ASDA Mens Sports Wear

Why ASDA Mens Sportswear?

ASDA mens sportswear gives a lot to choose from for the active guy or even the lazy guy who just enjoys wearing sports clothing because let’s face it, sportswear is usually always comfortable.

I’ve ordered several pieces of their sportswear, I wear them often so they get washed a lot. Nothing has faded and every piece looks as new as they day I bought them. For me, this is a huge plus. Here are some of the pieces I have purchased and my opinion about each item.

ASDA mens sportswear Teal Grid Texture Shoulder Stripe Sports T-ShirtI love my teal grid texture shoulder stripe sports t – shirt. The two – tone blue makes any eye color pop! The shirt is comfortable although it’s polyester which makes it a little warm to wear. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it for any kind of sports activity unless you really want to sweat. But it does go great with black jeans and looks good enough to wear for a casual date to the movies.

ASDA has plenty of polyester shirts to choose from and I have quite a few that I wear. But if I’m going play ball or going for a jog, I like my cotton shirts best. One of my favorites is the navy contrast shoulder tape polo shirt. This shirt is 100% cotton with a polo collar. It’s short sleeves with a button placket fastening and woven body and it has an embroidered bird on the crest chest. This is a nice, comfortable polo and since it’s made of cotton it lets air flow through it, keeping me cool, exactly what I need when going for a long jog.

I’ve also invested in quite a few of their plain white sports t – shirt. They are polyester but work perfectly on a cool night to wear under a dress jacket for a night out or even a company meeting. I usually wear mine under a sweat shirt for those cold morning runs. Helps me to keep warm and yes, work up a sweat. I love that they’re white because I can match it with anything. They also have this shirt in grey.

ASDA MENS Grey Contrast Trim Sports T-Shirt & ShortsI own one or two of the ASDA matching shirt/shorts sets and my favorite one has to be the grey contrast trim sports shirt and shorts. It’s made entirely of polyester but it’s wonderfully comfortable on the court playing basketball. I’m able to move around freely without the shorts or shirt making me feel restricted in any way. Any ball player knows that is a must have!

If you love camo then you just have to see this cool red camo print t – shirt I bought from them! It’s a red shirt at the top that fades into a red/grey camo. It’s eye catching but more important it’s soft against the skin. Only draw back to this is the color fades when it’s washed enough and if you aren’t careful the color can fade into other clothes that you wash with it. But as for as comfort, I’d definitely buy this same shirt again! It’s a little on the warm side but it’s lightweight. They also have a regular grey camo shirt. Even though I wouldn’t suggest wearing the red camp for hunting, the grey one would be perfect for it.

I love clothes that have a major contrast to them and ASDA has quite a bit of clothing that fits the bill. They have this shirt that is white with black sleeves and a black stripe down the side panels of it. The contrast is so bright that the white almost seems to glow in the dark. Although polyester it’s very lightweight so it stays pretty cool, great comfortable fit too. This is not the only shirt they have like this. Another one is half white and half black, kind of block style, great contrast. Both of them are lightweight and short sleeved. I wear them when I go jogging in the early morning hours and it’s still a little dark outside, the white shows up brightly so you can be seen by any passing cars.

Now I will admit that I have bought a few things that I probably wouldn’t buy again but it’s mainly just a personal opinion. The clothes are comfortable, all of the clothes I have bought from ASDA fit great and are soft. There are just some styles and color mixtures that are not in my taste. A navy retro striped hoodie and jogging pants set that they have, I just don’t care for it very much. In my opinion, it looks like a cheap, fake jogging suit. Plastic is what it looks like.

ASDA MENS WRKOUT Black Jersey Sports JoggersShirts and shorts aren’t all they sell either. This is the only place I buy my socks. I don’t particularly care for the ankle socks unless you are just relaxing. I tried them but they seem to always slide off my feet and to me they just don’t look right, especially on a guy. But they do have above the ankle socks that I wear daily. They have an elastic collar that keeps them from slipping down off my ankles so I’m not having to stop every ten minutes to pull them back up. I have both the black ones and the white ones. The black I wear for meetings, weddings and all formal get togethers but the white I wear every day whether I’m playing sports or relaxing. All of the socks have a price that can’t be beat even at the major department store chains.

I love clothes in dark colors which is one reason I really enjoy wearing my WRKOUT black joggers with my black polo shirt. They’re polyester but lightweight and so comfortable for ball playing or running or any sport that takes a lot of unrestrictive movement. The bottoms are full length pant with a drawstring and pockets and the shirt is short sleeved and cool. Even though it’s sportswear they are sleek looking enough to be worn for a casual date too. I wear mine for basketball, going bowling, going out for coffee or even to the movies when I want to be comfortable.

Last but certainly not least is my all time favorite shirt. This shirt is so comfortable that I find reasons to wear it as often as I can. It’s a navy paneled retro sweatshirt. It has long sleeves and a crew neck. This shirt is what I wear when I want to go for walk at the beach or around the park on chilly days. It goes great with blue or black jeans. It even looks good enough for a dinner out on the town. I love the blue, white, and maroon colors, the contrast jumps out at you and catches your attention.

I truly enjoy any of the clothes I buy from ASDA. All of the clothes are soft, long lasting, great fitting clothes for amazing prices. These are just some of my favorites and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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