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Liza Matching Bedroom Set by Isabella and max


I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for my granddaughter’s bedroom. She has a small bedroom in my home for when she wants to spend the night and have a movie and popcorn night with me. We do this about once a week. It’s a little difficult decorating a small bedroom even with just stuff that is needed, that’s not even counting the stuff she likes and wants. After much searching I have come up with two options.

For her bedroom set I found the cutest little combination. It’s like a day couch that folds out into a single bed and has a double cabinet that goes on one side and two wardrobes that go on the other side. It even has a matching shelf that goes above the bed. This set takes up so little room and it’s beautiful. It’s done in colors of lime green and grey, so I had to find bedding and décor to match it.

'Buttercup II' Painting on Wrapped Canvas

My granddaughter’s nickname is Buttercup, so I found wall art that has her nickname and looks great with her bedroom set. It’s a floral print of big yellow flowers and white and grey in the print. She would love this!

Demi Shag Grey and Green Rug by zipcode designI wanted a rug to put under the front legs of her bed that would stretch out into her room. Something with the grey and green of the bed is what I was looking for. I found the most gorgeous, bright rug. She is all about green, it’s her favorite color.

I wanted a pretty duvet for a little girl’s room, and I found one that would be just lovely. It’s white with grey, green, and yellow leaves on it. The colors go great with the bedroom set and the wall art.

Carolos Duvet Cover Set by zipcode design

For the sheet set to go with this duvet I decided on the George Home Grey Fitted Sheet Single and the George Home Grey Flat Sheet Single. They are two different colors grey which I love.

I wanted some beautiful curtains to match everything I had chosen so far, and I found some amazing velvet ones that were just made for this. They are the George Home Grey Matt Velvet Lined Eyelet Curtains. Everything I’ve ever bought from this company has been high quality so I know these curtains would be a great decision.

ASDA Light Grey Mongolian Faux Fur CushionShe would need cushions on this bed for when it was folded into the couch position. I was looking for cushions that had a shaggy type of look to it to match the shaggy rug I had chosen. I get so lucky at some of the things I find at this site. I love the George Home Light Grey Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion. I think two of them would be just what she would need.

ASDA Grey Glass Table LampSince the bedroom set comes with a bookshelf I think a couple of lamps would look good on it. I was thinking something in a grey color to go with the grey in the rug. The George Home Glass Table Lamp has a smoky vase glass with a charcoal grey shade on it.

That wraps up the design of the first bedroom I was thinking on doing for her.

For the second choice I went with a beautiful white canopy bed that has the drawers underneath the bed so all I would need to buy extra is a wardrobe in the same white to match the bed. The Canopy curtains are trimmed in pink.

She has always wanted either bunkbeds or a canopy bed and this would just make her dreams come true. As you can tell I love making my granddaughter happy if I can. For years I have listened to her wish for this bed, so this is my choice for the next bedroom option.

Andrews 3 Piece Bedroom Set by harriet bee

Leal Pink Rug by isabella and maxFor the rug in her room, I wanted something with a lot of character to it. The rug I found was made for a pretty little girl’s room and it adds so much color against the white bed. I love little written message written all over the rug and the soft pink and blue pastel colours blend in nicely with the decor.


Pink Magnolias Graphic Art Print on Wrapped CanvasShe loves a lot of art on her wall and she loves the colour pink as much as she does the color green. Being the other bedroom choice has a lot of green, this one will dominate with pink. Pink and hearts have a soft essence to them and that’s what I’m going for!

While looking at this particular wall art I seen the matching mirror art and of course, I just had to get it. It looks so good together I am honestly thinking on buying both for my living room too. The beautiful heart in glass with the pretty pink lilies are just too fantastic.

ASDA White Water Hearts Easy Care Reversible Duvet SetI wanted to try to keep this décor mainly white and pink if I could so I went searching for a white or pink duvet, maybe something with hearts if I could find it. The George Home White Water Hearts Easy Care Reversible Duvet Set Single was the idea duvet that I was looking for. It light colored and soft textured and just so comfortable.

For the fitted sheet I want pink and for the flat sheet I want white. It gives the bed a layered effect that I find so pretty. So, I would go with the George Home Light Pink Fitted Sheet Single and the George Home White Flat Sheet Single. Absolutely gorgeous against the beautiful duvet!

Now, wanting to keep with the pink and the hearts I wanted just one cushion for her bed. It’s a lovely pink cushion that has the word “LOVE” written across it with a heart on top with birds in the heart. It’s just too cute.

Love Hearts Cushion with Filling by Andrew Lee

ASDA White Plain Jacquard Eyelet CurtainsWith so much pink in the room I would like to have her curtains be white, so I’ve chosen the George Home White Plain Curtains which I think add a little more softness to the bedroom.

Since she needs no dresser or bedside tables there is no room for bedside lamps so I’m thinking a ceiling shade light with a theme to it that goes with the rest of the bedroom. I found one like I have never seen before, but she is absolutely going to adore it! It has a silver ring around the bulbs and hanging from the ring is a bunch of little hearts in different shades of pink. The perfect last touch to a gorgeous room.

Heart Droplets Novelty Pendant Shade by 17 stories

I’m thinking I’ll do the pink and white bedroom with hearts. This is her dream bedroom.
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