ASDA Noisy May Black Biker JacketASDA womens coats and jackets are all at extremely affordable prices. I have bought quite a few of them for myself and for both of my daughters. Of course, we all have our personal favorites for all different occasions.

I absolutely love my noisy black biker jacket. It has a leather effect to it but it’s 100% polyester and it comes with studded detail. I use it for casual sports like bike rides, hiking, camping and rock climbing. The polyester doesn’t breathe too good but that’s a good thing because it helps to keep me warm. This jacket goes with just about any color I wear so that makes it easy to match something with it.

ASDA Black Open Front Formal Textured Zip Detail BlazerWhen I have a formal get together I have to wear my black open front formal zip detail blazer. This blazer has such a sleek look to it. I wear it with a white dress shirt and black skirt and it makes for a great business outfit to wear to work. It can also be worn with a black dress for a more formal look. It has two zipper pockets and it fits perfectly.

It is definitely my favorite to wear to work because of how sharp it looks and how comfortable it is. It’s made of 98% polyester, washes well and has never faded. With as much as I have worn and washed it, it not fading is a huge plus!

ASDA Lilac Longline Padded CoatThanks to ASDA I have finally found a coat that is just beautiful, comfortable and can be worn anywhere casual. I wear mine to go shopping, to go visit friends and family, to the movies and out to eat. It’s a lilac colored longline jacket that comes down to my knees. The outside of the jacket stays cold if I’m out in the cold but the inside is warm and cozy. The metallic sheen effect that it has on the outside of the jacket is shiny but doesn’t have that “plastic” look to it. It has a high neck that is double layered so it keeps your neck warm too. I also have one in dark brown and I wear both of them almost everywhere!

I never thought to have a different jacket for different occasions. I had one coat that cost a fortune and I didn’t even like it. But thanks to the low cost of these jackets and coats, I have a jacket, coat or parka for every occasion!

ASDA Tan Pocket Detail Parka

If it’s a little cold and misty outside, I have my lovely parka. It’s a tan pocket detail parka with a hood made of polyester, polyamide and cotton and it’s so comfortable. It has a drawstring hood and a drawstring waistband that gives a curvy look to your waist whether you have curves or not. This parka is so comfortable that my granddaughter steals it from me just to curl up on the couch and watch cartoons! I’m a “jeans” type of person when I’m not dressed up for work and this parka looks great with my black jeans.

Now I know that things I don’t like, others may love. That being said, I did buy one jacket that I wore once and it has been in my closet ever since. I just do not like it at all. It’s the striped woven longline jacket. The print and design remind me of something that my grandmother would have worn, something that was popular in the fifties. It is made with 100% polyester but to me it was a little scratchy. I like contrast but the black/grey striped weave just doesn’t look good.

ASDA Pale Pink Suede Effect Belted Throw On JacketMy youngest daughter has two favorites. She is a big fan of anything pink so one of her favorites is a pale pink suede effect belted jacket. It’s made of elastane and polyester. She wears it as formal wear and casual wear and it goes great for both. I’ve seen her wear it to meetings and just to walk around the park. It’s knee length and has a perfect fit to it. (I’ve actually ordered one and can’t wait to wear it!)

Her other favorite is a red faux fur collar padded coat. I wouldn’t wear this for business meetings or as formal wear but it’s a gorgeous coat for casual and sports wear. It’s waist length, red with a black zipper. It comes in red, camel and black colors. This coat is actually shower – resistant so wear it even though it’s raining! It’s made from plastic bottles and plastic chips, yes you read that right, 100% polyester. It has faux fur trim and fur lining panels. Just an over all pretty and warm coat.

ASDA G21 Cream Borg Contrast Trim Bomber JacketMy oldest daughter has a bit different taste from my youngest. She is more into the bomber type jackets. Yes, ASDA has these too. I recently bought her a cream Borg contrast trim bomber jacket and she has fallen in love with it. It’s a cream color with a khaki colored trim to it. Made of 100% polyester, it has an outer fleece material that holds in the heat and keeps her so warm. The khaki trim has a leather effect and the cuffs and neck are cuffed. She wears it a lot because of the comfort and design. She loves the oversized style that it has because on extremely cold days, she wears jumpers underneath and has the room inside the jacket to do so.

ASDA Tan Extra Longline Faux Fur CoatLast but certainly not least is a coat that I have ordered for all of us. We all love this coat because of how warm it keeps us, the design and color. This tan extra longline faux fur coat goes almost to the floor. It is one of the best coats that ASDA has for women. On incredibly cold days, this coat is our “go – to” coat. This is the coat that I curl up with. It can be worn for any occasion. Have you seen in the movies when a lady enters a room with a long coat on and takes it off to reveal a beautiful dress? This is that coat! Beautiful coat, beautiful price!

After purchasing the females in my family coats from ASDA, I will never buy them from anywhere else. They definitely stand the test of time. You won’t be needing a new coat every year and for the price, you just can’t beat it!

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