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ASDA pillows for neck and back ache, for freshness, for comfort and luxury, for antibacterial, anti sweating  and for anti snoring. ASDA’s anti allergy pillows are usually bought together with anti-allergy duvets and duvet covers. ASDA’s pillow range brings all these at an affordable price. Finally, there are also value pillows for temporary or occasional use.

For years I have looked for a pillow that wouldn’t cause me neck and back pain. One that wouldn’t slide out from under my head in the middle of the night. Now, we buy so many different things from ASDA because of their quality products and low prices that I decided to check out their pillows. With the price of these pillows, it was easy to buy several different ones to see if any of them were right for me.

After trying each of these pillows, which by the way, are all really comfortable, I found a few that was just what I was looking for.


This was one of the first sets of pillows that I tried, and I genuinely love them! They really do bounce back, and they are just so soft and are perfect for those who like to sleep on their backs. As much as I have enjoyed this pillow, I am a side sleeper. They come in a set of two and are machine washable and tumble dry. They give medium support and have yet to lose their shape at all. But these might not be for everyone because some people prefer pillows that you can melt your head into rather than springiness.


These pillows measure 74cm x 48cm and are extremely comfortable for the neck and shoulders. They have some bounce back to them and they keep their coolness all night long. Most important is that they are non-allergenic, meaning that there is nothing in them that should cause an allergic reaction. These pillows have a luxury stripe on them and are made from a soft touch microfiber. I am a hot-blooded person so I really love these pillows since they stay cool all night. As its name suggests it is a pillow aimed at maximising comfort. It maximises the softness of the fabric and the softness of the pillow bounce. It’s definitely one of my favourites!


SILENTNIGHT AIRMAX PILLOWThis has to be another of my favorite of the ASDA pillows. It has air mesh side walls that maximize the air circulation, so that they are extremely breathable. Since we spend 8 hours a night in bed it is no surprise that easy breathing while you sleep is a big aid to sleep. It helps to keep your head cool as you sleep. So it will reduce sweating if that is what you suffer from. They are hypoallergenic which means they don’t include anything that should cause a person to have an allergic reaction. I like the fact that I can just toss it in the washer when I need to clean it and that is actually has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a firm pillow that holds its shape perfectly. It measures 70cm x 46cm, so it gives you plenty of room to lay your head.


These pillows are all right when it comes to comfort though I didn’t find them to have any extra support. If you’re looking for a medium support pillow these are great but if you’re wanting firm support you might want to try a different pillow. ASDA has plenty to choose from. I do love the fact that they are anti-allergy and they are extremely soft to the touch.


Just Wellness Bamboo Blend PillowI had never heard of a bamboo pillow before, so I just had to purchase one and try it. It’s made of bamboo fibers and polyester. I am really fond of this one. The bamboo fiber gives it such a silky feel and makes it so comfortable. Bamboo is an absorbent fiber that is naturally antibacterial and antistatic, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s breathable. A major plus is that it also holds its shape. It is also the perfect pillow for those of us who want to try creating a feng shui bedroom. The bamboo fibre is kinder to your skin than man made fibres.


I bought this pillow for my husband who has bulging discs in his neck. At first it was just way too hard, too firm, and too high. It took about a month, but it has settled down and gotten a little softer and flattened a bit and it is now the only pillow that he will use. The first month was rough, but now that the pillow has gotten more relaxed, it is simply perfect for him or anyone’s neck who is a back sleeper. It is pretty close to feeling like down and has the added benefit of not being real duck down which some people are allergic to.


Anyone who has back problems knows that it always helps to put a pillow between your knees at night when you sleep. It helps to alleviate the stress on your spine and hips. I have slept with a pillow between my knees for about fifteen years now. The only problem is that I was buying a new pillow every few weeks due to them going flat and not helping anymore. Once I tried this pillow from ASDA, I’ve never had to buy another pillow again. It’s designed with a tapered end and smooth edges, so it slides right under the blanket and it doesn’t fall out when you pull your knees up or change positions in the middle of the night. I love that it supports your spine and cradles your hips to where the pain is gone enough to sleep through the night. Now I wake up in the morning and my back and hips do not hurt anywhere near as much as they used to. Absolutely wonderful pillow!


I understand that this pillow might not help some people, it depends on what is causing them to snore I guess, but I bought one for my son because his snoring sounds like a freight train coming! I can hear him all the way across the house. The first night didn’t really change things too much but by the end of that week, it made a huge difference. I can no longer hear his snores and we all get a peaceful night’s sleep now. He says the pillow is amazingly comfortable and that it raises his head and face just a little and that is what is keeping him from snoring so much.

Between me and my family we have ordered so many pillows from ASDA and have not regretted even one of them so far. I would seriously recommend them for anyone. ASDA comes through with high quality items every time. I cannot say enough about this company or the quality and prices of their items. I’m just so thrilled to be getting a full night’s sleep now. I haven’t been able to do that since I was in my early thirties!

Other ASDA pillows

Just Wellness Tencel® Summer Cool Pillow

Just Wellness Tencel Summer Cool Pillow

Made with a soft TrueTouch cover of Tencel® lyocell fibres, this pillow from George Home provides enhanced breathability and complete comfort during the summer.

• TrueTouch cooling cover
• Medium firmness
• Cover: 32% polyethylene, 30% Tencel®, 21% polyester, 17% nylon
• Filling: 100% polyester
• Machine washable
• Can be tumble dried
• L 74cm x W 48cm

• Cotton Tencel blend fabric with Tencel™ Lyocell fibers provide enhanced breathability and complete comfort. Tencel TM branded Lyocell fibers are known for their natural comfort and environmentally responsible closed loop production process. It delivers quality, performance and versatility with unique physical properties that lead to outstanding moisture management and gentleness to skin.
• True Touch cooling for a peaceful summer night’s sleep,
• Machine washable, Tumble dry Medium, Warm Iron as needed
• 70% Cotton 30% Tencel TM Lyocell Fibres
• Sourced Oekotex Standard 100 certified factory

Silentnight Re-Balance Wellbeing Pillows 2 Pack

Silentnight Re-Balance Wellbeing Pillows 2 Pack

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