A Selection of The Best ASDA Toys

Christmas is past, but you still may have items on your shopping list for all the good boys and girls in your life, perhaps abirthday, or perhaps just a treat. And ASDA is a great place to find some of the season’s most popular toys at a great price. No matter how old the kids in your life are, ASDA is sure to have something that everyone will enjoy. Here are our top 20 picks for great toys to get at ASDA this holiday season. Happy shopping and happy Christmas!

Best Toys For Girls

Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise (£34.97)
Blume Flowerpot Rainbow Sparkle Surprise Dolls
Blume dolls are the newest craze taking over the toy department. At first, these dolls look like planters, but when you add water with the included Rainbow Cloud, the pretty dolls will grow! In each set, you can grow three different adorable Blume dolls with their own special, sparkly tall hairstyles, with three secret playsets, and over 25 mini surprises, such as stickers or accessories. After the dolls grow, your youngster can even use the Rainbow Cloud to help water real plants. Birthday girl will have the most astonishing party ever.

Into The Unknown Elsa Doll (£29.97)
Into The Unknown Elsa Singing Doll frozen 2
One of this season’s hottest toys is this Into The Unknown Elsa doll from the hit Disney movie _Frozen 2. If your daughter loved Frozen 2, she will love this. It is Elsa as a child._Elsa signs “Into The Unknown” and also says 14 different phrases inspired from the film. Her purple dress also lights up in dramatic patterns to go with the emotional song. Kids will have so much fun playing with Elsa and taking her on adventures through her kingdom of Arendelle.

L.O.L. Surprise OMG Plane- New Theme (£92.97)

L.O.L. Surprise OMG Plane- New ThemeThis 4 in 1 plane allows kids to take off in style. The playset completely transforms from a plane into a car, recording studio, or mixing booth. Any fan of L.O.L. will have a great time playing with this set and L.O.L. dolls of all size will fit in for play time. The set also comes with 50 surprises such as lights, sounds, a drink cart, suitcases and much more. The seats in the airplane even swivel and decline for a full airplane experience!

The attention to detail is remarkable. Every feature of being a passenger on a real plane has been recreated in miniature on this toy. The chairs that recline, Sleep eye masks, folding tables, luggage compartments, sliding cabin windows with a view, headphones, seat belts, mini passports and even first class tickets, suitcases with extending handles, and more, all just add and add to the experience. Does it leave less to the imagination or does it add to it? The real wow factor is the detail and the fact that everything comes apart and can be rearranged to make one or four separate toys. On top of that the lighting effect in the passenger cabin, if you turn the room lights off, is incredible. All the accessories come in 2 sizes to fit both sizes of L.O.L dolls.

This is a BIG toy!

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family (£14.97)

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat FamilyDifferent animal families form the Sylvanian Village in the popular Sylvanian Families brand. The Maple Cat family is made up of Georgina the mother, Theodore the father, Millie the girl, Jasper the boy, and Alfie the baby cat. Kids will have a great time playing with the figurines in this set of cats. The clothing detail is incredible. There is a story book that you can read while playing with the characters to act out the story. Great for teaching children emotional and social intelligence skills. There are also youtube videos of the Sylvanian families with short stories involving your favourite characters. With stories such as A passionate photographer, Freya the detective, Trouble in camp, and lots more.

Sylvanian Families youtube channel

Best Toys For Boys

Batman Batmobile (£19.97)

Batman BatmobileIf you know someone who is a fan of DC’s Batman, they will love this version of the famous superhero’s car. This sporty and sleek replica of the Batmobile will entertain any young superhero fan. It is a 2 in 1 toy a batmobile that can turn into a batboat

Hy-Pro Football Table (£12)

Any young football fan will get a “kick” out of this table top game. The table allows kids the chance to challenge their family and friends to a game of football. Differently coloured players allow players to know who is on which team, and by using manipulating rods, players can kick the football around with the aim of getting the football in their opponent’s goal.

Best Toys for boys or girls

ASDA Toy Supermarket Checkout (£30)

For the littlest shopping fan, the ASDA Toy Supermarket Checkout is an adorable way for them to pretend to go shopping and buy their favorite groceries. This toy is great for encouraging imaginative play and comes with a cash register, scanner, credit card, paper money, and coins, as well as shelves that they can stock with food. If your little one loves this toy, they will also enjoy the other ASDA Supermarket toys such as the deluxe checkout, the shelving unit, the trolley, and the basket.

Crate Creatures Surprise- Blizz (£37.97)

There are a lot of neat things about Blizz that your child will love. All Crate Creatures come in a locked crate and kids need to use the included crowbar to pop open the lock and set the creature inside free. Once Blizz is out of his crate, he will react when he is knocked over, put upside down, or laying down. Blizz can also record your voice and he has over 45 unique creature sounds.

