Why try aesthetic bedroom ideas?

aesthetic bedroom ideas

Want ‬to transform your bedroom into a beautiful, comfortable place where you can rest and let loose? Your bedroom is the place where you find peace and solace after a long, tiring day of work. Decorate your bedroom in the right way, and you will be left with a cozy retreat and a small piece of your own heaven! Even though decorating a room seems a daunting task in the beginning, it is a fun task with an end result that is worth everything!

What is an aesthetic bedroom? It is a bedroom that will be pleasing to the eye. It is a bedroom where beauty is at the forefront. Objects or pictures that are of personal value to you might not be aesthetic to other people and should be rejected. Feng shui ideas of layout are over ridden to be replaced with arranging a room in the most beautiful way possible. Things such as comfort and practicality though not ignored are not the primary objective of the aesthetic bedroom either.

Aesthetic is beauty and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you have an eye for beauty then go for an aesthetic bedroom. Find inspiration from other people’s ideas. Pinterest is full of pictures of bedrooms. Choose an image of a bedroom that you find beautiful that also fits the size and shape of your particular bedroom. Then use that as the template to develop your aesthetic bedroom ideas. Do not slavishly try to recreate the image but feel free to try alternatives that fit in to the overall style.

aesthetic bedroom purple

‭Below are some of the best aesthetic bedroom ideas to help you decorate your bedroom in a personalised and pleasing way.

Colour is an important factor in creating an aesthetic bedroom. Although we each have our own individual idea of what makes something aesthetic, there is a universal sense of colour coordination that we share. How do we choose our colour palette? You can try creating your own balanced palette by the use of a colour wheel. Then you can guarantee you obtain a palette that works.

Decorating ‬your room can be as simple as shuffling around the furniture, placing curated art, or simply adding things like throw pillows and fleece pillows that will make your bedroom stand out! A few, simple ideas can help you decorate your bedroom aesthetically.

Looking ‬to add a pop of bright colour to your room? Want to make your room extra cozy? Here are a few budget-friendly ideas that you can use to make your bedroom warm, cozy, and inviting!

aesthetic bedroom

Style ‬your Bed

Your‭ ‬bed is usually the focal point in your room. Add a unique, upholstered headboard with eclectic colours to create an eye-catching headboard. You can go with bright colours, or neutrals such as white or black, as per your taste.

‭Even simple thing like moving your bed can make a difference to your room. You could try moving it to the middle of the wall or into a corner. In feng shui they recommend moving it away from lights, fans or beams being above it. Feng shui also recommends that the foot of the bed should be facing the wall with the bedroom door. Do what is aesthetic and practical.

Matching night stands ‬and tables also bring life to the room. Do you have a small bedroom and want to give it an appearance of a large room? Apart from adding mirrors, you can get a low bed. A low and small bed will keep your bedroom from feeling small and overcrowded. But take into account whether you will be comfortable in a smaller bed.

Get ‬Comfy, Plush Bedding

You ‬can even go for a fold away bed and save space! There are two types of fold away bed. A wall bed that folds flat up against a wall or a sofa bed that folds up into a sofa. Both have their advantages. There are some excellent wall beds that fold into what looks like a wardrobe and these can be aesthetically pleasing with a mattress of your choice. If you go for a sofa bed, you need to choose one that fits in with the decor of your bedroom. But here you might be compromising your sleep comfort.

Extra ‬throw pillows are not only super comfortable, but‭ ‬they are also the easiest way to create a homey atmosphere in your room. With the help of a few brightly coloured throw pillows and a plush comforter can make your space inviting and cozy!

With ‬the addition of a comfy pillow or blanket, a chair can go quickly from being dark and cold to warm and inviting! A throw blanket on the end of your bed has the same effect. You can spruce things up by simply changing the bedding – with a huge variety of duvet covers, bed sheets, and mattress covers from ASDA, you are going to love decorating your room on a budget! Sometimes you can keep your walls the same and just change the bedding to make it look like a new room.

aesthetic bedroom wallpaper + mosaic tiles

Add‭ ‬Colour with Curtains

Soft ‬drapes around your window help you create a cozy, private oasis of peace and joy. Give life to your bedroom and upgrade it with the perfect pair of curtains and change the entire feel and ambience of the place!

At ‬ASDA, you will find a large variety of curtains ‬that you can choose from. From velvety drapes to soft, airy, cotton curtains, they have everything you need! Whether you are looking for natural colours that blend in with existing decor or are searching for signature pieces in faux silk and velvet, head out to your nearest ASDA store and shop your heart out!

‭ASDA has many sizes to choose from, choosing a pair of curtains that reach the floor can add that sense of luxury that your bedroom needs.

Spruce‭ ‬up the Wall Decor

Vertical opposing arrows wall accessoriesThe ‬right piece ‬of wall decor can change the entire look of your room in seconds. Whether it is an indoor plant, a fun mirror, or a nice, elegant abstract art, the choice is all yours. Caring for plants will not only make you a responsible human but the smallest bit of green also adds life to your bedroom and makes the overall bedroom aesthetic nicer! The best plants for a bedroom are Swiss cheese plant, snake plant, rubber plant or a Chinese money plant. To create the proper aesthetic use natural clay pots. Not only will plants make you feel you are in nature but plants actually absorb many household toxins in the air and freshen your bedroom helping you sleep better.

