white plumped up pillows on a double bed with white beddingCheck out the new patterned bedding sets from ASDA George Home available online or in store. A new fresh and soft duvet cover and sheeting can make a lot of difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep and renews your bedroom decor. ASDA bedding will surprise you with the variety available, from bed sheets, duvet covers, and mattress covers in all sizes available at ASDA bedding. The variety does not end there! Fitted sheets, brushed cotton, reversible duvets, bedding cushions and throws are also available at ASDA bedding,

Even if the pandemic is more or less over,  shopping online has become a very convenient option for many of us. What makes ASDA more exciting is that shopping is no longer confined to groceries – you can now buy homewares such as beddings and duvets from your favorite supermarket! ASDA bedding is very popular for the prices and the variety available allowing you to change the look of bedroom by changing your bedding at a price you can afford. You can also have 2 sets of bedding: one for winter and one for summer.

Let’s briefly see what ASDA bedding has to offer for its customers!

Pillow & Duvets

ASDA duvets range      ASDA pillows

In this category, you will find everything from soft and plush pillows to air-sprung duvets. The Airsprung 15 tog duvet is perfect for cool nights in the winter and you can pair it with the soft, plush blanket from George Home to stay cozy and add an extra layer of warmth stylishly! Here you can have a winter duvet to keep warm in winter and a summer duvet to keep you cooler in summer, all for the price of a more expensive duvet you might be elsewhere. ASDA has a wide range of branded and unbranded duvets.
The duvets are machine washable and have a soft polyester filling. For a better night’s sleep, these products from ASDA will definitely play their part!

ASDA bedroom collections

See ASDA designer bedding sets here

There are 10 ASDA bedding set collections as listed below that will allow you to add that designer look to your bedroom

Polka Dot Bedroom Collection

ASDA Polka Dot Bedroom CollectionThis set boho syle collection features a black polka dot on white duvet cover, a grey knitted throw blanket, some cushions, framed print of plants, black metal spindled table, bamboo table lamp, wicker floor lamp, black polka do on cream floor rug with tassels, a grey knitted ball pouffe. This will give your room a more classic sophisticated look.

Elsewhere Bedroom Collection

ASDA Elsewhere Bedroom CollectionThis exotic collection includes a blue Ikat Stripe Duvet Set, a hand woven willow mirror, a mustard cushion, a blue Round Cushion, a honey Woven Diamond Cushion, a white Moroccan Lamp and a navy medallion rug. This will give your bedroom the global traveller look.

Botanical Bedroom Collection

ASDA Botanical Bedroom CollectionThis plant life collection includes: a green Stem Pattern Duvet Set, a green Velvet Pleated Pinwheel Cushion, a green Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion, a natural Waffle Cushion and a green Embroidered Velvet Throw. This set will give your bedroom a bit of a nature look.

Kind Life Bedding Collection

ASDA Kind Life Bedding CollectionThis bedding collection is very soft and pleasing on the eye with its pastel shades and soft textures. It includes a pink palm Duvet Set, a natural Waffle Throw, a pink face Graphic Cushion, a natural Pink Contrast Large Piped Cushion and a pink ribbed Glass Table Lamp. This is our favourite ASDA bedding set. This will give your bedroom a more feminine and romantic look.

Elsewhere Giraffe Bedroom Collection

ASDA Elsewhere Giraffe Bedroom CollectionThis African Savannah inspired collection includes: a cream Giraffe Safari Duvet Set, a yellow Velvet Geometric Cushion, a blue Elephant Cushion, an elephant Family Ornament, a hand spun Jute Rug, a giraffe Shade, and a cream chunky Hand Knitted Throw. This is intended to give your bedroom a more animalistic feel of African wildlife.

Flower Lab Bedroom Collection

ASDA Flower Lab Bedroom CollectionThis is a very colorful floral ASDA bedding set, with its pink, red and yellow flowers and cushions. This bedroom Collection includes: floral breeze Duvet Set, a pink Tassel Cushion, a yellow Flower Shaped Cushion, a thick Stripe Throw, a white Curved Wire Battery Bulb Lamp and a pink metal Side Table. This will give your bedroom a more girly floral look.

Forge Bedroom Collection

ASDA Forge Bedroom CollectionThis country house style collection includes: a floral garden Duvet Set, a green Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion, a white Frayed Diamond Cushion, a honey woven Diamond Cushion and a green embroidered Velvet Throw.

This is the most rustic style of the ASDA bedding set collections. An old fashioned countryside look.

Bee Bedroom Collection

ASDA Bee Bedroom CollectionThis fun bee themed bedroom Collection includes: a white bumblebee Duvet Set, a white Frayed Diamond Cushion, a natural butterfly Cushion, a honey Woven diamond Cushion, a checkered Throw and a yellow Chevron Throw

This is a fun bedding collection that carries on the honey bee theme that ASDA George home is famous for.

Sateen Stripe Bedroom Collection

ASDA Sateen Stripe Bedroom CollectionThis hotel styled bedroom collection includes: a cotton sateen stripe Duvet Set, a grey checked Quilted Throw, and a pair of grey heart Cut Out Tealight Holders

This collection adds a bit of class to your bedroom.