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Colour Change Slime

Over the past few years, slime has been all the rage with kids of all ages, and this craft kit has everything in it to help you make your own magical colour changing slime! Kids can create their own colour combinations of their favorite colours. Not only is this craft super fun, it also encourages STEM learning. This kit is perfect for any children (or creative adults) over the age of six.

Disney Mickey and Friends Wooden Afternoon Tea Set (£17)

Kids can make their own pretend cuppa with this set and enjoy a tea party with their favorite friends. This set is made of fine wood and is decorated with pictures of Disney favorites such as Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. The lids of the teapots even have their own Mickey ears. Kids will have a great time hosting an imaginary tea party with this set.

Evo Light Up Move N Groove Scooter (£30)

This is a wonderful scooter for children because it has three wheels which lead to a stable and safe ride (great for you!) and it has light up sides (so fun for kids!). It also has an innovative steering system which makes it easy for kids to steer, while also working on improving their balance and coordination. Plus, the handlebar is removable for easy storage.

Kid Connection Giant Tiger (£25)

All kids love plush toys and kids will go nuts for this Giant Tiger. The tiger is a great companion for kids of all ages and the plushy stands at nearly 100cm tall. The tiger is soft and cuddly and will encourage imaginative play with jungle animals. This brand also has a giant rainbow dog that fans of the tiger will enjoy.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 5 in 1 Coded Toy 51515 (£329.98)

When kids uses the Mindstorms Robot Inventor app, they can program their robot to create five distinctly different robots! Blast can fire darts, Charlie can dance, Tricky can play sports, Gelo can walk, and M.V.P. can be built into a buggy, crane, or truck. This is a great toy that does double duty to teach them to code, as well as building and playing with the robot.

Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights and Sounds (£49.97)

Owleez is an interactive owl that can really fly- but she needs your help to learn how to fly! Owleez will respond to your touch and movement and she loves to be pet, to sing, and to dance. She has over 100 sounds and movements and she even communicates her mood through her changing eye colour. Charge Owleez up by placing her in her nest and she will be ready for hours of playtime.

Playmobil 70129 1.2.3. Family Home (£32.97)

This playset lets kids enjoy realistic play and teaches young ones about the world around them. The house has a working doorbell and is two storied with an external staircase bringing Playmobil dolls up and down the steps. The house also comes with multiple accessories including dolls, chairs, and beds. This dollhouse can let kids’ imaginations run wild.

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Space Mining Mech

ASDA LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Space Mining Mech Toy 31115As the name suggests, you can build 3 models with this set. There is a main model which is the large space mining mech robot. The second is a 4 legged explorer robot. And the third is a tall two legged walker robot.There are 3 booklets, one for each of the models to build.

Best Toys For Toddlers

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair (£44.97)

This chair is a musical experience that is perfect for babies and toddlers over the age of 12 months. This bright, yellow chair sings over 50 songs, which help toddlers to learn words, including numbers, shapes, and colors. The chair activates when your toddler sits on it or stands up. A wonderful thing about this toy is that it grows as your child grows- there are three levels of play that offer new songs, phrases, and sounds.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck Kitchen (£149.97)

This Food Truck from Little Tikes allows kids to use their imaginations and pretend play as owners of a food truck. The food truck has realistic features such as a cash register, a chalkboard menu, a stirring wheel, fridge, and soft drink dispenser. Kids will also love that the horn actually works! The set also comes with over 20 play food items like ice cream and hamburgers.

Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Sing-Along Piano (£43.98)

Get your kids into music with this piano! The piano has a real, working microphone and 13 interactive piano keys so kids can sing and play along to their favorite songs. Kids can even speed up or slow down songs, or dance along on the seat that twists and bounces with them. This toy is inspired by the very popular preschool video series “Little Baby Bum.”

Best Games For The Family

Baa Baa Bubbles Bubble-Blasting Game (£14.97)

Bubbles is a sheep that players must take turns feeding with meadow tiles. And as she gets fed, her bubble wool grows! But be warned- you do not want to make Bubbles sneeze, because then she will blast her bubble wool all over you. Kids aged four and up will have so much fun with this game- and parents will enjoy it just as much.

Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game (£29.97)

This new take on the classic board game has a Monopoly hat that is voice activated and allows players to talk to the iconic Mr Monopoly. Mr Monopoly keeps tracks of each player’s money and properties for you so there are no cards or money that you have to worry about. This game is fun for the entire family and a new twist to the traditional board game.

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