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Purple Moroccan bedroom with lanternOTHER BEDROOM IDEAS
19 Authentic Moroccan bedrooms
So, I decided that I wanted to do a complete overhaul on my bedroom. I wanted to totally redesign it. I’d seen how beautiful bedrooms that are decorated in a Moroccan style theme are and I love it. This is the style I want for my bedroom. I did some searching online about the different style of furniture and colors, bedding and everything. I like a lot of the colors like purple and the mustard yellow color.

I do not like bare walls either, so I had to do some shopping for wall décor. There was so much to decide and so much to choose from. But first things first, I had to choose the color for my walls. My choice was royal purple with golden Argan trees painted on three of them with leaves in the colors of orange, red, and mustard/golden yellow. I found a site online that specializes in wall stencils and they can design any type of stencil that you need. I explained to them that I wanted a large wall stencil of an argan tree, this is the tree of climbing goats in Morocco. They climb the trees in search of food. A few weeks later when I received the stencils, I started working on my walls. It took me a few days to get it finished because I wanted to make sure I did the job right, painting pictures, even with stencils is not my strong point. I ended up leaving the fourth wall blank so I could add a beautiful wall hanging later.

After getting my room cleared out and my wall painted, I decided I would make my bed the focus point of my room. I knew I wanted a canopy bed with a beautiful curtain to go around it. For the bed I chose a dark, cherry wood, four poster bed with canopy frame. It had traditional styling and seemed to fit the Moroccan theme. The bed frame itself had gorgeous carvings in it and the four posts are carved to look like twisted poles. To this I added sheer canopy curtains in the colors of purple, orange, brown and mustard/golden yellow.

For the bedding itself I wanted colors to match the canopy curtains, so I went with the GEORGE HOME MUSTARD FITTED SHEET and the GEORGE HOME GREY FLAT SHEET. For the duvet I wanted a brighter color, so I chose the GEORGE HOME PURPLE REVERSIBLE DUVET SET and it perfected the look.

Moroccan magic lanterns from World MenagerieFor a lovely addition I added a couple of hanging ceiling lights. I had to have ones that would enhance my focal point with the bed and was also eye catching. So, from the right side at the head and the left side at the bottom. I hung the some beautifully handcrafted Moroccan lanterns. These are authentic lanterns made with two warm tones of colors in the glass and an antique gold metal finish. It definitely makes my room dazzle in gorgeous reds & pinks, golds & browns, greens & blues and two different purples. Everything was coming out beautifully so far.

ASDA GEORGE HOME MOROCCAN TILE MIRRORSI wanted to move on to the wall décor before putting the finishing touches on the bed. For the fourth wall I found such a beautiful wall hanging. It’s golden, brown, burnt orange, and mustard yellow with golden tassels hanging off of it. On each side of the wall, I hung up a trio of GEORGE HOME MOROCCAN TILE MIRRORS in silver.

I had to have some bedside tables and dressers that fit into this theme and I was hoping to find some real unique ones. Perfect doesn’t even begin to explain what I found. After searching online, I found hand carved, Moroccan style bedside tables that were just absolutely amazing. They have cabinets at the bottom of them and were built with a dark cherry wood and have green, gold, and red designs painted on them. For the dressers I found two hand painted, five drawer dressers that matched the bedside tables.

I needed to buy some rugs to have on each side of the bed and at the foot of the bed. I wanted all of the rugs to be the same and I found exactly what I was looking for when I decided on the GEORGE HOME SUPER SOFT RUG in a honey, mustard color. They are so soft and thick that you can sink your toes down into it.

Now, it is time to add a coziness and cuddliness look to the bed, so I’m going to add different cushions to it. I want various colored ones just ASDA YELLOW TASSEL CUSHIONto add flavor to the room and I want enough to cover at least half of the bed. So, the first ones I chose are the GEORGE HOME YELLOW COTTON TASSEL CUSHIONS. A color that definitely pops! Three of them thrown onto the bed and to them I added two of the GEORGE HOME LARGE CHARCOAL VELVET CUSHIONS. It was still missing something. It needed some print pillows. The choice came down to ones that had giraffes on them or ones with butterflies on them. I chose the GEORGE HOME NATURAL BUTTERFLY CUSHION and mixed the three of them in between the rest of the cushions.

The last thing that I thought the bed needed was a beautiful throw blanket. I wanted something that either had tassels around the edges or little pom poms on the corners. I couldn’t find what I wanted for the tassel one, so I chose the GEORGE HOME YELLOW POM POM TRIM SUPER SOFT THROW in a mustard/golden color. I love my bedroom to be clean, but I also like it to look relaxed in, so I just took the throw and tossed it across the bed with it slightly dangling off of the side.

Almost done, but there are two things left that the bedroom needs. I need lamps to go on the bedside tables and curtains for the windows. For the lighting from these lamps, I don’t want that bright white look. I would rather have a low golden glow, so I need lamps with a golden color shade or close to it. I’m choosing the GEORGE HOME MUSTARD CYLINDER TABLE LAMPS. These will go perfectly with so much of the room.

ASDA blackout curtains in mustard ochre colourLast but not least, the ending addition to my new room. I knew at the beginning that I wanted either a mustard/golden color or dark brown with mustard colored, Moroccan designs. I couldn’t find the latter, so I chose the GEORGE HOME OCHRE BLACKOUT CURTAINS in the golden mustard color.

The dark, hardwood floor just bring this entire theme together and gives it the exact look that I wanted.

Finally done with redesigning my room, I had to step back and take it all in. The colors popped and the bed was simply crazy gorgeous! Stepping into this room just whispers, “Arabian Nights.” Romantic and sexy, but calming and warm. A beautiful Moroccan bedroom complete.