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ASDA has some of the cutest baby clothes on the market. ASDA baby clothes include sleepers to jumpers to dresses for the girls and short or pant sets for the boys. I love this clothing line because they believe in all – natural material like cotton that is much gentler on a baby’s skin.

Having both granddaughters and grandsons, I wanted to find clothes that was gentle and soft for their skin but also tough enough to hold up until they outgrew them, but also, clothes that were easy on the pocketbook. Babies grow so fast that it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on their clothing.

After hours of searching, I found ASDA baby clothes. Everything I have ever bought from this company has been excellent.

ASDA baby clothes – sleepers

ASDA baby Disney Mickey Mouse Patterned Sleepsuits 3 PackThe sleepers are worn and washed so often and handed down from one baby to the next in the family. After numerous washes they still look new and are as soft as the first day they were worn. Even the ones with prints on them haven’t faded and speaking of prints, they have so many different ones to choose from including Mickey Mouse, Lil & Stitch, dinosaurs, solid and striped prints, sports prints, animal prints and even prints with cute little sayings on them.

The baby boy’s outfits are the cutest I have ever seen. Little dinosaur outfits that have pant, shirt and built – in vest with a hood. They have dungarees overalls with matching shirts in various prints that are simply perfect for play dates at the park. One word of advice, don’t let your husband see the baby clothes or you will end up with your son dressed up in a mini west ham football kit or his favourite team.

Jogger suits for both boys and girls for those cold days. Some of them with a hood and some without. Cuddly and snuggly to keep your baby warm.

ASDA baby Teal Floral Embroidered Hooded Parka

ASDA baby clothes – coats

They have coats for girls and boys with prices that can’t be beat. Little girl’s coats with embroidered hoods, different faux fur coats, padded coats with matching mittens and the cutest little snowsuits.

The little boy’s coats have dinosaurs on them, some are camo or Mickey Mouse and they even have corduroy jackets with matching shirts.

The little boy’s trousers come in all different animal prints, blue jean type prints, solid prints and even polka dot prints! These would be great for playtime or dress up.

The tops for little boys are so cool. Sport tops, striped ones, even shirts with encouraging sayings on them and of course the “I love grandma” shirts are the ones I like the best.

ASDA baby Bear Hunt Pinafore Dress and Top OutfitI’ve bought my granddaughters so many of the ASDA dresses. most come with tights included. They have almost any kind of dress you could want for your little princess. Summer dresses, tiered dresses, pinafore dresses and more. My favorite one so far is a little corduroy pink top/blue jean looking skirt pinafore dress with cute little pink tights. All of their dresses would be great for dressing her up to go just about anywhere.

Baby girl tops in greens, pinks, yellows and blues with some of the sweetest sayings and prints on them. They have long sleeve and short sleeve tops. I love the little pink camo ones! Make sure to check out the little girl’s leggings and shorts too. There is so much you can mix and match.

ASDA baby clothes – shoes

Yes, they have baby shoes too. A large variety of some of the most adorable tiny shoes! Anything from tennis shoes, rainboots, and winter boots to sandals, clogs, and even high tops!

ASDA baby Lunch Slogan Bibs 5 PackBabies need bibs, mittens, and hats too. There are so many sets to choose from or you can buy them separately and mix and match them yourself. They have everything from dinosaur prints for the boys to pink flowers for the girls and everything in between. Bibs with cute little sayings on them. Mittens and hats to match just about any choice of clothing you have them wear for the day.

Don’t forget to take a look at the bodysuits. They have them for both boys and girls, summer, and winter ones. I have my favorite in both of them. The little boy’s bodysuit I like best is a turquoise cable knit dungarees body suit and the little girl’s bodysuit I like best is a pink cord dungarees bodysuit that comes with white tights.

They also have little girl’s outfits in just about every design you can imagine. Playwear outfits, every day run around the house outfits and dress up outfits. Summer ones and winter one and all the temperatures in between. If I had to pick a favorite out of all of the outfits that they have, it would have to be the blue textured romper with headband and tights. This adorable little outfit is blue jean in color, it has a matching headband that has a little bow on it, the bodysuit has soft ruffles around the legs and neck area, and it comes with a pair of white tights.

Last but not least, they have entire baby sets. These sets have anywhere from four to seven – pieces in each set. Most of them come with the one in all, mittens, hat, sleeper, and bib. Some of them come with a sleeper, bodysuit, top, pajama bottoms and two bibs. I bought my grandson the one that I thought was the cutest. It’s a Lilly & Jack tiger print five – piece set. It’s bright orange with tigers all over it and a cute tiger face on the bib.

ASDA baby setEvery piece of clothing I have bought of ASDA baby clothes have been washed more times than I can count and other than the ones that ended up getting stained, they are all still soft and look new. They have been handed down to my other grandchildren and to friend’s children and are still being worn.

All sets, bodysuits, sleepers, dresses, bibs, pajamas, tops, and bottoms come in so many different prints that there is something for every taste in baby clothes and they have clothes for an occasion whether it be staying at home all day, having a playdate at the park for the kids, sleeping, or taking the baby out for pictures, they have it.

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