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Boys bedroom ideas older boysFor anyone looking for ideas on how to design their boy’s bedroom, I have a couple of ideas to share with you. First it would depend on the age of the child. Are you wanting to decorate for an older boy? Are you wanting to decorate for a toddler?

I’ve put together a bedroom decoration for both ages that I have recently used for my grandsons. One of them is fourteen years old and the other one is three years old. Both of them love what I have done with their bedrooms and it was so simple to do. There are only two main sources I used to decorate any of the rooms in my home because the prices are amazing, and the choices are plenty!

For my fourteen-year-old grandson’s room this is how I decorated it.

Bente 90 x 200cm Bedroom Set is the furniture set that I chose. Nothing girly and nothing for a young child. It is exactly right for his age. The furniture is made out of manufactured wood that is white and grey. Included in this set is the bed, chest of drawers, TV stand, shelving unit, and a wardrobe. You get a lot of furniture pieces for the low price.

The only thing missing that I knew he would need is a desk to do his schoolwork on. I searched and found a desk that is matching to the rest of his furniture. It has the same white and grey colors and made of the same wood.

I wanted something really simple for a piece of artwork on the wall. He just isn’t big on a lot of stuff on his wall so keeping it simple seemed the way to go. My choice for his wall art is a “Boys Will Be Boys” print in a black frame. The saying actually fits him extremely well!

For the bedding on his bed, as with all of the bed in my home, I like the layered look, so I did this with his bed too. For the duvet he needed something that didn’t have a lot of different colors and would match with his room. I thought that the George Home Grey Geometric Print Cotton Single Duvet Set. The grey goes great with the grey in his furniture.

For the bed sheets I always do two different colors to give it that layered look that I like. So far the fitted sheet I chose a really pretty George Home Blue Fitted Sheet-Single and for the flat sheet I chose a plain George Home White flat Sheet-Single. I love the blue and white contrast against the grey and white furniture.

He would need a lamp for his desk to do his homework by when he has to work late into the night. I wanted something unique that stands out and I found that with the George Home Black Geometric-Shaped Table Lamp.

Boys are not usually into pretty cushions all over their room, so I won’t bother with adding any. His room has a relaxing atmosphere to it, and he must really like it because he stays in it all of the time!

Boys bedroom ideas younger boys

As for as my three-year-old grandson, he is into animals, mainly jungle animals like tigers, lions, elephants, and giraffes. He loves them all but sometimes it’s hard to accommodate his tastes. With the two sources that I use, I can find almost anything, within reason that is.

You always choose your bedroom set first then work around that since that is usually the center focus of your bedroom. For this little tike I chose the Caswell Bedroom Set. It has jungle animal designs all over the furniture, his dream room! This comes with just the bed only, so I had to search for the rest of the room furniture.

I wasn’t able to find the jungle bedside table, but I did find one that matched. It’s white with the drawer of it painted a blue that matches the blue on the furniture.

I was able to find the dresser that matches with the bed, all the cute jungle animals. It’s a three-drawer dresser and it’s adorable, perfect for any little boy!

Now he needs a wardrobe to for me to hang up his good clothes in. I was so thrilled that I was able to find the jungle wardrobe that matches. Absolutely wonderful!

For his wall art I didn’t want to decorate too much since he is little, and his taste will change. So, I found one print that was simply perfect.

He needed a rug on his floor that would make him smile. Something that I know every time he walks in the door of his bedroom will bring him happiness. So, I chose this colorful animal jungle sheepskin rug. He is going to love laying on this and rolling around on the floor.

When selecting the bedding for his bed, I wanted color and calmness. Of course, it had to have the layered look too. So, I decided on the George Home Light Blue Fitted Sheet Single and the George Home Cream Flat Sheet Single. They go so good together and with the rest of the room.

To top the entire bed off it’s back to the jungle animals! A beautiful white bedspread with little jungle animals all over it.

Last but not least, a little lamp to finish off the decorations f0r his room. The best one I found is just charming and perfect. The George Home Small Ceramic Pebble Lamp. It completes the entire room!

Now, both of my grandson’s bedrooms are newly redecorated. It is such a joy to see the little so happy to go to bed at night just to see and talk to his jungle animals. He has to tell everyone of them goodnight before he climbs into bed.

The oldest used to stay so hyped up and nervous and now he relaxes on his bed listening to music or I can find him sitting at his desk actually doing his schoolwork! It’s amazing what redecorated bedroom can do for kids.