ASDA mens jeans

Why ASDA mens jeans?

Looking to buy the holy grail of your casual wardrobe? Yes, we are talking about buying that oh so perfect pair of jeans that would fit you perfectly and will leave you feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time! ASDA mens jeans fits the bill.

You can dress up or dress down denim – you can wear it anywhere except a black-tie affair, of course! Even then, you can wear black jeans and totally pull it off, right? *winks* However, before you go out and grab the first pair of jeans that you see, there are quite a few things that you need to know before you buy one that’s made right out of the stuff of your dreams!

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If you don’t understand which jeans would look good on your body and don’t look at all the suitable styles before buying jeans, you are going to buy one that will look you bad instead of effortlessly handsome. No one wants that, right?

There is no need to worry – we are here for you! Not only will we tell you all you need to know about buying jeans, but we will also show you the best place in the world to buy them – ASDA Men’s Jeans! There you will find the most affordable, comfortable, and stylish jeans in so many sizes and styles that if it weren’t for our buying guide, you will feel overwhelmed!

We know you are excited to begin – so, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Common Jeans Fits

Whenever you look at a pair of jeans, you will see labels such as slim, straight, or skinny – these tell what type of body they are designed for. Let’s see what common denim fits are available for men.

Skinny jeans are skinny from the hip to the hem and are usually low to mid-rise. Usually, you will see those skinny jeans have a tight fit with a leg opening that is usually tapered.

Slim fit jeans are not too loose, not too tight. They are usually mid-rise and are straight through the hips. With a narrow leg opening, they are slim through the thighs.

Regular jeans are straight leg jeans with a mid-rise. From the knee to the hem, the trouser leg usually falls straight and they have a large leg opening. These jeans are usually straight through the hips and the thighs.

Relaxed jeans usually have a loose fit down the waist to the leg opening. This kind of jeans doesn’t hug any part of the body.

Loose jeans have a baggy fit. They provide you with plenty of space and are the roomiest of all the jeans that you will find out there.

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Rise of the Jeans

Confused about what we mean by “rise of the jeans”? Well, don’t be – for we are here to tell you! Rise is basically the measurement from the crotch to the waistband’s top. When it comes to rises, there are three types of jeans.

High Rise
High rise jeans work great for guys who are big. It is usually best to wear them above the belly button and remember, don’t tuck in your shirt with these jeans!

Mid Rise
If you are one of those guys who prefer to tuck their shirts in their pants, then you should totally get these! The waistband of these jeans skims the belly button.

Low Rise
When you wear low-rise jeans, you get a relaxed appearance – it’s more for a casual night out and you wear these below the belly button.

Low Crotch Jeans
You wear low crotch jeans real low on the waist. A bit saggy at the rear, seat, and hips, they give you a laid-back look and style.

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Jeans and Your Body Type

We all know that finding the pair of jeans that flatters your body shape and style is going to take some time and requires some trial and error. However, there are quite a few things you can take care of before buying a pair of jeans according to your body type.

Jeans for Thin Men

If you have a fast metabolism and have difficulty gaining weight, you fall into this category. Thin men usually have lean muscles, small shoulders, and are slender from the top to the bottom. If this is the case, then you need to wear straight jeans with a low rise. This will flatter your build as they are roomy and will not draw attention to your lean legs. Take a look at these comfortable and stylish straight black jeans from ASDA that you will fall in love with!

Avoid baggy jeans and jeans with wide legs that will look loose on you. Moreover, it is better to stay away from skinny jeans since they will accentuate the fact that you are slim. High-rise jeans are a no-go for you as well since they will make your hips look flat.

Jeans for Athletic Men

If you have muscular thighs, muscular buttocks, and a slim waist, then this section is for you! All that hard work that you do in the gym? You need to justify it by wearing the perfect pair of jeans that will highlight your toned body!

Straight Leg, Boot-Cut, and slim-fit jeans will suit you perfectly. It is better if you go for low-rise jeans instead of high-rise ones. Moreover, if you want to show off your toned hips, then buy jeans that have wide yet small pockets.

Don’t go for baggy jeans as they will hide your body. Similarly, regular jeans will make your legs look larger than your upper body, so they are a no-go for you as well.

Jeans for Muscular Men

Spend most of your leisure time at the gym and have big, toned-legs? Then you should wear regular fit jeans with wide legs as they would look the best on you. These jeans will accentuate your toned body and you will be happy that all that hard work is paying off!

Large and deep pockets will make your behind appear smaller, so you should be on the lookout for those. You need to avoid boot-cut jeans as they will make you look heavier than you actually are. Moreover, you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans as they make your muscles look heavy and bulky.

Jeans for Men with Soccer Player Body

Do you have wide hips that are wider than your waist? Then you need to buy jeans with leg width that is equal from the hip to the hem. Moreover, if they are high-rise, it will create an even and streamlined look from the waist down.

It is better to buy relaxed-fit jeans so that your pants would not be stretched across the groin. Moreover, high-rise, straight-leg jeans would be helpful in maintaining an equal width. It is better to avoid skinny and tapered jeans as well as low-rise jeans since they would accentuate the wide hips in an uncomplimentary way.

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ASDA Men’s Jeans – Final Word

When you go out there to buy jeans, you should keep an eye on things such as the breathability of the fabric, whether it is machine washable or not, and a few other things such as color and sizing. At ASDA George, you can find men’s jeans that are stylish, comfortable, and above all affordable.

Moreover, you can buy them online right from the comfort of your home without venturing out and risking your health with a global pandemic raging on. Durable, comfortable, and versatile – you just cannot go wrong with a pair of jeans!

Head out to the nearest ASDA store now or check out their online store and buy a pair of jeans that compliments your body shape and style perfectly!

Happy shopping at ASDA, folks!
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