ASDA George Clothing after 30 years—Going Green


ASDA George clothing is famous in the UK for bringing fashionable clothing to the masses. ASDA pioneered its fashionable range of reasonable quality, value clothing over 30 years ago.

Initially, as a few among you might know already, the range was trialled in a few stores, but with its successful reception among customers, it was made available in all main superstores—the vision was to make quality fashion affordable, and no wonder that its quality and price-range have made it a stand-alone business for ASDA, which does billions of dollars in business every year.
The company ships to many countries and even Walmart sells ASDA George clothing in many of its stores in Argentina, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, and the US.

What kind of clothing customers can choose from

As the company began expanding its operations in the clothing field, apparel for men, women, kids, and babies was offered both in its physical stores and also through their website. Choosing from an exhaustive range of clothing sometimes can be taxing, but the options and availability of a wide variety of clothing often help you exactly the right kind of garment in terms of fabric, size, color, comfort and price. There is no denying the fact that like the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, the wearer only knows where the fabric itches. So, you won’t complain if you are spoiled for choice by ASDA.

ASDA George collection for men

asda george mens trousers on racksFashionable clothing choices help distinguish your personality both at work and in society. When you shop at ASDA for men’s clothing and accessories, you can find casual and formal wear under clothing types namely shirts, coats, jackets, jeans, joggers, nightwear, jumpers, loungewear, polo shirts, sportswear, suits and workwear, trousers, chinos, underwear, and t-shirts. ASDA also sells all kinds of shoes for men. You can also shop on the site for adult fancy dress, Christmas items, Essentials, Denim Shop, Preppy Style, and for work from the home wearable. All in all, the huge collection of assorted shopping categories for men can give you a fruitful shopping experience.

ASDA George collection for women

ASDA George womens tops on racks at ASDA superstoreWhen it comes to women clothing, you get one of the most exhaustive options under categories including coats and jackets, joggers, jumpers, playsuits, leggings, loungewear, maternity, nightwear and slippers, skirts and blouses, shorts, socks and tights, hoodies, sweatshirts, trousers, tops, and swimwear. ASDA sells all kinds of women’s shoes, boots, sandals, and heels. The nightwear section for women brings you all kinds of nightwear, pajamas, nightdresses, dressing gowns, slippers, and others. ASDA also specializes in maternity clothing under all assorted categories. There are fashionable items that suit the many body shapes and size but you have to really search all the items to find the hidden gems.
billie faiers ASDA baby clothesShoppers looking for the best collection of dresses, accessories, and toys for their kids and babies find ASDA one of the best destinations online. ASDA’s shopping categories for kids are grouped under boys and girls and are assorted for different age groups some of the shopping categories under the boys and girls kids section include jeans, jumpers, multipacks, shorts, shoes, sportswear, suits, formal wear, hoodies, swimwear, trousers, underwear, tops and t-shirts, and others. You will also find a separate shopping segment for school dresses and a sub-section for special category dresses for kids. Exclusive menus for weather-ready clothing, nightwear, Halloween costumes, footwear for boys, and girls make is a convenient addition to find special shopping items with ease.

Kids and baby clothing, dressing accessories, and toys are assorted under exclusive sections for baby boys, baby girls and unisex. Some of the finest collection of toys, sleeping bags, sleepsuits, baby gift sets, bibs and accessories, bodysuits, swimwear, tops, trousers and shorts, jumpers, all-in-ones, and socks make
ASDA one of the most desirable destinations online for shopping for your baby.

ASDA School Clothes

ASDA school clothes
Asda has a complete range of school uniforms, school sports wear, school shoes, school t-shirts, and all school accessories. ASDA has a full colour range of school jumpers, polo neck shirts, school shirts, blouses, school skirts, gingham dresses, school trousers.
If you need to buy your child’s complete school clothing needs then ASDA is the place to shop. The prices are unbeatable. But be careful to not buy in the few days before the school year starts because that is the time all parents do their last minute panic buying for school uniforms. At this time you might struggle to buy the right size in trousers, skirts, jumpers or shoes.

Seasonal and festival based clothing

From time to time, the website offers seasonal and festival-based clothing too including winters and Christmas clothing. So, if you are searching for Christmas theme-based jumpers, nightwear & slippers, tops, underwear & socks, and matching Christmas outfits, you should simply check their website for the newest collection. Those special christmas outfits can make your toddlers look adorable.

Sustainability Goals

Textile industries across the world are always on the lookout to make their business sustainable. The raw material, the manufacturing process, the by-products, and the workforce involved—all are a part of their sustainability goals because together they impact the environment and society, and therefore the business too.

Now that we know a bit about what kind of clothing and accessories are offered by the company, let’s have a look at how ASDA is trying to make its clothing business sustainable in terms of environmental and social impact.

Let’s take a deeper look into the vision and promises that it has created for itself.

By 2025, ASDA George has promised to source 100% more sustainable cotton for their clothing and soft home textile products. This is because this decision will impact the environment and livelihoods of people across the world. The objective will be achieved by maximizing land use by improving the yield, soil health, and water and chemical inputs to the soil. This effort will also include recycled cotton as a source.
By 2025, ASDA George has promised to source 100% of our polyester with a minimum of 30% recycled content. It is noteworthy that 26% of ASDA George clothing is made with polyester and with the sourcing of recycled polyester, a lot of waste management of oil-based waste, such as PET bottles, can be achieved, which are otherwise used for landfills or are thrown into oceans. This, definitely, would go a long towards achieving environmental sustainability. If you like eco-friendly products, this should definitely make you proud if you are a regular customer of the ASDA George clothing range.
By 2025, ASDA George has promised to source viscose from traceable sources and managed forests only. As you may know, Viscose is made from natural sources including wood pulp and agricultural products that are regenerated as cellulose fibre. With this step, forest and natural resources will be well-protected.
Another goal that the clothing line has set for itself is to eliminate all hazardous waste being released into our soil, water, and air. With this, they become the first big supermarket to develop practical solutions to minimise microfibre release to the environment from textile manufacturing and during the product lifecycle. Definitely, a big step and it will also inspire other textile companies to commit to such determined targets.
It is obvious that the company is seriously looking to put effort into achieving sustainability as a goal, and customers will get a lot of variety and price variation once recycled and sustainable raw materials start getting used for manufacturing in ASDA George clothing. In fact, if you like to use products that are made from recycled material, you can check their exclusive collection.

Final Words

Across the years, ASDA has excelled in bringing affordable fashion choices to its customers. The affordability factor makes it one of the major retailers in the UK and also across the world. With the focus on some sustainable goals, ASDA George clothing line has shown its commitment to the future business and customers can be rest assured that they will be able to enjoy using their products that are not a burden on the environment nor on society.

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