Why ASDA Cushions?

ASDA cushions come in many colours, materials and some have different sizes and shapes. You also get patterned cushions or cushions with a scene on them. Some even have tassels.

When redecorating your home, finding the right cushions/throw pillows for each room can be exceedingly difficult. I was exhausted going from store to store to find just the right cushions I needed for each room, and to find them at a reasonable price was even more challenging. I buy all of our clothing from ASDA and figured I would check out ASDA Cushions to see what they had. I am so happy I did! I was able to find cushions for every room and even my outside patio. I thought it would take me forever to find what I needed yet it was all here in one place and I never had to leave my sofa!

ASDA Felt Spot Print Grey CushionStarting with my living room, which is done in navy blue and charcoal grey, I found two different patterns of grey pillows to alternate to match my sofa and curtains. One is a grey felt spot print cushion that is made of a plush felt fabric so it’s really soft. It has contrasting circles on it and one of the greatest things about it is that you can throw it in your washer, and it can also be tumble dried which makes cleaning them so easy. The cushion size is 30 x 30.

ASDA Grey Pinsonic CushionThe second pillow I chose to go with that one is also 30 x 30 in size and it’s the grey pinsonic cushion. It also is tumble dry and it has intricate embroidery designs on it. With a few of each of these pillows my living room has a nice, cozy feel to it. This is exactly the atmosphere I was going for. A calming effect for everyone.

ASDA Grey Dragonfly CushionTo break up the pattern and add I little design to the room I chose to put a graphic cushion in between these. For this I chose the home grey dragonfly cushion. It made a great addition and gave the room just a little flare. The pillow is decorated in white dragonflies and has a charcoal piping finish. The pillow’s size is 43 x 43 cm, and it has a removable zip cover for easy washing and drying. The cover is 100 % cotton, and the filling is 100% recycled polyester. It adds the perfect touch to my living room!

ASDA Honey Jumbo Cord CushionMy master bedroom was redecorated in luxurious honey and brown colors recently. I love huge throw cushions all over my bed and I found the perfect ones. I ordered three of the honey jumbo cord cushions and two of the decorative honey giraffe cushions. The jumbo cord one has a bright, bold texture and it has a relaxing effect.

ASDA Honey Giraffe CushionThe honey giraffe cushions are 43 x 43 cm and have a removeable zip cover. They can be thrown in the washer and tumble dried. The cover is made of 100% cotton and the filling is 100% recycled polyester. It brings a splash of culture to the room. Designed with a tower of giraffes and has a bohemian finish. The four honey coloured corner tassels give it a middle eastern luxury look. It makes for a beautiful bedroom.


ASDA Pink Mongolian Faux Fur CushionThe spare bedroom belongs to my granddaughter and her favorite color is pink. So, her room is done in light pinks and pastel purples. For her chair in the room, I chose the pink Mongolian faux fur cushion. It’s a nice size pillow measuring at 50 x 50 cm. She loves relaxing and cuddling up with that cushion. It is so soft and fuzzy. For her bed I chose the home pink cotton tassel cushion. The size is 45 x 35 cm. I bought two of them for her day bed and it’s perfect! I couldn’t have found better pillows anywhere else!

ASDA Pink Sausage Dog Hearts CushionTo add a splash to her room, I bought her one of the super cute pink sausage dog hearts cushions. These are my favorite type of ASDA cushions. These add more color with a little brightness. She adores that pillow with the two little dogs on it and the heart between them. The pillow is 45 x 35 cm with a removable zip cover for easy cleaning. 100% cotton cover and 100% recycled polyester for the filling. With these three different pillows her room looks just like a little girl’s room should. Dainty and delicate!

ASDA Yellow Pom Pom CushionNow for the outside patio furniture. I wanted my patio to really pop with a bright color, so I chose yellow as the main color. With a patio swing, two rocking chair and two lounge chairs, I could have fun shopping the site for many pillows. For the rocking chairs I bought two of the yellow pom-pom cushions, size 43 x 35 cm. These cushions have three little pom-poms down each side and “HOME” written in white on the front and also a plain version without any writing.

ASDA Extra Large Yellow Velvet CushionI also, bought one for the patio swing, put right in the middle of it. On both sides of that cushion, I put a yellow velvet large cushion, 58 x 58 cm. They take up quite a bit of room but make the swing so comfortable! For the lounge chairs I decided on the yellow cotton tassel cushions, 45 x 35 cm. On each side of this cushion, it has three little tassels hanging down. I decided at the last minute that the patio was missing something to make it look “fun”. I ended up finding a cushion called Disney The Lion king Simba cushion. I bought a few of these and just tossed them around on the patio furniture to give it that “relaxed in” look. The Simba cushions are 39 x 27 cm. These are a must have for anyone who is a fan of the future king!!

ASDA Disney The Lion King Simba Cushion

Thanks to ASDA, I was able to find and furnish my home with all of the cushions i needed to make this place look great and for us to be comfortable too. I was able to buy all of these cushions and at such amazing prices that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Being able to purchase everything I need in one place saved me so much time and money that now I can go shopping for other things I need on the site!

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