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What are ASDA slippers like?

Navy Leopard Print Slipper SocksI know that ASDA has quality products, but it’s really hard to find slippers that the entire family will wear. Everyone has their own taste in what they like, and I usually have to go to three or four different stores to get everyone taken care of, not anymore. ASDA slippers range suit the whole family.


I bought some of these for my daughters and they wear them everywhere that they can get away with wearing them. My youngest even wears her slippers grocery shopping! The star print makes it just too cute as does the little bow on top-. They love the elastic back cuff because it keeps the slippers from falling off of their feet. They also have a textile sole to keep them from slipping on my newly polished floor.


Blue Daisy Mule SlippersI own two pair of these lovely slippers. I haven’t seen anything like these before. The sole on the bottom can be taken off and thrown in the washer to get them clean. I think that’s awesome! They remind me of a dust mop. Funny thing is that my nine year old granddaughter will put them on her feet and slide around the floor in them trying to clean the floor. It’s so cute to watch but more importantly is the fact that I have bone chips in the bottom of my foot and it’s really hard for me to find anything to wear that doesn’t cause me pain. These slippers are the greatest! I can wear them all day and my feet never start to hurt with them on. I also love the two tone color. The inside is padded for extra comfort and they have a short pile of faux fur for the outer part. For all the comfort these slippers bring, you just can’t beat the price.


Grey Marl Ribbed Arch Support SlippersFor those of us who need support for the arches of our feet, this is the slipper that you need. It has an inner arch support with a lightly gripped sole and rounded toe. My brother wears them religiously. He even wears them to sleep and claims that they keep his feet from hurting as he sleeps. It was the perfect gift for him.


This is my husband’s choice for slippers. He loves the moccasin slippers because he says that the design is just his style and the fleece lining on the inside keeps him warm. It has a padded insole and light grip soles, so he doesn’t slip, and of course the suede outer effect looks so sharp and classy. Considering he is very picky about his slippers and that he loves these, I think I know where I’ll be buying slippers for him from now on.


Green Retro Game SlippersMy little grandson plays X-box with his dad all the time and absolutely insisted that he had to have these slippers. I trust all of the products on the ASDA site, so I ordered these for him. All I can say is that I am glad that I home school him because he simply refuses to take these off in the morning when he wakes up. It has an elastic back so regardless how rough and tumble he is, they stay on his feet. The padding inside keeps his feet warm and comfortable, This was such a wonderful purchase.


Pink Leopard Print Slipper SocksThis was the first pair of slippers I had ever bought from ASDA and to this day I still love them. The pink leopard print is adorable, and the faux fur and slipper sock design keeps my feet from being too cold. With as much as I’m back and forth all over this house, cleaning and working, I’m thankful for the non-slip rubber soles. I will definitely buy these again.


My son in law owns a pair of these, and his only complaint is that they slip off of his feet every now and then. It has no elastic back, so it gives him a little trouble staying on his feet. Other than that, he puts them on as soon as he gets out of the shower and doesn’t take them off until he climbs in bed at night. I’d say that he really likes them!


DC Comics Batman Face SlippersThese slippers definitely made me the “best grandma” at Christmas time. I have four grandsons and I bought each one of them a pair. They are all Batman fans. The only thing that they complain about is a plus to me and that’s the fact that they can’t slide across the floor because of the lightly gripped sole. Personally, I like the fact that they don’t slip, it keeps them on their feet instead of falling on their back side!


Pink Unicorn Fleece Full Back SlippersTwo out of three of my little granddaughters love pink and they love unicorns, so I just had to buy them these slippers or I’d have never heard the end of it. It is just too cute when I get up in the morning and see them cuddled on the couch watching cartoons under a blanket and all I see is their unicorns sticking out. They’re so warm and cuddly that on extremely cold night they keep them on to go to sleep. Of course, since they have these slippers I had to buy them the unicorn pajamas too.


Last but certainly not least is the littlest of the bunch, my nine month old granddaughter. Call me over protective but I don’t like for her little feet to get cold. She loves taking her socks off, it’s an all day fight. I bought these little slipper boots for her in hopes that she would leave her feet alone. It worked, but now she loves to play with the penguins, which is okay because she doesn’t take them off!

Thanks to ASDA I was able to purchase slippers for our entire family and it didn’t leave me broke. They have so many different styles and colors to choose from that there is something for everyone. I’m honestly considering buying everyone on my list a pair of slippers for Christmas this year!

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