About the ASDA George Sale

ASDA George sale and offersASDA George Sale is always running on different clothing at different times. Right now they have a sale on Women’s nightwear, Men’s knitwear, Men’s polos, and Men’s tops. Also they have a huge post Christmas toy sale on. I personally own quite a few of the women’s sleepwear and my husband and son’s own many of the men’s clothing that is on sale.

The women’s nightwear are buy two for £12. Their prices are already amazing so when they put things on sale, that’s just an extra bonus. Everything they sell is already well worth the money.

Also they have womens lingerie at 2 for £10.

ASDA Mens knitwear is 2 for £12.

ASDA Mens polos is 2 for £10

ASDA Mens tops is 2 for just £5. Tops means mens t-shirts.

Asda toys are 25% off. ASDA lego toys are also 25% off.


ASDA Pink Star Print Short Sleeve NightdressThey have this really cute pair of pajama pant that’s pink with navy blue stars all over them. They are 96% viscose so it’s extremely comfortable. They feel silky and have an elastic waistband, with a navy bow that is adorable, for added comfort. I usually wear my navy lace trim ruched pyjama vest top with these pant. The shirt looks like a tank top of sorts with spaghetti straps and a scooped neck. It’s made of the same material as the pant. These pajamas are so perfect to relax in. I love spending a lazy day curled up on the couch reading or watching movies in these. In the summertime when it’s too warm for pajamas, they also sell the nightgown in the same material with the same navy star print. It’s great for those really warm summer nights.

ASDA Navy Star Print Pyjama T-ShirtI have a few of these matching pajama sets They are all made of the viscose silky type material. I own a navy blue set that has pink stars on them but these pajama pant actually have the exact matching shirt to them. All of these are so comfortable, it makes you want to make a blanket pallet on the floor, grab a veggie tray or fruit tray and relax with a good horror movie!

My third pajama set, the shirt is navy blue with light blue stars and a pair of solid navy colored pant with a navy bow at the waist. As much as i enjoy relaxing in these, for me the main thing is comfort when it comes to sleeping in them. Most gowns and pajamas don’t turn with you in the middle of the night which usually makes you feel restricted and wakes you up. This nightwear does not do that. They are just as comfortable to sleep in as they are to relax in. The pant also comes in solid grey and solid pink so you can mix and match them with all the tops too.

ASDA George Mens SaleASDA Blue Slub Lightweight Woven Jumper

Even the mens section has an ASDA george Sale on.

The men’s knitwear are on sale for buy two and get 20% off. The men in my family are very picky in what they wear. But they love the knit jumpers from ASDA. All of the tops are either V neck or crew neck and most are 100% cotton although some of the tops are 30% nylon. Some are textured and some are lightweight. My guys aren’t too crazy about the textured. They love the fact that it’s all cotton but just don’t like the design of them.

Now the lightweight jumpers are pretty much the only shirts they like wearing. The V necks are their favorites because they are a little loose around the neck area where as the crew neck is a bit tighter. They are all active so the V neck works better for them.

My husband loves the black V neck jumper. Being a roofer, it moves with him and keeps him warm during the colder months, he loves the softness of the material. My boys prefer other colors like the navy blue or black Mari jumper.

ASDA Chocolate Brown Slub Long Sleeve JumperNone of them seem to like that black fine knit V neck jumper. They complain that it feels scratchy against their skin.

They all own a couple of the neutral lightweight jumper. This one in particular is good to wear under a dress jacket for work with a pair of slacks. Extremely comfortable and even with the dress jacket, it doesn’t make them sweat.

All of the jumpers can be worn as casual wear for fun, active days playing ball or cool nights going out.

All of the polo shirts that are on sale are smart looking even when worn with blue jeans. They are all 100% cotton. My sons swear by these polo shirts but my husband just isn’t a polo shirt fan. Listening to my boys, these are some of the most comfortable shirts they own. Great for casual dates, they can be worn with slacks, jeans or shorts. They can be worn for sports but seem a bit too dressy for that. They are shirts that are worn more for going out to the movies, for coffee with a friend, or dining out dates, just nothing too active. The collar on them is what gives them a more dressed up type of look. They come in five different colors. Navy, cobalt, black, red and white.

ASDA White V-Neck T-ShirtThe t – shirts are also on sale, they’re buy two get 25% off. I have stocked up on these shirts for my boys. All of my guys love these shirts, even the crew neck ones. They are 100% cotton, short sleeved, relaxed fit and Jersey material. I love these shirts too! They are so easy to wash, awesome quality for a wonderful price and they do not fade! That’s right, t – shirts that don’t fade. Even though my guys have some of every color available, they have more of the white and black than any of them. The white goes well under sports jackets and vests and the black ones don’t show when something is spilled on them.

When you have two active sons and an active husband, I suggest you stock up on these shirts. My boys wear them literally everywhere! They wear them to play football, basketball, jogging, bowling, golfing, to work and just relaxing around the house watching sports on television. More often than not this is what they put on when they get out of the shower too. I swear by these shirts simply because it’s easy to get stains out of them, they don’t fade and I don’t have to buy more of them next week because they’ve already gotten ruined. These shirts truly last!

Take advantage of all the ASDA George Sale. Everything we have bought from them has been worth every penny!