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Feng Shui bedroom ideas

feng shui bedroom idea

feng shui bedroom 2
Above are two examples following the principles of feng shui. Although feng shui is not strictly a decorating theme it is a great way to frame other bedroom ideas around. Note in the second bedroom that using a mirror is not feng shui but you could argue that the mirror is not functional but decorative instead.

Aesthetic bedroom ideas

aesthetic bedroom ideas

aesthetic bedroom


Above are two examples of aesthetic bedrooms that have been created in an individualistic style. Aesthetic means beauty but in modern day usage it also implies some sentimentality or emotional attachment to a bedroom. Aesthetic bedrooms are often decorated with ornaments and items that have an emotional meaning to the owner. Sometimes even photographs of favourite places visited or of friends and family are used to decorate an aesthetic bedroom.

Rural bedroom ideas

rural bedroom idea

rural bedroom style


Above are two attempts at a rural style bedroom. Common themes are simpler decor, dark mahogany type woods and four poster beds.

Minimalistic bedroom ideas

minimalistic bedroom idea

minimalistic bedroom idea

minimalist bedroom with plants

The above 3 bedroom ideas are in a minimalistic style. The bottom bedroom incorporates some feng shui elements the minimalist style is exemplified by simple layouts free of clutter and the colours are usually white contrasted with a beech, grey, black or blue. Plants can also be used to give the room a minty fresh colour where the green pops out from the white.

traditional bedroom idea a

traditional bedroom idea b

The above 2 bedrooms are styled in a traditional manner.

bedroom with plants

minimalist bedroom with plants 640

Here are two bedrooms with plants. The top bedroom is in cream, beige and brown which complements greenery well. The bottom picture is a minimalist bedroom. The plants bring the minimalist bedroom to life and gives it that fresh clean look.

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