Why ASDA Girls Clothing?

The girl’s clothing line at ASDA is absolutely adorable. I buy all of my granddaughter’s clothes from ASDA Girls Clothing. Every few weeks they sit beside me, and we go through the site and pick out new clothes for them. They are both just at the stage where they are really getting into picking out their own clothes that they want but they are still growing so fast.

ASDA is perfect for growing girls. The price is affordable enough to buy all of their clothes and to be able to buy new clothes every time they outgrow what they have. You won’t have to worry about it breaking the bank. They have anything and everything you could need for your little girl from jackets and dresses to outfits and nightwear.

ASDA PAW Patrol Skye and Marshall Sweatshirt and Joggers Outfit

Both of my girls, when they were a little younger, were crazy about Paw Patrol! One of their favorite outfits was the Paw Patrol Skye and Marshall Sweatshirt and Joggers outfit. It’s a beautiful pink and has Skye and Marshall printed all over the top and bottoms and the words “Paw Patrol” in a pretty blue.. For those who have never watched the show, Skye is a female pup that flies her own plane and Marshall is the fireman pup. I’ve seen every episode of this show thanks to my girls! They loved wearing this outfit to the park and I’ve had other mothers and grandmothers ask where I bought it because their girls want it. The outfit is so comfortable that my girls have fallen asleep in them watching television. They’re made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They have 2 pockets on the front of the bottoms with an elastic waistband and drawstring and the top is long sleeved with a crew neck. You can’t go wrong with this outfit, any little girl would love it.

ASDA girls Blue Distressed Denim JeansSeems like the latest fashion with girls is the “distressed” jeans. I’ve priced these jeans elsewhere and they are expensive! I bought both my granddaughters a pair from ASDA for less than one pair costs at our local department store! I bought them the blue distressed denim jeans and as many times as I have washed them, they haven’t faded. The girls say this is their favorite jeans because of how comfortable they are. They’re 97% cotton and 3% elastane. They have 3 front pockets and 2 back pockets and raw hem cuffs. These jeans can be worn anywhere for casual wear like the movies or out to eat with the family. Any color of type of top goes great with jeans and the price of these jeans is almost a steal and some of the tops and jackets ASDA has look so cute with these jeans!

One of the shirts that my oldest granddaughter loves to wear with the distressed jeans is this charcoal butterfly graphic sweatshirt that has a design on the front of white butterflies with the words “Kindness Is Magic” and “Forever A Dreamer” on the front.

ASDA-girls-Charcoal-Butterfly-Graphic-Sweatshirt It’s like a crop top shirt with long sleeves, and it’s 100% cotton so you know it’s cozy and comfortable. It’s acid wash with a crew neck and fitted cuffs. The color doesn’t fade in the wash and when she outgrows the shirt it will still be in great condition to hand down to another little girl. This shirt is definitely an “everyday wear” type of shirt.

Blue Distressed Wash Out DungareesIf your little girl loves distressed clothing like my girls do, they are going to love these blue distressed wash out dungarees. They are basically adorable overalls for girls. I love these because it doesn’t matter what shirt they wear under this, it looks great! My girls wear them for outside play time to get dirty in or go roller skating in. It has pinafore bib fastening straps with 2 front pockets and 2 back pockets. They are made of 80% cotton, 18% polyester and 2% elastane.

Girls seem to think they have to have the perfect clothes for whatever they are doing. Meaning if they are going ride their bikes, they want bicycle shorts. This can get pretty expensive! ASDA is my lifesaver when it comes to this. Cycle shorts come 3 to a pack and they are less expensive than buying one pair at a department store.

ASDA girls Cycle Shorts 3 PackMy girls refuse to ride their bikes without having a pair of these on. Yes, I spoil them sometimes but with these prices, it makes spoiling them so easy to do. The pack of these cycle shorts come in 3 different colors with elastic waistbands for comfort. They’re made out of 96% cotton and 4% elastane which just adds more comfort.

I don’t know about your little girls but mine love wearing rompers. They are so easy to put on and take off. So, I bought both of them a pack set from ASDA.

ASDA girls Pink Floral Print Playsuits 2 PackThey’re called pink floral playsuits; they come in a 2 pack and look so precious on them. They have elastic at the waist with a little bow there. Flower graphics on them and a scoop neck. The material is made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Girls are always in such a hurry for everything they want to do and when having to change, they want to do it as quick as possible and these little playsuits are wonderful for that little girl on the go.

Most kids would rather wear a hoodie than to wear a coat or jacket. My girls are no different. Most hoodies can run well over £50 each but not as ASDA. I can get 3 hoodies for that price!

ASDA girls Pink Malibu Slogan Hoodie I bought my youngest granddaughter a pink Malibu slogan hoodie and it’s so warm that her coat stays hung in the closet pretty much all winter. She loves this hoodie! It’s pink with black trim and black writing that says, “Take Me To Malibu” with an all-pink hood on it. It’s made of 75% cotton, 5% viscose and 20% polyester. This little hoodie can be worn with a t – shirt underneath or simply as the shirt itself. It goes great with black jeggings or blue jeans so it’s easy to match. It can be worn anywhere casual from playtime to dinner out with friends or family.

These are just a few of the little girls clothing on the site. There is so much more! This will be my forever place to purchase my granddaughter’s clothing!

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