Kind Life Polka Dot Collection

ASDA Kind Life Polka Dot CollectionThis is a fund and girly of the ASDA bedding collections and includes:a pink sponge Spot Duvet Set, a natural Rainbow Cushion, a pink Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion, a nude coloured Face Graphic Cushion, and a cream polka dot Tassel Rug

This is the most girly and aesthetic of the ASDA bedding set collections

About the ASDA bedding collections

Each item in these can also be bought separately. The collections have been coordinated by ASDA George designers for you to just put together, but you can also vary the choice to suit your own tastes.


Duvet Cover Sets

ASDA duvet covers range
When it comes to bedding, your comfort is of utmost importance. You don’t want your soft, plush duvet to be ruined just because you didn’t get a perfect duvet cover for it, now do you? Not only do the duvet covers protect your comforter while it is in use, but they are also easier to keep clean and wash. Moreover, you can change the look of your room instantly without having to redecorate! Duvet covers usually come in a set that includes two matching pillowcases.
At ASDA, you get duvet cover sets in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging from king size and double to single bed duvet cover sets. You can easily refresh your bedsheets with the duvet covers that are made from poly-cotton, easy-care fabric, that makes them pretty easy to wash and dry! Or even go for the luxury of 100% brushed cotton.
Since they are easily reversible, it’s like getting two new covers for the price of one!

ASDA Bed Sheets

white pillows on a double bed with grey beddingFrom Cotton and polyester to fleece and sateen, you will find a large variety of fitted bed sheets at ASDA. Add an additional layer of comfort to your bed with the help of the beautiful and aesthetic bed sheets from George Home.
Easy to care for, these bed sheets come at an affordable price. There are bedsheets with amazing prints on them and which can be used year-round. You would definitely love the dreamy collection of bedsheets in the ASDA bedding range! There is also an optional matching pair of pillowcases for most bed sheets. It depends on you whether you want your pillow cases to match the sheets or use those with the duvet covers.

ASDA White Percale 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet ASDA Pink Smooth and Silky Sateen Fitted Sheet
ASDA Yellow Smooth and Silky Sateen Fitted Sheet ASDA Navy Smooth and Silky Sateen Fitted Sheet


What better way to add a splash of color to your room than using pretty, sparkly, pillowcases? Starting from an affordable price of £2.00, you get a pair of soft, beautifully stitched pillowcases that will change how the way your space looks and feels.
Not only are they easy to clean, but they also keep their color and crease easily. Moreover, they add the much-needed pop of color and pomp to your room!

Mattress Protectors and Toppers

White dual layer mattress topperWe all know the amount of money that goes into buying a mattress. With the help of the right mattress cover, you can ensure that your investment stays protected, all the while making you more comfortable.
At ASDA, you will find a large variety of mattress toppers and protectors that will keep your mattress safe from harm. Sensitive to dust and other allergens that accumulate in the mattress over time? Don’t worry, for there are anti-allergic mattress protectors available at ASDA!
They are perfect for those who suffer from allergies due to their antibacterial and antifungal properties, thus, ensuring a healthier sleeping environment!

Hot Water Bottles

Though not something that comes into your mind when you think of bedding, a good hot water bottle can be your new best friend in bed! If you are trying to get rid of those awful cramps or if you are just looking to get more comfortable, you can get any bottle from the hot water bottle range at ASDA.
These water bottles are beautifully designed and are of excellent quality. Feeling the cold? Just tuck yourself with the handy hot water bottles from ASDA. They are ideal for older nights and will help you warm up your bed!

ASDA Kids Bedding

ASDA has a fantastic range for kids with brightly coloured duvet cover and pillow sets. The range includes gaming sets, dinosaur sets, floral sets, animals sets, Disney sets, NASA sets, Peppa pig sets, and much more. The kids bedding also goes down to cot size for babies and toddlers. With such a choice of bedding, you are sure to find the perfect birthday or Christmas present for your kids.

All Single Bedding

With a variety of bedding sets available for single beds, you can make the room look shiny, bright, and amazing! What we really like about bedding at ASDA is the variety of sheets, duvet sets, and covers for children. With Disney bed sets, your little ones can experience what it feels like to be a character from a fairy tale right from the comfort of their homes! You can mix and match the bedsheets with the rest of their bedding collection!

Amongst other things at ASDA Bedding, you will also find:
All Double Bedding
All King Size Bedding
All Winter Bedding

Final Word on ASDA bedding

pink bedroom with multiple windowsWe all love shopping from ASDA. From groceries to home accessories, there is something in all our homes that we bought from ASDA. Dating back to the 1920s, ASDA is known for its quality items at extremely customer-friendly, and affordable prices.

From Pillows & Duvets to Bed Sheets and All King Size Bedding, ASDA has a lot to offer! Want to experience the convenience of internet shopping along with the value of a good-quality supermarket brand? Well, ASDA does exactly that for you!
Who doesn’t like good quality bedding, right? With most of us spending approximately 1/3 of our lives in beds, it is necessary to give paramount importance to comfort and relaxation. We will be very honest – when we saw the reasonably priced bedding at ASDA, we were a bit skeptical in the beginning.
As we got to explore all the different styles and designs, we fell in love with all of it! From the print to the color, everything is gorgeous! When it comes to fitted sheets, you will be impressed by its depth. Moreover, the bedding sets are easy to wash and the color stays vibrant.
When it comes to comfort, we can attest to the fact that there have been no compromises by ASDA and you will love the good night’s sleep that you will get once you get your hands on ASDA bedding.
Happy sleeping comfortably, folks!

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