Thinking about renovating your existing bathroom? Try some of our bathroom design ideas. Building your new home and want your bathroom to be practical yet trendy? You have to keep yourself updated with the latest bathroom design ideas.
The bathroom is a personal space, a sanctuary for most of us. It is the place where we start our mornings, so it needs to be calm, relaxing, yet innovative and functional.

modern bathroom wood panelled vanity
modern bathroom wood panelled vanity

We are here to help you create your signature bathroom. There are plenty of creative ways using which you can bring life into your bathroom. Bathrooms are not only functional but they are a real treat to decorate as well.
It is very easy to create a personal yet chic vibe in your bathroom without breaking your bank. There are so many bathroom designs and ideas out there, and it gets difficult to wade through all of them.
To spark your inspiration, here are a few best bathroom design ideas and renovation trends for 2021 that will help you give your bathroom a stylish upgrade.

Bathroom Material

Thinking of upgrading your bathroom’s look? Why not go with using only one material in your bathroom? From ceiling to floor and the walls, a great renovation idea is to use one material for everything.
Even though the most common material to be used in bathrooms is tile, you can use any material that tickles your fancy, from wood to plaster & concrete.  trending materials are mosaic tiling and hexagonal tiling. And even with tiling there are some better choices you can go with such as brick shaped tiles, even surface tiles and marble effect tiles. You can go for graphic patterns that will add a bit of pizazz to your bathroom.
You can go with marble for your bathroom. Renovation experts are using large, one-piece marble slabs from ceiling to floor. Even though this isn’t a very cost-effective option, it will definitely make your bathroom stand out.
Moreover, it will increase the value of your property as well. Marble is a very durable material, and lasts for a very long time, even forever. However, don’t go with a lot of variation in colours and patterns. Go monochrome and keep it simple yet elegant.
If you are going with tiles, you can add a little life to space by using tiles in diamond or hexagon shapes that will create a geometric, harmonious look.

Modern Mirrors

Mirrors are must-haves in every bathroom. Why not put a twist on regular mirrors and go with statement mirrors? Since most bathrooms have a continuous series of straight lines if you hang a statement mirror that is an unusual shape will give a new look to your bathroom without breaking your bank.

Bathroom with marble effect tiles and oval mirrrors with gold trim
Bathroom with marble effect tiles and oval mirrrors with gold trim

Oval mirrors are great for rectangular washrooms as they add curves & waves to a dull, rectangular space. You can go with round mirrors or any other interestingly shaped mirrors that will reflect your strong personality. As with all bathroom accessories it is a good idea to coordinate them. For example match gold taps with gold rimmed mirrors to give your bathroom that extra level of finish.
When you are designing any space in your home, maximizing the space and getting the most out of it is the key. Therefore, we suggest that you place your bathroom cabinets behind the mirrors. This will give your bathroom a streamlined, clean, and uncluttered look and will save plenty of space that a separate cabinet would have taken up.
Your mirrors can have smart touch tech, anti-fog capability, etc. Backlit mirrors as well as lights in the front of the mirrors are gaining a lot of popularity. If you want to go for a subtle option, then backlit lighting is the way to go.
Even though the lights in the front allow more removal for creativity, they will distract you from the beautiful, geometric shape of the mirror.
When you are going for bathroom lighting, choose LED lights as they not only produce a warm calming glow but are also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Try Going Dark

Why not go with natural, dark, wood cabinets as well as dark granite instead of white ones? From beautiful black marble to midnight greens and earthy walnut, you have plenty of options available!
Tired of the subtle shades that have been ruling the home décor front for a while? Well, it is time for you to make a bold statement with the help of bold colours on your walls. Complement the wall colour with the bathroom cabinets in a way that keeps the transition smooth.
It doesn’t take much to brighten up a living space – you can use natural light to strike the right balance between colour and style and create a bathroom look that will take your breath away. To create a warm, lovely seating space, you have to ensure that all the elements combine flawlessly and work together in harmony.
Dark-toned cabinets with unusual wall backdrops will definitely create a unique, trendy bathroom space.

Floating Toilets & Vanities

You can get wall-mounted toilets in your bathroom. They not only look great, but they are more practical as you save a lot of space that would have simply gone to waste. The same goes for floating vanities.
They are modern, seamless, and add an airy & nice feeling to space. Both floating vanities and toilets are very easy to clean as well.

Get Creative with Paint

Don’t have enough budget to replace the bathroom accessories and floorings? Don’t worry – you can paint the bathroom and revamp your existing kitchen. What better make of making your bathroom space look new than adding a splash of colour and reviving the surfaces.
A new colour scheme will do wonders for your space. With the help of a neutral colour on the walls, you can create a refreshing, airy feel in the bathroom. However, by neutral we don’t mean only cream or beige.

Blue and white bathroom mosaic tiled bath and standup shower
Blue and white bathroom mosaic tiled bath and standup shower

You can pair white marble sink & white pattern tiles with light blue cabinets for an alluring colour scheme that will allow light to bounce around. If you go with a slightly darker colour palette, it will create a distinction between the walls and the accessories and will also give an illusion of a larger space.

Smart Bathrooms

We are living in the 21st century where we are surrounded by technology and its gadgets in every sphere of our lives. Under-the-counter appliances and underfloor heating systems are very popular for bathrooms these days.
These technological improvements not only make your bathroom more comfortable but also make your property more valuable. You can also integrate smart options such as changing the shower temperature at the press of a button, etc.
From automatic lid openers to seat warmers & adjustable air dyers, smart bathrooms have various tech additions that you would love. A very common bathroom design trend is to install built-in Bluetooth speaker systems.

Freestanding Tubs

We do like walk-in showers but nothing can top the feel of a warm, luxurious soak in the bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs not only help you relax after a long day at work but also bring a classic, old-world feel to space.
The bigger the bathtub is, the more space you will have to relax after a long, hectic day. If you don’t have a big bathroom, you can go for open showers as they increase the size of the space visually.
If you want to go with shower stalls, then go for a matte or lacquer finish. Glass shower stalls are very popular these days and they class up your space. Steel-framed shower enclosures are also a good choice as they are not only sturdy but are light & airy as well.
A steel enclosure will give a modern, minimalist look to your bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas – Final Word

After your bedroom, your bathrooms get maximum usage in your home. We start our days there, and for a good start to a day, you should design a practical, functional, yet innovative bathroom.
If you want to revamp your bathroom, and don’t have enough money, you can simply change the wallpaper and brighten up space. Go through the design ideas that we have mentioned above and choose one that you think is a perfect fit for your bathroom.
Happy Decorating, Folks!
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