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The definition of “aesthetic” is the appreciation of beauty or being concerned with beauty. It also has the meaning of being meaningful or balanced.


An anesthetic bedroom is filled with things that YOU find beauty in. Natural things, grunge things, lavish furnishings, vintage things, or even things that others find minimal. It is whatever pleases YOUR eyes.

A bedroom meant to be aesthetic is always furnished with things that are meaningful to the one living in it. It doesn’t have to be a huge, complicated, luxurious bedroom.

An aesthetic bedroom is about the perfect way of choosing the materials and features of the room and the entire layout of the room.

Aesthetic bedroom in grey and white

This room is simple yet elegant. Walls painted white, white curtains, white duvet, white pillows, with splashes of gray everywhere. The bedside tables, the wall art, and the blanket draped across the bottom half of the bed are all done in a medium gray colour. The headboard is a light tan colour and the foot board is white. Both have a”pillow top” look to them. Add in matching white lamps on the bedside tables and a touch of nature with the beautiful plants that also will supply some fresh air to the room and you have a wonderful, calm, aesthetic bedroom.

aesthetic bedroom

Pink aesthetic bedroom

I would have to title this bedroom “pretty in pink”. Pink walls with a slightly different shade of pink for the throw pillows. Pink curtains and a light pink carpet. White bed pillows and a white duvet with a pink blanket that matches the walls. Then add in the gorgeous touches of natural wood in the bed frame, the bedside table, and the dresser. Throw in another touch of nature with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a lovely vase on the bedside table. It sounds like it would be too much pink but since it’s different shades of pink, this aesthetic bedroom comes together so beautifully. ASDAs range of pink table lamps.

aesthetic bedroom

Elegant earthy aesthetic bedroom

I love this simple bedroom with a wall filled with gorgeous earth-tone artwork. The entire bedroom is done in white with splashes of eath-tone colours everywhere. The natural wooden desk-type table, the brown baskets hanging above the headband, the tan bottom of the lamp, and all of the tans, browns, greens, and shades of dark reds in the pictures. It has a lovely, green foliage plant by the door. Minimal yet another elegant room. ASDA does a champagne mercury lamp that would go well in this room.

aesthetic bedroom

White and maroon aesthetic bedroom

This bedroom is done mostly in sandstone colour with a few splashes of white and maroon colours. A small but smart bedroom. It had a plain mirror on one wall and one lone artwork on the opposite wall. The table and bedside table match the wall colour with the floor being a shade just a touch lighter than the walls. A big window with the frame being white over the bed, and with a light sandstone colour sheer curtain. The duvet is cream-coloured and so are the bed pillows. The throw pillows that are on the bed are done in creams and a splash of maroons. The table has a sweet little touch of maroon colour in the flowers.

aesthetic bedroom

White aesthetic bedroom

A sparkling white bedroom! Everything in this bedroom is bright white but with a gorgeous splash of bright teal and black in-the-throw pillows, teal and white bed pillows, and wall art with touches of blue and teal. Lamps with white shades on the bedside tables and one simple clock. The words that come to mind when looking at this bedroom are brilliant and pure. ASDA has a similar cushion here. blue duck egg chenille cushion.
aesthetic bedroom

Teenager aesthetic bedroom

This is another earth-tone bedroom. Light sandstone coloured walls and carpet, white window frames, bedside table, bed pillows, and duvet. Throw in a touch of mint with one of the pillowcases and the sheet folded over the duvet and just a bit of silver with the lamp base, the throw pillow, and the picture frames. Add in the sweet picture of the puppy above the bed and you have what looks to be a teenager’s aesthetic bedroom.
aesthetic bedroom

Purple aesthetic bedroom

This is definitely a teenage girl’s bedroom. Three white walls and one with splashes of colours in light orange and brown in polka dots over the head of the bed. It has a white vanity with a mirror in the corner. The bedding is white with airbrushes of pink, purple, and light orange. One throw pillow is solid purple with the other one matching the wall behind the bed in orange and brown polka dots. Last but not least is the beautiful sheer purple curtains over the large window.

aesthetic bedroom purple

Girls aesthetic bedroom

You can tell this is also a girl’s room with the XOXO blue throw pillow on the bed. I love the white duvet with the blue and purple patterns on it along with the other two throw pillows, one being red and the other being green and the matching blue curtains. It had a nice gray and white bench seat at the foot of the bed and a pretty blue vanity on the other side of the bed. All of these colours against bright, white walls sure make a lovely contrast.

aesthetic bedroom

Gentle aesthetic bedroom

Pale teal walls with bright white windows and gray-blue curtains with matching headboard make for a lovely aesthetic bedroom. The sparkling white bench seat with a pillow top look to the cushion matches perfectly with the white, fluffy duvet. The rug is white with shades of light gray in it against the hardwood floor. An elegant chandelier with lights is hung above the bed and two table lamps with their gentle curved base sit on bedside tables both sides of the bed. Whe white bedside tables with gray, silver, and brown trim on them add just a touch of a natural look.

aesthetic bedroom

Subtle pink aesthetic bedroom

What a lovely shade of light pink this room is decorated in. Off white walls, white bedspread, white lamps on top of glass bedside tables. For the splash of colour to break up the white are a light pink/peach blanket that has a darker trim around it, two mauve coloured throw pillows, and one mauve/white throw pillow. The headboard is light brown and the artwork on the wall has splashes of orange, pink, red, yellow, and teal.

aesthetic bedroom

Silver and grey aesthetic bedroom

This is a luxurious and indulgent bedroom with its knitted bed throw and tons of pillows. The colours and lighting are gentle and muted. definitely a room for someone who wants to spoil themselves.

aesthetic bedroom

White silver and blue aesthetic bedroom

This is a bedroom for someone who is cool, calm and reflective. The crisp contrast between the white and the blue cushions and bed throw give this room a very balanced feel.

aesthetic bedroom

Mint green aesthetic bedroom

This is a back to nature bedroom. The gentle green curtains, bed lamps, pillows and green leaves in the pictures contrasts with the crisp white bedding to give this a peaceful and nurturing feel. The lace curtains and flowers add to this soothing natural look.

aesthetic bedroom light green

Red and white floral aesthetic bedroom

The red and pink elements give this room a loving, caring feeling. The gentle lighting from the 2 table lamps adds to the loving aesthetic in the room. the pictures of flowers emphasise the beauty and caring nature of the room and its owner. This room belongs to someone who is warm, kind and loving.

aesthetic bedroom white and pink

As you can see, aesthetic bedrooms can be decorated with all different colours and artwork. Make sure there is a balance to the room, add a little bit of nature to it, and splashes of colours. Make sure it is decorated in colours that appeal to you. And with furniture, ornaments and pictures that have sentimental value to you. As long as you have these things then you have the perfect aesthetic bedroom for YOU!

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