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How to choose bedroom furniture sets

When kitting out a bedroom it is always good to have an idea what the finished room will look like. It is all fine and well using your imagination, but what is good in your imagination will look totally different in real life. So an alternative is to use a photo of the finished room layout. There are literally thousands of pictures of bedrooms on the internet. Just google bedroom furniture sets to see them. All you have to do is go through them to find a bedroom layout and colours that you like. But make sure the shape and colour of the room is the same as the room you want to decorate. If the colour of the bedroom you like is different than your bedroom walls then you have a paint and decorate job on your hands! Personally, I prefer to move on to find a bedroom that has near enough the colours of my bedroom.

bedroom furniture set

I just bought a new home and I’m having trouble trying to decide on which bedroom furniture sets I want. Before I can fully furnish the bedroom I have to decide on one of the two I have picked out.

These are the two bedrooms sets that I am trying to decide which one to buy. The décor I want for each set will be drastically different so let’s see which one would look better and that I would be more comfortable in.

The first bedroom set is a Kramer three piece set and the bed is made of oiled wild oak. It has storage drawers underneath the bed that can open from either side which is extremely nice. The bed itself is just so beautiful.

The set also comes with two bedside tables made of the same wood as the bed frame. Both of them have two drawers that can be used for reading material or anything you want to use them for.

With this bedroom set I think that the GEORGE HOME LIGHT PINK FITTED SHEET KING and the GEORGE HOME LIGHT PINK FLAT SHEET KING will work. The light shade of pink would be a lovely match with the light color oak wood. They would complement each other very well.

White Leaf Explosion Easy Care Reversible Duvet SetTo this I would add the GEORGE WHITE LEAF EXPLOSION EASY CARE REVERSIBLE DUVET SET – KING. It’s made of poly – cotton, reversible, and includes two pillowcases with it. The print on the front is brightly colored and it can be machine washed and tumble dried which will make it easy to clean.

I insist on always having plenty of cushions on my bed. It just makes it look so comfortable and inviting and it adds style to the entire room. There are two different cushions that I would match with this bedding I chose.

Pink Cotton Tassel CushionThe first one being the GEORGE HOME PINK COTTON TASSEL CUSHION that I would put at the top center of the bed. This is a really soft cushion, and the pink tassels give off a soft essence too it that I really like. It’s made of cotton, so you know that’s it’s soft enough to cuddle with.

The second cushion that I would choose for this theme would be the GEORGE HOME PINK PINWHEEL CUSHION. this cushion has texture, charm, and style with its folds and button in the center.

ASDA Natural Rattan Wicker ShadeI want a ceiling shade to hang over my bed, but I want it to match the color of the wood on the bed and tables. I’m thinking something in wicker. The perfect ceiling lamp for this is the GEORGE HOME NATURAL RATTAN WICKER SHADE. This is one gorgeous lamp and I adore wicker.

Of course, I need to find some table lamps and I would like them to be similar looking to the ceiling shade. Keeping that in mind I found the GEORGE HOME RATTAN TABLE LAMP. These are some sweet lamps and a pretty close match to the ceiling shade. If they aren’t wicker they sure look like it. Put some soft lights in them and it would be perfection.

I love plants so in the corner of my bedroom I’d like to have a GEORGE HOME FAUX FIDDLE LEAF IN WOVEN BASKET 39CM plant. It has life – like leaves, and it comes potted in a stylish woven basket. All this beauty without the mess, I love it! But you may not like artificial plants. You could instead buy a live fiddle leaf plant in a shiny white planter. That would also go nicely with this room. But you will have to take care of the plant.

Analisa 5 Piece Bedroom Set by Brambly Cottage

Solid pine painted white is so pretty, so my second bedroom set choice is the Analisa Five Piece Bedroom Set. This set comes with the bed, one bedside table, one chest, one dresser, and one mirror.

Since I love contrast so much I think this bedroom will be set up with a black, grey, and white theme. So, to start with I’ve chosen the GEORGE HOME BLACK FITTED SHEET DOUBLE and matched it with the GEORGE HOME WHITE FLAT SHEET DOUBLE and for the pillowcases I want the George Home Grey Percale 100% Cotton Pillowcase Pair. I love the color combo already!

Moving on to the duvet, I found one that is such a bright white and has little black spots all over it, it matches everything perfectly. It’s the GEORGE HOME WHITE LUXURY EMBROIDERED SPOT COTTON DUVET SET. Made from pure cotton, the comfort from this would keep me asleep all night long.

This bed needs tons of cushions! I found the perfect ones too. I would start with the GEORGE HOME WHITE TUFTED POM POM CUSHION. An absolutely perfect match to the duvet! It’s white with little black spots all over it. Three of these would be tossed all over the bed giving it that “relaxed on” look. The next cushion that I would choose is the GEORGE HOME GREY PINSONIC CUSHION and I would position these between the other ones. I love the beautiful embroidery on these. The last style of cushion I want to add would be the GEORGE HOME WHITE JUMBO CORD LARGE CUSHION. I just adore the rope cord type texture of this cushion; it adds a chic style of class to the bed.

I want some striking curtains in this room that matches some part of the bedding set. The GEORGE HOME GREY HERRINGBONE BLACKOUT CURTAINS are the exact curtains I would want. They match with the flat sheet and with the grey cushions. I’m loving this contrast bedroom more and more. These curtains actually reduce the noise from outside and keep the room dark so that the light of the day wouldn’t bother me if I wanted a nap, and at night I always sleep better when it my bedroom is totally dark.

I don’t think I would want a ceiling shade with this theme, just a table lamp for my bedside table and no lamp would match better for this room than the GEORGE HOME WHITE POLKA DOT LAMP. It matches the cushions and the duvet with a black shade and white base that has black polka dots on it. I think it would just have this preppy and quirky look that I would simply love.

The last thing that this room would need is a bedside clock. THE GEORGE HOME CLASSIC GREY MANTLE CLOCK would look so good on the bedside table. It’s a grey clock with a white background, and black hands. It adds just the right charm to the room.

So, if you had to make a choice between these two rooms, which one would you choose? I think I am going to go with the black, grey, and white contrast.

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