grey cloth couples sofa in a planted roomWant to add a bit of splash and color to your home without undergoing a major layout change? Get something from ASDA George home to brighten up your space and with simple, long-lasting, and sustainable products for your home.
We all want our homes to tranquil, clutter-free environments that depict our personalities. By making thoughtful and purposeful choices about what you buy, you can reconfigure the living space to fit your needs.

Artificial Areca Palm In Black Pot 145cm
Artificial Areca Palm In Black Pot 145cm

Not only does ASDA have a killer range of home buys, but it is also pretty easy on the pocket. Owning a chic space without breaking the bank has never been easier! What we love about ASDA is that your shopping is streamlined – from picking your weekly groceries to the perfect lamp from your living room, all you have to do is click a button!
With a global pandemic raging on, we have ample time at our hands – why not use it to bring life and color to our homes with ASDA George Home?

ASDA George Home Furnishings

white living room beige sofa
cosy white living room beige sofa

From style rugs for traditional elegance and reversible olive tree print duvet sets to matte storage tumblers for stylish bathrooms and cozy knit throws, you will love all that George Home has to offer!
ASDA George Home furnishing includes Curtains & Blinds. Coming in a wide range of colours and styles. Every set of curtain comes in various pre-set sizes. Just measure your walls and buy the appropriate size.
ASDA also sells many Cushions & Throws that can be laid across your furniture or even your bed to create that luxurious finishing touch to your home.
ASDA also sells a small range of Footstools & Pouffes for those who like to indulge themselves in an extra level of relaxation and comfort. These can be handy for the bedroom too.

ASDA Navy Pleated Faux Velvet Cube Seat
ASDA also sells a wide range of Rugs in various colours and patterns. They mostly come in circular and rectangular shapes. A lot of the rugs are a matching set with their many duvets, but can be bought separately if desired.

ASDA has quite a wide range of living room furnishings such as wall prints, ornaments, ceiling lights, ceiling shades and pendants and much more. There are also floor and table lamps, as well as occasional tables and side tables to put the lamps on. There are many ASDA George designer collections of items for the living room that can be put together to create a coordinated living room style.

ASDA Pink Metal Side Table
ASDA Pink Metal Side Table

ASDA table and floor lamps
ASDA table and floor lamps

Here are some ASDA ceiling lights, pendants and shades

ASDA Copper-toned Geometric-shaped Pendant
Copper-toned Geometric-shaped Pendant

ASDA Clear 5 Light Bling Chandelier
Clear 5 Light Bling Chandelier

ASDA Purple Floral Velvet Shade
Purple Floral Velvet Shade

ASDA Rattan Ceiling Shade
Rattan Ceiling Shade

ASDA has an ever changing collection of wall art and decor to suit all tastes. Below is a selection of some of their best items. They have a range that includes canvas prints, ornamental shelving and decorative mirrors.

Arthouse Pier Canvas
Arthouse Pier Canvas

Hexagon Shelves Set of 3
Hexagon Shelves Set of 3

Arthouse Abstract Wave Silver Foil Canvas
Arthouse Abstract Wave Silver Foil Canvas

Arthouse Ballerina Canvas
Arthouse Ballerina Canvas

Gold Sunburst Mirrors 3-Pack
Gold Sunburst Mirrors 3-Pack

Gold Metal Shelves 3 Pack
Gold Metal Shelves 3 Pack

Let’s take a brief look at the luxurious yet affordable items that you can get from the ASDA George Home range.

1. Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen worktop with accessoriesLove to mix it up in the kitchen? Who doesn’t love a delicious, mouth-watering, home-cooked meal, right? From products for cooking and baking to dining, glassware, textile, and décor, the kitchen section at ASDA has a little bit of something for everyone.

Whether it is the reusable oven trays or the versatile active blender, you will have a great time using the baking products available at ASDA. You would absolutely adore the reversible placemats and coasters, along with the handy baking gloves and the durable tablecloths.

Mason Cash Classic Kitchen Grey Casserole Dish
Mason Cash Classic Kitchen Grey Casserole Dish

Mason Cash Classic Kitchen Square Baker 26cm
Mason Cash Classic Kitchen Square Baker 26cm


ASDA George home has a vast range of microwaves priced from £35 for a basic unbranded microwave to £200. ASDA microwaves also sells many brands such as Russel Hobbs, Haden, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp and Breville. ASDA also sells built in microwaves to fit into a kitchen wall.

ASDA also sells a large range of stylish kettles in various styles and colours, even some glass kettles. Brand names include Haden, Salter, Tower, Russell Hobbs, Breville, Progress and Toshiba.

And ASDA sells toasters which come in two slice or four slice. Toaster colours range from red, pink, white, grey, silver, black and even cream coloured toasters. The brands include Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs, Breville, Haden, DeLonghi, Toshiba and Salter as well as ASDAs own unbranded toasters.

