ASDA navy control leggingsIs ASDA Shapewear any good?

My family and I buy a lot of our clothes from ASDA including shirts, pajamas, shoes and more. The women in this family buy all of our shapewear from them. ASDA Shapewear fits the bill. We buy everything from leggings and tights to camisoles and body sculpting shorts. Their prices are amazingly affordable, and the quality is beyond what we expected and well worth the price.

The control leggings are a must have! They come in black and navy blue and actually do what they are supposed to do. They hold you in but without the bagginess you have to deal with in many other store – bought leggings. The ones I have bought from our local stores, I usually have a problem with the knees being baggie. It’s one of the reasons that I love these so much, the leggings from ASDA do not do that and they can be worn everywhere! I wear mine to go shopping, to go for a walk or to just lounge around the house. Don’t you just hate it when you order something in a medium yet when you get it in, it’s really like an extra small? I didn’t have that problem with these leggings, they run true to size. The material is made of 68% rayon, 28% nylon and 4% elastane. It’s a thick material so it keeps you warm and has an elastic waistband for comfort.

ASDA Black 15 Denier High Waisted Shaping TightsMy girls and myself have bought many pairs of tights between the four of us. They’re made of 87% polyamide and 13% elastane.

We love that they are high waisted so that the top doesn’t roll down and they have great control panels. The problem we have is that they aren’t stretchy enough and we have had ours be smaller than true size, so we have to order just a little bigger.

But other than this we absolutely love our tights. They come in three different colors of nude, natural, and black. I wear mine under my slacks, under skirts, and under my dresses.

ASDA Black Lace Trim Camisole VestIt’s not very often that I wear a camisole, but I have purchased a few of these from ASDA.

I don’t usually wear them because most of the ones I have bought from our local stores are just not comfortable or they don’t fit right. The ones I have purchased from ASDA are a perfect fit and comfortable enough to sleep in if I wanted to. These camisoles have adjustable straps and come with a lace trim. The material is made of 86% nylon and 14% elastane.

The great thing about these is the fact that it can be worn under something to add an extra layer or it can be worn to lounge around in, and they can also be worn under dress jackets for work or to a formal gathering. It washes well and keeps its color, it doesn’t fade.

ASDA Black Shaping BodyI love the body shaping wear! You can wear your own bra with it which most body shapers do not allow for, and it comes true to size and is so comfortable. It makes for perfect shaping as long as you buy the true size for you. Of course, if you buy a size too big then it can’t do its job. The material is unbelievably soft, and it is just a little too stretchy so when you get a size even just a little too big, it barely helps. Buying the right fit makes it work just as it should. It has a full brief with light control and adjustable straps. The material is made of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. I’ve got no complaints at all. It can be worn under just about anything and worn anywhere.

I do not recommend the high waist shaping briefs. Although they are high waisted and they do allow your clothes to slip over very easily, they do not shape you very well or pull you in any. They are beautiful briefs and would be perfect if they worked as well as they should.

Another item I would not recommend is the high waisted shorts. I ordered a pair of these and as comfortable as the material is, I don’t recommend them for a couple of reasons. First off, they don’t stay up. The minute I out them on they rolled down which made them extremely uncomfortable. Second, the stitching on the legs is too bulky which makes the thigh area look even bigger. It would be a a wonderful product if they found a way to fix these two problems.

ASDA Bodysculpt Light Control Short Knickers 2 PackNow one product that I do swear by and absolutely love is the light control short knickers. I’m a regularly active person and though these would be fabulous for me and I was right! I don’t like my underwear to slip down or shift while I’m moving around, and these don’t. You can’t really see the line under your clothes from them, even when wearing tight jeans, they hardly show. It has light control and even after eating way too much at Thanksgiving dinner, I didn’t feel as if I didn’t feel restricted as if I were strapped in a strait jacket. like some of the others I have bought from different retailers. I like the fact that they have different designs, and they are seam free. The material is made of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. I ended up buying a few packs of these. They can be worn anywhere and even add extra warmth!

ASDA Bodysculpt Black High Waisted ShortsThe body sculpting shorts are a wonderful item, but I do suggest that you buy them in a size larger than what your true size is. I know when I received mine they ran smaller than true size. They do their job smoothing out bumps and lumps and they pull in your tummy and waist some. It’s not a big difference but it is enough to show. It does roll down sometimes but not often. If straps would be added it would make it so much better. I’ve worn mine under skirts and under my jeans and have had no problem pulling clothes over them. The material is made of 84% nylon and 16% elastane and it has medium control.

I will continue to buy all of my shapewear from ASDA. I’ve not found anywhere else that can beat the quality and prices.

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