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Are ASDA Pyjamas any good?

Burning the candle at both ends at work? Embrace the luxury of the perfect pair of ASDA pyjamas when you finally call it a day! Nothing can top the comfort of peeling off your day clothes and sliding into comfortable pyjama shorts.

Pale Grey Super Soft Cuffed Lounge Joggers
Good sleepwear is what leads to good sleep, after all!
What makes pyjamas more amazing and versatile is the fact that they are becoming a fashion statement for the outdoors as well. Pair your silk pyjama top with the right pair of pants and you have a trendy office look at your hands! Clothing is all about confidence, comfort, and style.
The ASDA pyjamas collection incorporates flair, elegance, and comfort all in to provide you with high-quality, chic pyjamas. Whether you are going for morning yoga class or are just grabbing breakfast from your favorite coffee shop, you will exude confidence and style in the perfect pyjama bottom and a stylish tank top!

ASDA Pyjamas Women’s Collection

At ASDA, you have pyjama tops, bottoms, pyjama sets, dressing gowns, and a lot more! Whether it is a silky lacy gown you are looking for or simplistic loungewear you are interested in, they have everything!
You can discover the perfect pair of pyjamas at the ASDA Pyjama collection. From short pyjamas to designs inspired by characters, they have everything you need for a cozy and comfortable night.
Don’t have to get dressed and are running late from work? You can match the right pyjama top with a good pair of jeans and you will be ready for the day!

Maternity Pyjamas

ASDA Maternity Pale Pink Ribbed Be Kind Slogan PyjamasAre you looking for maternity nightwear? ASDA Pyjamas collection has got your back there as well! You will love the good quality material, designs, and comfort of the maternity pyjamas. They are nice and lightweight, with lots of room to grow.
Whether it is a mickey mouse patterned one you want to cheer you up or a pink-colored pyjama set that tickles your fancy, you are in for a treat!

Pyjama Tops

If it is a comfortable yet stylish pyjama top that you are after, ASDA’s pyjama top collection for women is at your service. Whether you like wearing long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or cami pyjama tops, you will find what you are looking for!
Mix and match your versatile pyjama tops with the perfect pair of pants and you have a great office look!

Pyjama Bottoms

From pyjama shorts to printed bottoms and velour loungewear, you will find something to refresh your nightwear collection. Whether you want insulated pyjamas for winters or breezy summer ones, they have you covered!
Going on a run or for morning yoga? Why not wear your favorite cosy pyjama bottoms and enjoy exercising?

Pyjama Sets

Want to buy comfortable nightwear? Stuck at home for days or weeks on end due to the pandemic? Stay at home, but stay at home in style! Look no further than ASDA’s pyjamas and their stylish pyjama sets.
Looking for a patterned pyjama set? Fancy cute short set? They have something for everyone in their vast range that is perfect for breakfasts in beds, early nights, and duvet days! Don’t let COVID-19 lower down your spirits! Even if you are in lockdown or quarantine, make most of the time by lounging in your favorite, plush pyjama sets!
Slumber wear pink pyjama set

Dressing Gowns

It is time for you to get cozy and comfy in style with the dressing gowns and wraps available in ASDA’s pyjama collection. From silk dressing gowns to soft fleece nightgowns, their range has plenty of picks for you to choose from!


From lace and satin styles to super-soft and comfy nightdresses, the women’s nightdress collection at ASDA is full of fashionable options that you will fall in love with. There are so many colors and designs that you can choose from!

Summer Pyjamas

ASDA Navy Super Soft Cowl Neck Lounge TopOn warm summer nights, stay cool and comfortable in ASDA’s stylish summer pyjamas. Whether you pick relaxed short pyjama sets or breathable nightdresses. It will be a breeze to sleep peacefully and comfortably!
Pick up your kids from school wearing stylish summer pyjamas and make yourself a fashion statement amongst all the mothers!

Girl’s Onesies

Are you a proud parent of a toddler? You will find colorful, comfortable, snug onesies for your babies! From multipack sets to super-soft and cozy onesies, your little baby girl is going to feel as if she is in heaven!