2. Bed, Bath & Home

ASDA Bedding
Double bed with blue cover and head board and white pillow set
With winter coming up, you will love the soft and plush blankets from George Home. Not only are they comfortable, but they also add a bit of color to your space – who would say no to an extra layer of warmth that oozes style!
You will love the duvet sets with earthly tones or if you want to jazz up your sleeping space with bright, sparkly colors, you can find something that tickles your fancy! Not only is George bedding super versatile, but the products are also an absolute bargain as well!
There are many other products in this category as well but we really liked the beautiful, elegant, and simple tealights that add an aura of mystique and romance to any setting! From soft furnishings to kids’ décor, you would definitely find something with your name on it!

Want to give your bathroom space a stylish touch? You can’t go wrong with ASDA’s Bed, Bath, & Home products. Not only are they contemporary and cool, but they also go with any décor that you may have, blending in with the existing accessories perfectly.

Want to give your living space some rustic style? You can get lamps to add the perfect finishing touch to your interior!

And with more and more of us working from home, ASDA has introduced furniture and decor for the home office. Items such as ladder desks, office chairs, desk lamps, shelving and pin boards can be found at ASDA George home.

White Ladder Desk
White Ladder Desk

Grey Faux Velvet Office Chair
Grey Faux Velvet Office Chair

3. Music, Film, Games & Books

Staying in and looking for a way to pass the time? Buy something from this section at ASDA and have fun as you snuggle in with a George Home plush blanket! With loads of genres from sci-fi to dystopian fiction to romance and sitcoms, you will find something that will be worth your money!

4. Technology & Electricals

From Bluetooth speakers and ipads to laptops and TVs, our lives are filled with tech-related items. We know they cost a lot, but here at ASDA, you will get them at the wholesale rates and prices! Whether it is a printer cartridge that needs replacing or your old shaver giving you problems, all you need to do is take a look at the products at ASDA – trust us, it will be like having your own fairy godmother!
With quality Braun beard shavers, what is there to make you look anything less than perfect!

5. DIY and Car Care

Had a long day at your office? Want to go home and rest in your beautiful, aesthetically designed, tranquil bedroom? Use the products available in the ASDA George home range to re-do your room and turn it into a place right of a design catalog!
Thinking about painting your kids’ rooms or your own? You can explore the DIY section at ASDA George Home to find the best tools and accessories for the task. From brushes and rollers to sating and gloss paint, you will find quality products that will help you do-over your kids’ bedrooms. You will even find lightbulbs, batteries, and car accessories at ASDA.
With nice-smelling single dehumidifiers, you will no longer have to worry about your wardrobes and garages being damp anymore!

6. Party & Gift Wrap

Hosting a party for your colleagues? Throwing your kid a birthday party? Worrying about the shopping you need to do for it? From Christmas parties and birthday parties for adults to unicorn and marvel themed parties for kids, you will find accessories for all this and a lot more!

colourful birthday party decorative itemsCelebrate the important occasions in your life with beautiful, aesthetic birthday cards from ASDA! With a separate section for stationery, magazines, and stamps, there is nothing you won’t find at ASDA George Home!
The comprehensive range of gift bags and gift wraps includes designs that are suitable for men, women, and children of all ages to make their special occasion memorable!. The extensive selection of party wraps includes designs that will be loved by kids such as Marvel, Disney, and a lot more!
Not only this, the collection includes a wonderful assortment of gift wraps that are stylish, simplistic, and elegant – perfect for adults! What we absolutely love is the affordability of these products – you can make fantastic savings if you buy in bulk!

7. Asda Toys

Toys not only keep the kids entertained, but they also help them improve and enhance their cognitive skills. With a vast range of toys available at ASDA, you can get toys by type, age, brand, character, and a lot more!
Not only that, you can get the perfect kiddie bedding and accessories that will make your kid’s bedroom stand out! You can buy fully lined curtains from George Home that will completely block the light and help your kids get a peaceful night’s sleep.
Whether it is a Barbie-themed reversible duvet set or Disney mickey mouse cushion, you will find something that your kid will fall in love with! We all know that the imagination of kids knows no bounds, and with the help of the right toys, you can accomplish that and a lot more!

primary coloured educational toysWith winter coming, who wouldn’t love affordable coziness with beautifully knit throws and blankets available at George Home? Not only do they look lovely, but the playful colors also add intrigue and mystique to your space. Plus, you can never have too many throws, right?

ASDA George Home – Final Word

You definitely need to pop into your nearest ASDA supermarket over the weekend, as you would love coming out delicious smelling candles, a new set of soft, silk, bedsheets, plump and plush cushions, and a lot more!
And, if you can’t physically visit the premises, worry not, for you can shop at George Home online and buy all that tickles your fancy! Adding a few, small yet meaningful objects elevate your home and add that bit of chic you are looking for.
Accessories can be pretty and elegant without costing a fortune. They can be anything from a small dish for corralling jewelry to a new vase for flowers – these touches will remind you why you love to call your space your home.
From travel accessories to fitness accessories, you will find loads of affordable, stylish and exquisitely designed products at ASDA George Home!
Happy shopping, folks!

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light grey living room with large grey latticed rug