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Have a small bedroom and want to maximize the space in the most beautiful way possible? Here are some small bedroom ideas. It may feel like you can only squeeze in a bed and – if you are fortunate – a small nightstand. However, there are plenty of ways to style your small bedroom.
What’s more, small bedrooms can be cozier and you save a lot of money while furnishing a small space! Ready to embrace and accept your small bedroom?

We are here to help! With our small bedroom ideas, you will learn how to design and decorate your small bedroom exquisitely!

1. Keep Your Bedroom’s Layout Simple

When deciding the layout of your small bedroom, there is no magic trick. There is usually a clear main wall against which you place the bed. We suggest that you don’t try to complicate the placement like keeping the bed at an angle or floating it in the middle, etc.
Place your bed in the center of the room’s main wall. This is better than simply pushing it up on one side of the wall. Having space on either side of the bed is not only good for room flow but also allows you to make your bed easily!

2. Experiment with Paint

colorful small boys bedroom

You might have heard that white or neutral colors brighten up space and give it an illusion of being big. Don’t buy into this – your small bedroom is not limited to neutral colors or whites. Embrace the size of your small bedroom and paint your walls any way you want.
Paint the walls navy blue, charcoal grey, olive green, or any other color to bring life and color to your bedroom! We all know that minimalism is all the rage nowadays but cooler colors like blues & greys are good for small bedrooms as opposed to warm tones.
Bright shades do go a long way in making a small space feel big, but you can play around with dark colors as well. If you want to go for white, add in a little black since black and white always work great together. Add a patterned rug to add pops of color in your bedroom!
Once you decide on the paint color, you have to choose the color accents to complement it with. You can play around with accessories such as cushions, throw blankets, etc. of bright colors if you have neutral walls.
Choose bedding that contrasts with the wall paint and see your small bedroom come to life! Simply add comfy, plush bedding and spruce up the look of your room! You are going to love decorating your small bedroom on a budget with the amazing collection of bed sheets, mattress covers, duvets, etc. from ASDA!

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3. Bring in Loads of Light

Whether you go for pale shades or moody hues, add plenty of light to keep your bedroom from feeling claustrophobic and dark. You can use decorative overhead lights such as chandeliers, floor lamps, bedside table lamps, reading sconces, etc. to add to the overall ambiance.
If you have a small bedroom, don’t go for table or floor lamps if you have the choice of mounted lamps. Instead of floor lamps, go for a space-saving sconce lamp that hangs from the wall. You can also get pendant lights. The basic idea for a small bedroom is to have multiple sources of light to get that layered look.
Low lights & trick mirrors will brighten up your small bedroom!

4. Create Illusion of Space

One of our favorite small bedroom ideas is creating an illusion of a large space by emphasising the vertical. Try to make the walls look taller than they are. If you hang the drapes as close to the ceiling as you can, it will bring the eye up and add dimension to your room. Another thing you could add is a fancy lightshade or a chandelier to draw attention to the height of the room. And a final trick is to have pictures or paintings covering a wall in the vertical direction reaching all the way to near the ceiling to further emphasise the height of the room.
There is a large variety of curtains and drapes at ASDA. From airy, cotton curtains to plush, velvety drapes, ASDA has everything that you need. Shop your heart out without breaking your bank!
Make sure your small bedroom gets as much natural lighting as possible. Moreover, by incorporating mirrors in your room you can add dimension to your space. Since mirrors reflect light, therefore, you should place them in such a position where they will maximize the natural light in the room.

small bedroom with large mirrorThis is a pretty smooth move to make your bedroom appear bigger! If you don’t want to have multiple mirrors in your room, you can get a full-length standing mirror and place it against the wall. Make yourself appear big and choose the perfect outfit for your day at the same time!
Moreover, a neat trick is to pick curtains that match the wall paint. Not only is this modern, but it also keeps your eyes from being distracted by contrasting colors. If you have a small space, this doesn’t mean that you have to get smaller furniture as well.
Don’t go for miniature bedside tables. Instead, go for normal-sized furnishings for small bedrooms. Not only will it be more functional, but it will also make your bedroom look bigger.

5. Get Rid of the Clutter

If your room is crowded with a lot of useless stuff, the square footage will not matter at all. Keeping your room clean is a trick that will not cost you anything. No matter how small your room is, you can easily squeeze storage space out of the bedroom.
A practical way is to add floating shelves on your walls instead of free-standing cabinets. Not only will you save space by using wall-mounted shelves, but you can also showcase your favorite books!

minimalistic bedroom idea
Moreover, you can also use storage beds and end-of-bed benches & ottomans to add storage. Why not bring the outdoors in your room? The best way to add life to your space is by using potted indoor plants. Greenery can make the stuffiest of rooms feel fresh and airy!

6. Choose Décor that Does Double Duty

Why don’t you pick pieces for your bedroom that can do double duty? For example, in your small bedroom, you don’t have space for a dresser, so you can get large nightstands that can hold your clothes.
From midnight till 7 a.m. in the morning, your bed is for sleeping. For the rest of the day, you can use your bed for different purposes. Arrange your pillows against the walls and create a daybed for working from your laptop.
If you have some room, add a small coffee table and create a nice, working setup in your small bedroom! Remember, low furniture gives the impression of a larger space!

7. Don’t go Overboard with the Accessories

Do you love having a large eclectic collection of items? In a small bedroom, you should keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with accessories and keep the furniture pieces simple. You can add a few picture frames, wall decorations, etc. but don’t make the space feel cluttered! Remember less is more. Less clutter equals more space.

minimalistic white bedroom

Small Bedroom Ideas – Final Word

It is always fun to decorate a large space since you have more room to get creative. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with the design and décor of a small bedroom. Decorate your small bedroom in the right way, and it will turn into a small, cozy piece of heaven!
Happy Decorating, Folks!
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