Girl’s Pyjamas

If you are searching for snug, comfy nightwear for girls, look no further than ASDA’s pyjamas collection for girls. From short pyjamas to beautiful pyjama sets with character-inspired designs, there is something for all ages!
Even if your girl prefers frilled and striped designs, you will not be disappointed by the variety you will see here!

ASDA Navy Super Soft Cuffed Lounge Joggers

ASDA Pyjamas Men’s Collection

In this online era, not to mention the COVID-19 situation, more and more people are working from home. If you are not heading to work, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear something stylish and elegant.
Match your full length luxury gown with the right pair of slippers and you will stay warm and comfortable as you go through your emails and catch up on work. Moreover, you can pair your pyjama bottoms with a nice t-shirt and grab coffee from your corner shop!

Boy’s Pyjamas

Is your kid having difficulty sleeping? Get him the right pair of pyjamas from ASDA and see how quickly he falls asleep! With all the latest designs and styles, you will find one that will be ideal for your kid. From short pyjamas to multipack pyjama sets, there is a little bit for everyone!

Boy’s Onesies

Whether your little one is watching his favorite cartoon or is playing with his toys, the cosy onesies available at ASDA are flawless! From character-inspired designs to beautiful animal patterns, your kid is in for a treat!

Dressing Gowns

If you buy nightgowns from ASDA, you can stay warm and look cool at the same time! With a broad range of comfortable and fashionable designs, they are perfect for relaxing after a long day at work.

Men’s Pyjama Bottoms

With the men’s pyjama bottoms at ASDA, you can kick back in style. They are perfect to spend a relaxed & comfortable day at home. From Marvel pyjamas to checked bottoms, they have everything you are looking for.
If you want a cool and comfortable pyjama set, you can buy that at ASDA as well – they are perfect for lazy mornings and laidback lounging. Be it a trip to the coffee shop or a run in the park, you pyjama bottoms are your new best friend!
Slumber wear blue striped complete pyjama set
Things to Look For in Pyjamas
You want something functional, chic, and luxurious. Choosing pyjamas may look like a piece of cake and a pretty easy job. However, the truth is that finding the perfect pyjama set that suits your needs and fulfills your requirements can be a challenging task that needs a lot of attention.
Let’s see what are a few things you need to keep your eye out for when buying the perfect pyjamas for yourself.
* Comfort
Constantly turning in bed and fussing over the itchy collars, buttons, and the elastic? You will not get a good night’s sleep this way. Make sure you know what you need in sleepwear first. Do you want buttons or pockets? Do you prefer round necks or collars? Do you want elastic or drawstrings?
Once you know this, you will be able to find pyjamas that will be comfortable in bed.
* Fabric
Pyjama fabric has a large variety from mixed material, cotton, flannel, silk, and a lot more. Cotton is breathable and lightweight and is pretty common. However, it is not very insulating, so is not a good choice for winters.
If you are looking for something warm, flannel would be a good choice. Silk is a great option as well as this natural fabric balances the temperature of the body in summer as well as winter. Moreover, it adds a touch of luxury to your sleepwear! When you are buying pyjamas online, the fit is an important thing to consider. View the ASDA size chart and buy one that fits you perfectly.
* Durability
You are going to wear your pyjamas every night. Buy a pyjama set that is durable and will last for quite some time. Check the seams and ends to make sure there are no frayed threads. Moreover, don’t buy one style of pyjamas. Buy tops and bottoms that you can mix and match.
Moreover, you will have to take care of your pyjamas as well. Regular fabrics such as cotton and flannel can be washed in the machine, However, delicate materials such as satin and silk will need to be hand-washed.

ASDA Pyjamas – Final Word

With the perfect pair of pyjamas, you can have a luxurious sleep. Pay attention to fabric, style, fit, and comfort while picking out the best pyjamas from ASDA and you will be happy with your choice!
Happy Shopping, folks!

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