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Going to renovate your bathroom and are looking for new bathroom ideas? You have come to the right place! Bathrooms are not only functional but they are a real treat to decorate as well. It is very easy to create a personal yet chic vibe in your bathroom without breaking your bank.
There are so many bathroom designs and ideas out there, and it gets difficult to wade through all of them. Let’s take a look at the top fantastic bathroom ideas for your bathroom décor from tiles & flooring to bathtubs & sinks that will make you swoon!

Painting Your Bathroom

Thinking of doing your bathroom in all white? You can definitely do so! White color opens up a room and allows natural light to come in. This will help you create a simple and clean space that you can call your own. White is the safest bathroom colour. But you can complement white with blue to create a nautical look or you can add gold coloured fixtures to a white bathroom to give it that look of luxury.
A white pebbled floor with a large tub and a few select pieces of framed quotes on the wall will bring life to the bathroom. Place a few of your favorite books and a couple of candles on a wooden shelf and you will have the perfect setting for a comfortable soak!
If you want to add a splash of color, you can do so with framed quotes or a colorful painting. You can use geometric shapes to give your bathroom a fun, cheery vibe. If your bathroom is small, using bright and bold colors will make it look bigger as well.
You can play around with stripes, such as green & white, to give off a calming, cool effect. If you want a feminine appeal in your bathroom, floral prints are perfect for that! Why not transport yourself to the ocean side by giving a nautical look to your bathroom?
You can play with crisp blues and whites and use warm, wooden accents to remind you of the teak wood that is used on boats. To complete the look, you can add a porthole-shaped mirror!
gold and white luxury bathroom

Floor Tiles

You can add variety to the bathroom by mixing up your bathroom tiles. You can mix and match different tiles to create a colorful collage as well. Moreover, you mix different tile sizes of the same design to add contrast to your bathroom.
However, don’t go overboard with the tile sizes. It is better that you mix 2-3 tile sizes only. Place the largest-sized tiles on the floor while using the smaller ones on the walls. Why not use different tiles to create a wall mural or an accent wall?
If you want to add a pattern to your bathroom but are searching for something subtle, then you should get herringbone flooring. The herringbone patterns are present in various colors and types of flooring materials such as marble, wood, ceramic, etc.
However, it is better if you stick to water-resistant materials instead of going with wood. If you love wooden floors, you can get painted ceramic tiles to create the wooden effect. Tired of going to the bathroom at night and stepping on cold, frigid floors? Well, you can get heated bathroom flooring!

Shower Enclosures

Instead of going for bathtubs, you can go for steel-framed shower enclosures. Steel frames are not only strong but are airy & light as well. A simple steel shower frame will give a minimalist, modern look to the bathroom.
steel framed shower area

Bathroom Mirrors

When you are designing your bathroom, one thing that needs to be on your mind is maximizing the space. You can create ample space for you to move around as well as keep your things by placing your cabinets behind mirrors.
Doing that will not only make your bathroom an uncluttered, streamlined, and clean look but the mirrors will also create the illusion of more space. Mirrors bring life and light to any space they occupy and the same goes for bathrooms.
You can go for oval mirrors or rectangular mirrors in your bathroom. We suggest that you go with oval mirrors since they are highly decorative as compared to rectangular ones. Moreover, oval mirrors will add curves and waves to an otherwise rectangular bathroom.
Want to upgrade your bathroom but don’t want to go overboard? Why don’t you add light fixtures to change the vibe and mood in the bathroom? You can install small sconces near your mirror or get hanging bulbs & small chandeliers to amp up the mood!

Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanity
Along with oval mirrors, you can add volume to your bathroom by using round-edged vanities. The round edges of these vanities create a softer look so that your bathroom looks cozy and comfortable.
Since vanities are the centerpiece of the bathrooms, therefore you need to spend a lot of time choosing and selecting a perfect one. You can get furniture-style bathroom vanities from an ASDA store and add style to your bathroom!
You can also get floating vanities. Not only will they help in creating a minimalistic vibe in your bathroom but they also have useful space-saving features. Floating vanities have various storage features and come in various configurations.
Moreover, they make it very easy for you to clean the bathroom floors under the sink!

Bathroom Sinks

Don’t have room for a bathroom vanity? Why not get a trough-style sink for your bathroom? This style of sink is perfect for busy bathrooms like laundry bathrooms or childrens’ bathrooms. If you are short on space, you can try a corner sink.
A corner sink is perfect for bathrooms where wall space or floor space is a bit tight. If you can find clever corner sinks with some storage space or a shelf, that would be even better! Matte black is a powerful and bold color that is increasingly popular these days.
You can get matte-finished sinks, cabinets, bathtubs, or even ceilings if you feel like it! Not only will you get a modern, trendy look in your bathroom, but the bathroom surfaces will also be easier to clean as well!

Bathroom Drapes

Bathroom drapes not only keep excessive sunlight out of your room, but also provide an opportunity to transform the space into a place of warmth, luxury, and softness. With so many patterns, colors, and materials out there, you can contrast the drapes with the harder materials such as marble or porcelain in your bathroom.
At ASDA George, there is a large variety of curtains to choose from. Complement your home interiors with their stylish and luxurious range of curtains. They have curtains in velvet, linen, cotton, bouche, blackout, and a lot more!

Bathroom Accessories

Yes, you can keep plants in your bathroom to bring color & life into space! Bathrooms can be a bit drab and lifeless at times with all the tiles, steel frames, etc. Simply throw a bit of green and make things appealing, vibrant, and lively!
Get indoor plants that can grow in high humidity, general warmth, and low light conditions. You can get something as simple as a basil plant and see how it does wonders for your space!
white and gold bathroom
We all know how relaxing hot showers and long baths are. Want to de-stress even more? Why not add small speakers around your bathroom to create a relaxing and calming environment while you take a long, calming bath?
You can easily find waterproof speakers for affordable prices in the market and amp up the mood in your bathroom!
Bathroom Ideas – Final Word
Want to transform your bathroom instantly and on a budget? Get a new wallpaper! But make sure it is water proof! If you don’t have painting skills and want to get rid of the old paint job, the wallpaper will come to your rescue. From bright & bold wallpapers to cool & calm ones, you have all the choices in the world!
These are a few bathroom ideas that we like and we think you would do as well! Try them out the next time you want to spruce up your old bathroom and see how stylish and chic space looks!
Happy decorating, folks!

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