the wall. Make yourself appear big and choose the perfect outfit for your day at the same time!
Moreover, a neat trick is to pick curtains that match the wall paint. Not only is this modern, but it also keeps your eyes from being distracted by contrasting colours. If you have a small space, this doesn’t mean that you have to get smaller furniture as well.
Don’t go for miniature bedside tables. Instead, go for normal-sized furnishings for small bedrooms. Not only will it be more functional, but it will also make your bedroom look bigger.

5. Put Your Creative Hat On

Moreover, you can also use storage beds and end-of-bed benches and ottomans to add storage. Want something better than traditional lights? Go with hanging lighting pendants – they are highly popular in 2021 and add a touch of modernism to your space.
Hanging pendants are a perfect addition to your headboard and accent wall, and will bring your entire décor together. From an art collage to an accent wall and statement wallpaper, you can use anything you want to make your bedroom more artistic and eye-catching.
Accent walls aren’t just for dining rooms and living rooms – you can create beautiful, alluring vignettes of interest in your master bedroom as well. Whether you go for a cool paint colour or a catchy wallpaper, having one wall in your room that is different from the other three livens up your space instantly.

white bedroom with blue accent wall

6. Choose Décor that Does Double Duty

Why don’t you pick pieces for your bedroom that can do double duty? For example, in your small bedroom, you don’t have space for a dresser, so you can get large nightstands that can hold your clothes.
From midnight till 7 a.m. in the morning, your bed is for sleeping. For the rest of the day, you can use your bed for different purposes. Arrange your pillows against the walls and create a daybed for working from your laptop.
If you have some room, add a small coffee table and create a nice, working setup in your small bedroom! Remember, low furniture gives the impression of a larger space!

7. Go Green

With a global pandemic going on, we have all been cooped up inside our homes for too long. If you can’t go out, why not bring the outdoors to you? The best way to add life to your space is by using potted indoor plants.
Greenery can make the stuffiest of rooms feel fresh and airy! Include plants – potted as well as hanging – as part of your bedroom décor and enliven your bedroom space. Green plants in large white pots look especially clean and fresh. Plants and flowers create an atmosphere of positivity and growth in your bedroom, which is something we all need these days.
If you don’t want to keep potted plants in your room, you can incorporate green and white shades in your bedroom through walls, curtains, quilts, etc.
Bedroom Design Ideas – Final Word
It is always fun to decorate a large space since you have more room to get creative. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with the design and décor of a small bedroom. Decorate your small bedroom in the right way, and it will turn into a small, cosy piece of heaven!
Happy Decorating, Folks!
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