With ‬the help of colour blocking, you can give your room a modern and clean look. It also adds dimension to your room – whether you go for double-coloured walls or not, they are bound to give your room a contemporary look and vibe.

A‭ ‬combo of burlap decor and white is perfect when you are going for an open, modern, and clean ‬look. Keep your furniture and ‬walls white add dark burlap accents.

Get ‬New Wallpaper

Your ‬walls are literally your canvases where you can express yourself any way you want. With the help of the right wallpaper, your walls can lend a professional, artistic look to your room. Removable wallpaper can highlight the wall in your bedroom and give it any look you want with the help of just a couple of sheets. And the best part? Your landlord doesn’t need to know! But might need to just tell them if you go for proper wallpapered walls.

Mirrors ‬are your best friend when you want to add space to your room. A strategically placed mirror can give the illusion of a much bigger room if your bedroom is on the small size.

Lighting ‬and Lamps

Floor ‬lamps and table ‬lamps at varying heights can set the mood around your room. Scented candles not only look great but smell ‬heavenly too! They can create a very romantic atmosphere and add a new look and feel to your bedroom decor. The slight flickering glow, the shadows, the darker colours of your candlelit room creates that special magical feel you want.

Don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom and want to add lamps? Why not hang a single light bulb from the ceiling and give a modern, contemporary look to your room!

What is better than the feeling and smell of lighting a new candle? Bringing a new, minty scent into your bedroom can give your bedroom a new life and you don’t even have to break the bank. A few aesthetically pleasing candle jars scattered around the room will be pleasing! You could also try using coloured glass candle holders such as Moroccan lamps hanging from the ceiling.

bedroom side table lamps and bed cushions on a bed

Get ‬Colourful Rugs

Rugs ‬not only add colour to your bedroom but also make the room ‬more comfortable and inviting. Use rugs of contrasting shapes and textures and add few fresh indoor plants to open the space up! To get the maximum feeling of warmth and comfort from a rug try for a rug that reaches across most of your and spread it below your bed so that the bed lies on it. Having rugs patched around the bed makes the bedroom look incomplete.

On ‬average, a person spends one-third of their lives in bedrooms so why not make your bedroom a space that you can enjoy? Regardless of your room’s size, aesthetics can go a long way when it comes to creating an inviting and welcoming environment.

Wherever ‬you throw a rug, it will give structure to space. Not only will it add warmth and texture to the floor, but it will also soften your footfall and ground the room. Even a small, beautiful rug can be a game-changer!

From‭ ‬stylish rugs to printed duvet sets, ASDA George Home is there for you!

Accessorise‭ ‬the Place

aesthetic bedroom

Going ‬to have some ‬guests over at your place? Instead of having all the spirit and beautiful wine bottles taking up space in your ‬room, why not buy an aesthetically pleasing bar cart and place all your drinks in it? It is a great way of ensuring that your place becomes the inviting after-party spot once the pandemic is over!

Catch ‬glimpses of your beautiful personality by adding a perfect mirror on your wall. With more light bouncing around the room, it will certainly look bigger! Got cowboy hats and other accessories? Why not make them part of your room’s decor? Hang them in a cohesive and interesting pattern, and you will not save space but also money by using repurposed decor!

‭Finally, you could hang some photos of loved ones or of beautiful places that you have holidayed in around your wall. This will give you an emotional attachment to your room and individualise it in a way that nothing else can.

Storage ‬Hanging Racks

Add‭ ‬a few hanging racks and shelves to use the wall space in your room for storage. Organization and de-cluttering are the keys when it comes to decorating small bedrooms. You can use an empty wall for storage by using shelf cubbies and racks to add colour to your room while keeping your things organized.

Moreover,‭ ‬floating shelves are great since they provide additional space for your knick-knacks while adding dimension and colour to your bedroom.

girly aesthetic bedroom

Remove and replace any items that are not aesthetic

Do you have an ugly but functional mirror? Replace it with an aesthetic piece that fits into the decor of the rest of the room. Do you have a mobile phone or lap top near your bed? Either remove them from view or disguise them with some aesthetic decorations or place them in an aesthetic basket or box. Wires are always ugly. Try to run these behind things. Radiators can be beautified with radiator covers. You get the idea.

Aesthetic ‬Bedroom Ideas – Final Word

We ‬have been locked ‬up on the inside for months with a global ‬pandemic raging on. Want to change the way your space looks and feels? You don’t have to be super-expensive to spruce up your bedroom! From a hanging plant to placing wallpaper on your walls, you can decorate your bedroom quickly, easily, and on a budget!

Whether ‬you hang a big piece, or small items interestingly, your wall is your ‬expressive space! Get creative with patterned washi tape and printouts of your pictures!

Happy ‬decorating, people!
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