ASDA Boys and girls black school shoesWhy buy ASDA School Shoes?

ASDA school shoes are accepted by most schools in the UK as school regulation shoes.

Are you a proud parent of amazing, school-going kids? Searching for the right pair of school shoes that will be comfortable yet stylish? Choosing a pair of school shoes can seem an easy enough task but it can be pretty daunting if you have no guideline. What material to look for, what size to buy, and where to shop from can be pretty daunting statements.

You have come to the right place! In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to look for when buying school shoes for your kids. Even if you don’t have kids, you can always buy them for the beautiful kids that your friends and family have!

Whether you are buying in-store or online, there are few fundamental things that you need to keep an eye out for. Read on to find everything there is to know about finding the best pair of school shoes for your kids!

Buy Shoes Ahead of Time

We all delay tasks till the last possible moment and it may seem like a good idea to buy school shoes for your kids on the weekend before they go to school. With a global pandemic going on, it may seem even better to delay the buying process since most of the schools are closed right now.

However, when the schools open, and they eventually will, there is going to a rush in stores all over. It is highly probable that you will not find the right size at that moment and will end up buying uncomfortable shoes at a higher price rate.

Therefore, we recommend that you shop ahead of time. Browse online stores and find what you like. It is ideal to buy shoes for at least 4 weeks before your kids’ school starts. It is very unlikely that their feet will grow enough to warrant a size change. Moreover, if the size doesn’t fit, you will have plenty of time to make a return.

ASDA school shoe collection has a wide variety of shoes that are not only affordable but durable as well. And we all know how much running around the kids do in school so they do need a sturdy pair of ASDA school shoes! And, we all know that kids can have growth spurts throughout childhood and can outgrow their shoes in a few months. So, ASDA is the ideal place to shop for well priced reasonable quality shoes.

Quality of the Shoes

Your kid is going to wear the shoes for at least 25-30 hours each week. Factor in the time that they will spend going to school and coming back, and you add up even more hours. Your kids must wear shoes that not only fit them perfectly but are made from a quality, breathable material. You can get Disney Frozen 2 Elsa shoes for your little girl and see how they bask in happiness while staying comfortable all through the day!

Whether it is shoes for ballet or shoes for tennis classes, you can get anything your kids need from the ASDA school shoe collection!

Walking to school shoes

Material for School Shoes

We have already established the fact that your kids are going to wear their school shoes for a long period of time. Therefore, it is essential to buy school shoes that are breathable and sturdy. You can get shoes made from natural leather since they are sturdy, durable, and breathable.

Moreover, they last for a long-time and can be easily repaired as well. You can get school shoes made from synthetic leather as well. Not only are they hard-wearing, but they are also water-resistant.

If you are looking for something easy to clean, then patent leather would be a nice material to go for. They have a hi-shine finish which makes them look good as well. However, once it gets scuffed, it is harder to repair.

Canvas shoes are also common and have great breathability. Since their soles are usually made of rubber, they are easy to clean as well.

Keep an Eye on the School Shoe Policy

When it comes to the styles and colors of various footwear, school policies vary and that should be your first consideration. Get your hands on the school uniform guide and check what they allow and what they don’t.

Most schools don’t allow flashing lights, embellishments such as diamantes, elaborate stitching, etc. On the other hand, some schools give their students a free hand and allow them to flash their stylish side. Know what the school policy is and then shop for shoes accordingly.

ASDA has school shoes in a variety of styles, so no matter what the school says about shoes, the store is sure to have something for your kids!

Black leather girls school shoes
If the school policy allows, you can buy these amazing DC comics embellished school shoes for your boys and see how they are filled with joy upon wearing them. With the mini-Batman design and embossed side panels, your kids are in for a treat. Anyway, many schools have free wear days where the children can wear what they like on special occasions.

Shopping Online vs. In-Store Shopping

We know that when it comes to shoes it is all about the fit. If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, no matter how beautiful, sturdy, and affordable it is, it is going to be of practically no use. We need to remember that school shoes are going to be worn by the kids every day for a term or two.

It is very crucial to get the right fit for them. Traditionally, you would take your kid to a store and get their feet measured before getting good-quality school shoes for them.

However, with the COVID situation, it is very hard and scary to go out shopping. Therefore, we suggest that you measure your kids’ feet and buy shoes for them online. And if they don’t fit, you can return them and buy a new one that fits. Since you planned ahead of time (like we suggested above), you will have plenty of time to get the right fit before your kids start school!


ASDA has an amazing returns policy and you can rest assured that if you get the wrong size for your kids, you can always return them and get the ones that fit! With the help of the ‬ASDA‭ ‬shoe‭ ‬size‭ ‬chart, you can easily find out the foot size of your kids so that you never get it wrong in the first place! This is another reason to buy the shoes early.

ASDA School Shoes for Younger Kids

If you have younger kids, you should get shoes with Velcro straps for them. Kids in preschool or elementary school find it hard to tie shoelaces or strap in a fiddly buckle. Therefore, it will be very helpful for you and them if you buy shoes with Velcro straps and avoid getting late for school while fighting over those laces.

ASDA School Shoes for Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, you should be looking for shoes that are not only stylish and comfortable but sturdy as well. They are going to move around a lot and it would not do if their shoes break or wear out easily.

At this age, children are becoming more independent. What the child likes may not be practical, or with school regulations. And, it can feel like a battle of wills. With the wide choice available at ASDA, there must be a compromise pair in there that satisfies everyone.

You can buy black leather Oxford shoes for your boys from ASDA and add a dash of modern elegance to a classic style.

ASDA School Shoes – Final Word

Based on our experience with shoes at ASDA, we have put together this compact yet comprehensive guide for you. After you are done reading it and are equipped with enough knowledge to make the correct decision about school shoes, head over to the ASDA School shoe collection and choose one that is perfect for your kids!

Happy Shoe Shopping Folks!

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