There are many ways to make a bedroom “cosy”. Although everyone’s opinions differ, here are some of the best cosy bedroom ideas to create that warm, inviting, cosy feeling you are after.


cosy bedroom lighting

Let’s start with the lighting in your bedroom. This plays a huge part in whether your room has that cosy feel to it or not.

Having a single harsh, bright, white light hanging over your bed is just not what you want for a cosy atmosphere. Get rid of the harsh lights. It gives bedrooms that “sterile” feeling. That’s not really romantic or cosy.

Add soft-lit bedside lamps, maybe one or two carefully placed ceiling lights to give your room just a touch of drama.

Most of all, have natural lighting. Use day glow bulbs and lamp shades with subtle colours such as yellow, beige or orange. This is the best kind of lighting.

At night you need soft lighting to enhance the atmosphere and create a warm glow that sets the scene for moods of intimacy. Remember to keep the room dimly lit (unless you’re trying to read)


cosy bedroom wood

It doesn’t matter what size your bedroom is, large or small, wood adds a touch of warmth to the room When possible, make sure it’s true wood. If true wood isn’t an option then look for wallpaper that imitates wood.

Bring furniture into the room made of wood. A wooden bed frame with matching wooden bedside tables makes for a beautiful addition to any room and gives the room that cosy, comfortable feeling.

Try using wood paneling for the walls instead of painting them all. It helps to darken the room a little better and naturally dims harsh lighting.

Bring the serenity of nature into the room with natural wood materials. Sensuous, rich-coloured wood provokes an inner peace. It creates a welcoming and inviting aura to the room.


cosy beige bedroom wooden four poster

For a cozier yet mysterious and personal touch for your bedroom, add a 4-poster canopy bedĀ  If you are not fond of canopy beds then just choose a 4-poster bed without a canopy. Your bed should always be the focal point in your bedroom. This bed will certainly give your room a more dramatic look.

Try getting a darker shade of wood for the bed frame. It helps to make the lighting in the room appear dimmer than it really is.

Make sure to get a bed that has simple posts with no crossbeams and no fabric. This will help to emphasize your bed.

Purchase a mattress topper or a thick, soft mattress protector to give your bed a look that says you can just sink into the cosy, softness of it.

Another option if it is available is to tuck the head of your bed into an alcove.


Buy soft, thick rugs and layer them. No one wants to get out of bed in the morning and have their feet touch a cold, hard floor. That is not cosy at all.

Shag rugs or even sheepskin rugs are perfect for this. It gives you the extra softness, warmth, and thickness for you to step on when getting up in the morning.


cosy bedroom curtains

Do not leave your windows bare. It gives your bedroom a “cold” feeling to it. The best curtains are the room darkening curtains. The curtains need not be dark just light proof. No light is allowed in unless you open the curtains and choose to allow light in.

Keep in mind that if you have a large bedroom, you don’t want your curtains to visually dominate the room, your bed should always be the dominant feature. Choose a soft pattern or even solid-coloured curtains that aren’t too bright or too dark.


If you don’t completely unplug then you can’t truly relax and rest. Put a small table in the hallway by your bedroom door. Leave iPads and cell phones on that table when you enter your room. Make sure to either turn them off or put them on silent mode. TVs, laptops, mobile phones and the like do not blend well into a cosy room. What’s worse is all the accompanying wiring and chargers can make your room look ugly.

Add a beautiful, wooden, cosy nook with books to read instead of an entertainment center with a television. Add some plants and flowers to the room, but no technology.

ForĀ  balanced and peaceful organisation of your bedroom you could always borrow ideas from Feng shui.


yellow bedroom floral bed

Bright, bold colours are not what you’re looking for if you’re trying to create a cosiness within your bedroom. Instead go for soft, gentle colours.

You can use earth tones, natural colours, and calming pastel colours. Colours like powder blues and light grays, soft greens and browns, tans, and beige colours work so perfectly. Also soft floral bedding, curtains or wallpaper that use soft pastel colours also work well.

Add quilted throws, comfortable knits, and faux fur throws all in these colours. It gives a wonderful, inviting feeling to the room and makes you just want to curl up on your bed and cover up with these throws.

Choose neutral, solid colours for your duvet and throws. For the pillows on your bed, you can add some patterns as long as they’re soft pastels or earth tones.

Coors like light pinks, mint, powder blues and pale yellows are all perfect colours for soft patterns. And if you use paint then choose pastel colours with a matt finish to give it that soft edge.

All of those colours in patterns on your throw pillows against a soft brown or soft gray duvet create a coziness that you can’t resist.


Don’t make the mistake of cluttering up your room. It makes the bedroom look too “busy” instead of cosy. Your bed, a dresser for clothing, a reading nook, and bedside tables are all that you really need.

When you have too much clutter in your bedroom, there is not enough room for relaxation space. A bedroom isn’t boring just because it has a minimum of things in it. Simplicity can be the key to coziness.


Darker colours in the wood or bedding will always add a dramatic flair to any room. Have dark paneling on all of your walls except one. Paint that one a darker shade than the paneling. this adds comfort and warmth to the room. It also creates a more dramatic statement. Brown is the perfect dark colour to make a room cosy. pick Anything from a medium brown to a dark brown.


cosy bedroom thick duvet and knitted throw

There is no such thing as too many blankets in a bedroom. Your bed is the room’s focal point and should be your sanctuary. So, layer it with lots of blankets and pillows.

Put two comforters on your bed and layer them. This creates a warm haven to curl up and relax in. Not to mention that it helps to make your bed stand out as the focal point.

Add a few bigger lush pillows that make you want to snuggle up with them and drift off to sleep.

Do not use all the same solid colours with blankets and pillows. Use different colours of earth tones and soft pastels.

ASDA candle and reed diffusersCANDLES

Use scented candles or reed diffusers for an intimate light, pleasant fragrance and for warmth. These are the finishing touch to your room to create the perfect ambience. Make sure that your purchase relaxing scents like jasmine or lavender.



For an added touch of warmth, incorporate leather into your bedroom. My suggestion would be a chaise lounge at the foot of your bed. It makes for a great place to get comfortable and read or just let the stress of the day wash away.


Make a statement with one large piece of artwork on your bedroom wall. Remember, you don’t want colours that “pop”. It needs to be something subtle that matches the colours in the rest of the bedroom.


cosy bedroom pillows and cushions

It’s okay to keep your favorite pillow around, it brings you comfort in its own way Other than this favorite pillow, invest in the right pillows. There is nothing worse in the bedroom than having a coy, inviting-looking bed yet when you lay down, the pillows are hard and scratchy. Also layer with lots of cushions. Have the cushions cover the bed from left to right. Avoid a central gap. And choose cushions and pillows that match off colours in the room or bedding.

It’s a little more expensive but invest in some of the goose-down pillows. Pillows just don’t get any better than these..

For even more comfort, get rid of the fitted sheet. They never fit the mattress the way they are meant to, and it looks ugly. Use a bigger flat sheet and tuck the corners underneath the mattress. It makes for a more comfortable, better-looking bed.

Also use a mattress topper to soften the hard edge of you mattress. A rounded looking bed is more cosy.

Put these ideas to use and you’ll be enjoying a more relaxing, cosy bedroom in no time at all.


cosy bedroom with large grey headboard
cosy bedroom with large grey headboard and plush bed
Lots of pillows and cushions look cosy
Lots of pillows and cushions look cosy

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