I have to be honest with you here, I am not a big fan of dresses so, when I actually find a dress that I genuinely like, I get excited and I have to have it. I have three styles of dresses that are my favorite and even though most department stores claim to have them, I can rarely find them and when I do, it cost me and arm and a leg.

ASDA Disney Mickey Mouse Acid Wash Hoodie DressAt ASDA dresses, they have my favorite styles and so much more. My three favorite styles that I like are tunic dresses, hoodie dresses, and sweater dresses and ASDA has all of them.

I recently ordered this ASDA Disney Mickey Mouse Acid Wash Hoodie Dress for my little girl and it has to be one of the cutest dresses. She absolutely loves Disney characters! The body of this charcoal dress has this embossed design of Mickey on it, also in white. It has a hood and drawstring and even has double pockets. It’s made of 63% polyester and 37% cotton. She wears this dress with white or black tights (to help keep her legs warm) and it looks really good, it has a playfulness to it. There is also an adult version of this dress in white which I quite liked, but not as much as the following dress.

If you like Disney characters as much as I do, you’ll also want to have this DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE MAUVE EMBOSSED SWEATSHIRT DRESS.

ASDA Disney Mickey Mouse Mauve Embossed Sweatshirt DressIt has Mickey’s head and ears embossed on the body of the dress and “Mickey” written in white. This dress goes great with black jeggings underneath it. Made of 63% polyester and 37% cotton makes it comfortable enough to just lounge around the house in or even to go to a casual party if you want your friends to envy you;. Be honest, all of us women still have that little girl inside of us and that little girl is going to love wearing this dress.

I don’t exactly care for floral print anything but, I found this dress and just fell in love with it. Did I mention that ASDA has the cutest dresses? Oh, yes I did.

ASDA Pink Floral Jersey Tea DressThis dress is a PINK FLORAL JERSEY TEA DRESS and even though it isn’t my usual style, I am so happy that I bought it. It’s made of 96% viscose and 4% elastane with a self – tie waist belt and a V neck. The dress is black with pink little flowers all over it. The material is stretchy, and the colors are a lovely match together. Definitely a great dress for a warm night out on the town. This is the ideal dress if you are not into dresses but occasionally need to wear a dress.

Are you into denim? I wasn’t. But this dress changed my mind. And that’s because it is not your usual denim dress.

ASDA Mid Wash Denim Pocket Pinafore DressThe MID WASH DENIM POCKET PINAFORE DRESS is blue jean material yet classy. Movie night? Out to dinner? Get together with friends or family? This dress is perfect for all of those things. Since denim goes with anything, the color of the shirt you wear underneath it doesn’t matter, it will match. Personally, I love wearing either a long black or white sleeve shirt with puffy shoulders to it. Make a beautiful assemble. Made of 100% cotton which makes it comfortable enough for anything, and it has adjustable bib straps with a pocket on the front. It’s true to size but it is a little short so you might want it wear jeggings under it. This one is definitely a keeper!

ASDA Grey Acid Wash Statement Shoulder Sweatshirt DressI’m a big fan of acid wash so this GREY ACID WASH STATEMENT SHOULDER SWEATSHIRT DRESS is definitely for me! You’ll need to wear jeggings underneath, I suggest black ones, because it is kind of short, but that is the only thing that I can find wrong with it and short is not always a bad thing depending on your age. I absolutely love this dress. It’s warm, love sleeved and a beautiful color. It’s tunic length with a padded shoulder line and crew neck. and it’s made of 100% cotton with an acid wash finish. It’s one of those dresses that is comfortable, but extremely stylish. Where can you wear this? The question should be, “Where can’t you wear this?”. Smart look yet casual. The only place I wouldn’t wear it would be to a formal ball. I wear it round the house, going to the shops and even when meeting friends for a coffee. It is just so easy to wear.

ASDA Noisy May Leather Effect Mini DressI’m not much into leather but if you are, ASDA has you covered with this NOISY MAY LEATHER EFFECT MINI DRESS. This dress just screams sexy, of course, it looks like leather. This dress has a straight – out skirt and is mini cut with a zip through back fastening, short sleeve, and crew neck. It’s made out of 100% polyester. Want to catch a certain man’s eye? This little dress will do just that. Definitely the kind of dress to hit the dance floor with! If you have great legs then you can show off your assets. It is also great for the office party or any party with friends.

Maybe you need something not really formal but more of a no – nonsense kind of dress? I have the perfect dress for you!

ASDA Burgundy Ribbed Short Sleeve Midi Dress It’s the BURGUNDY RIBBED SHORT SLEEVE MIDI DRESS. This is a beautiful dress that has a smart look to it. It’s semi – bodycon, crew neck, short sleeve, and straight cut. Made out of 97% polyester and 3% elastane this is the dress that says, “She is intelligent and has loads of class”. A dress that can be worn for work if you work in an office job or in a shop setting. A dress that you will feel completely confident in. It speaks of someone who is competent at her job, trustworthy and reliable. Or you could wear it when entertaining guests to dinner or even being a busy mum taking her kids to school and back.

Now, if you’re looking for that plain little black dress that you always hear about in the movies, you can get it at ASDA.

This BLACK RIBBED HIGH NECK DRESS speaks confidence and style. It is modern in design and can be worn in most going out settings such as wine bars and restaurants.

ASDA Black Ribbed High Neck DressThe dress is a little thin so even though it has long sleeves, I wouldn’t wear it in the dead of winter. The hem is above the knee and it’s made of a stretch weave. The material is 97% polyester and 3% elastane. This is a smart yet sexy dress. It can be worn to office meetings or out on the dance floor. Looks best with a long necklace dangling down the front if it and black ankle boots! The gently figure hugging contours of this dress accentuates your femininity without being crude. You’ll be turning heads in this little dress!

As with all of ASDA’s clothing line, the prices on all of these dresses are extremely affordable and the quality speaks for itself. You won’t find prices like this with quality anywhere close to this.

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